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The wind blows across the bay
You say it's time to let it go
I turn to face the force
You're right , inside I know

I bend to the sand
let the grains run through my life
I stand straight , face my fate
Embrace the strife

Like a book overdue
A page ripped out
A heart mutilated
A charge turned to rout

The wind has increased
The clouds roll in
And I know what happens
to houses
Built on sand
Lay down the music low
No place for the light to glow
Lay back and ease on down
Wash out on tides that bound
Untie every knot and release
Dwell in the options called peace
Let no words disturb your trust
Let no touch turn to lust
Become one of the many
In the fabric of time and plenty
Barely breathe , so relieved
So silence conceived
Surrender to the night
To win you must lose the fight
  Jul 16 Zara rain
Take me to edge of the world,
and there we’ll sit…
Where the earth had fallen away.
So our feet could dangle
in the splendour of the starlit abyss
- albeit moonless twilight.

We’d have shared no words.
Yet we’d have lived, loved
and spoken for a lifetime.
Zara rain Jun 26
All those little trinkets,
bracelets, rings and even a boombox,
that he had others bring to me,
They were all stolen goods that vexed people would come and claim back from me
time after time.
I never had the heart to tell him to stop.
He reminded me too much of a stray cat who’d finally found a temporary home
where he would bring tributes to
his mistress feet.

When I asked him what he was doing sleeping outside
my front door.
He blushed and mumbled,
that he would protect me from bad guys who could break in
and steal me away.
How crazy and scary of a notion was that?
And yet....
He made me think of a dancing bear who finally could scent freedom without chains.

The day
when they came to take him away.
I tried to tell them that he would never hurt me.
That he merely collected broken shards of scattered treasures
that deep inside him spoke about who he really was,
before the drugs castrated his future self.
When going through the rubble he left behind,
I found the glimmer of a hauberk
forged for an Avalonian knight.
I'm a "soul whisperer" meaning that I'd rather speak with people whom I can identify some kind of sincerity from. Some broken spirits I have met in life, I do strongly believe they were the voices of Heaven.
Zara rain Jun 8
My world consists of an endless stream of words.
It's the choice I made
when I agreed to be part of inclusivity.
But  I ask myself constantly;
How come a lone wolf like me
would choose to be part of
human misery?
Is it because I was brought to believe
there's a quest
to shape the world differently?
To hone the me and my own thoughts
regarding togetherness
into a commitment of trust?
So, will my efforts and words,
gain your trust?
I learn everyday to listen, and try to not assume anything when it comes to the perception of reality from someone else's point of view. It is difficult.
  Apr 22 Zara rain
Sarah Spencer
some people think
writing a sentence
and hitting enter
a hundred times
is poetry

but poetry is
that on-the-edge-of -your-seat rollercoaster ride
that only goes up,
that ending ******* all pretty with a bow,
that washes you with a wave of emotions,
the crumple of paper and the smell of ink
that hits your nose as you sit on your bed,
dreaming so hard you can see the stars in your eyes.
No, poetry doesn't just scratch the surface,
with simple, shallow words,
poetry makes you feel emotions
you didn't' know existed.
I don't know if you guys will understand the poet I am referencing, but if you don't, that's okay. This poem can stand alone by itself
So I begged and pleaded
and plucked the weeds
I waited for something
to answer to my needs

But the silence of winter's
snow softly fell
There was no echo rising
from my empty well

I looked up
with pleading eyes
Only to find icy
brow and lies

Wasn't even asking
for space on the shelf
What less selfishness
must I do to prove myself

Thus the carrot dangles
from from the stick
Telling me to prepare
for the coming kick

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