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Kristina Sep 8
I've been told to take a breath
And to soak in my young-ness
Without a shadow of a doubt
I thought I couldn't wait to get out of this mess
But the years keep on moving
And I just keep circling
Around the dreams I used to have
Wondering what happened to the soul
I used to carry
But I guess growing older
Means there's some things you have to bury.
k Sep 6
How many emotions
need I pump into my body
before it feels real?
I am bad at titles
I was split into two when I was
I met a new me
He would cover up my feelings, his job was to fix.
I was split into three when I was ten
I met a new me
She put up a happier me, her job was to bring back the friends I lost back then.
I was split into four when I was thirteen
I met a new me
He was the smart one, his job was to get me out of troubles that I couldn’t have foreseen.
I was split into five when I was fifteen
I met a new me
He was the aggressive one, his job was to protect me from anything that was mean.
I was split into six when I was sixteen
I met a new me
They were the loving one, their job was to spread excessive love so it would keep me serene.

I was split.
I met a new me
They didn’t know who they were unlike everyone else.
Who am I?
s v e n Sep 4
People say you have to be positive
You have to smile when you can
You have to cry when can
You just have to sort of way.

I don't get any of it.

Between getting up
In the late mornings or evenings
Getting home from school or work

Can't I be- or feel
Can I be 'okay'? For once.
As in I'm neither sad nor mad-
Kind of way.

Can't I feel like
I don't care about anything
And not worry for once.

Yeah, it might be bad
To feel numb.

But I don't care at the moment.

I don't care at all, right now.
- s v e n
When my friends or whoever I tell about how I feel. When I tell them I'm just OKAY.
Oh, my darling,
look how we’ve both grown.
It seems, oh so it seems,
I’m still the hideous mistake,
and you are the gorgeous temptress.
That isn’t the surprising part.
I’m shocked and saddened to say
you’ve adopted the traits I’ve learn so it hate.
You’ve learned to take my weakest parts and crush them into crystals.
You’ve been taught to use my crystallized insecurities, as stones to tear and mince.
You shred me into to pulp, so I made myself into a papier-mâché person.
Papier-mâché doesn’t stand a chance against the stones you used to break me.
I am a papier-mâché person.
Used to the crushing sadness that made me.
Tell me, what do you know about me
Am I just any other guy on the street
Am I being hoody
Or that type of guy that walk around; moody
Am I the type that always tries to protect all
Or that type that loose confidence in front of the projector
Am I that maths-guru that always take all the A’s
Or that computer guy that’s good with symbolic-gate
Am I that proud guy that always put his shoulder’s on
Or that humble boy that’s always scare to fall
Am I that lover-boy which love makes him to change his art
Or that ugly who walk around with half-broken heart
Am I that man who isn’t good with public speech delivery
But write poems effectively
Am I friendly, annoying, stupid, handsome, ugly, optimistic just to mention few
I exist in different dimension; what I am depends on you
Rose Aug 29
Just look at me like,
i’m real and right,
like i’m full and wise.
Hold me like i know.
Feel me as i am.
Let me love you,
like i can.
i wish this could be understood more than it is
C Aug 28
I ask myself this 3 word question every waking minute

I am a lesbian
Or so that's what I believe I am

I know that I crave women
Their smiles
Their lips
Their curves
Everything tiny detail about them

But recently I've been questioning

Not about my love for women
But my a more complicated matter

My mind is scattered
Almost like the stars that shape our night sky

I long for a relationship
But not with just one

Perhaps I'm not over my past endeavors and thats why I lust after more

This leads to the thought of myself being polyamorous
Part of me is okay with this
Part of me is not

I lie in bed wondering if this is who I am

For now I'm me
This is just a brain dump of a single question I'v been asking myself. I'm not sure if anyone else is struggling with this. Whenever I date someone, I always want someone else. I've only been in 3 serious relationship (one of those 3 which I'm in now). The first one I didn't experience this. But during the second and current one, this has constantly been on my mind. I also think this might be myself thinking that I'm over my exes when I'm not. Or that seeing them with other people makes me jealous. I can't imagine pursuing more than one person at a time. But I can see myself with each person I'm thinking of. I feel like shit.
i, i feel bad sometimes,
like a faulty machine
empty and clicking,
missing a piece.
and when look back on my poetry
i don't like what i see
i feel broken,
i feel guilty
i feel
r o t t e n
a decaying soul
hurting because
to feel better
i have to put my sad
on someone else
everyone else,
g u i l t
lock it all away
until i can let it out
in letters
and rhymes
but i still
feel like a burden
i apologise
for my rotten soul
weighing you all down.
You don't deserve to drown in it.
Like I do.
I confide in my poetry, but I can't confide in others, I am sorry for mostly posting about being sad, I wish I could write about something happy or in between but I just feel too empty.
Karmen Aug 27
Not same am I Renee
Same sane not, who is this Renee know do not know of
Humanism does define Renees sum up sort of
Her travels though this life doe not contain great lies
Unheard voice leaves it’s messages in depth when least expect
If you’re wishing to seek who’s Renee to who you speak
Take a seat , learn to breathe
Repeat after me
Woo-saaaaa ,
Light shutted sight in follow for seconds
Enjoy the earth from your surrounds
Talk little out loud , beginning with name of whom you seek
Desire to hear the message from your head
All ears. You’re pretty clear
I’m near
Renee that remain with depth
Stayed with true care
Rooting for you to have the very best that which whatever you define it to be
You mean more to me
To scare me off or cause fear
I am not lost
Or scared to seek beyond
Just here for here
Whenever you may seek or be need
Don’t be prideful
The Renee you do not know
The Renee you know of from once
They both and other forms , do not judge
Purely goldly just love .
*nudge *
Stay up
High high who am I lol
Replace name with you or change the ranges to whom
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