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a cognitive dissonance
a mental static
an emotional monsoon
an undistinguishable amalgamation of uncertainty and ambiguity
the subdued symphony of my severing sanity
plays a deafening, intrusive beat
in the background of my life’s outrageous orchestra.  
i’ll never escape my own hellish purgatory,
my mind.
my mind.
Bryce Nov 29
On the blue river
Boats pass lazy in the sun
I rest in the shade.
the hapless cries of my long-lost self
i’ve left so far in the past.
the unsightly girl,
who couldn’t stand up.
the pitiful love-struck gear,
turning round and round without a care in the world,
little did she know that within the upcoming years she’d begin to finally question her place in this infinite machine.
this infinitely,
never ending,
she is the contraption’s gear
Charlene Nov 28
Growing up in a family of five. 3 boys 2 girls.
    I'm sibling #4. 3 older 1 younger.
We're we close I don't think so.
   Having an older brother so mean and cold, I remember how I hated him I was only 11 years old.
    A little sister 6 years younger oh how I adored her so.
She grew up started to smoke and drink all of a sudden I became her worst enemy. Year's and years of fights and tears. I made it a point not to go home at night.
    When my brother wasn't being mean and hitting us he was locked up . And now many many years later with a kid of my own he's home to stay and that makes all okay.
     My,sister is now clean and sober she got her bachelors degree and I'm dispose to be cheerful and happy.
    A beautiful mother yes that's what we do have she always wants the family to get together. Although I say I will be there but something always enters my heart and I'm a no show. What can it be cause I'm still sad and hurt . It'll be a year and I don't see or hear from them. I know in my heart I don't really know them . And I know I don't like them . Although I do love them.
What should I do.?
n oa Nov 27
happy birthday to the boy that broke my heart
this isn’t a poem i just wanted to write this somewhere
on the chessboard of life,
i am no more than a ****.
a fruitless tree in an astoundingly vast orchid.
a candle that lacks a wick, a flame that never flickers.
a hypothetical being without a purpose or plan.
a hypocritical brute, who is fattened on self-grandeur and sick off narcissistic thoughts.
in the dictionary of life
i am no more than a punctuation mark,
a mere dot on a piece of paper,
trying to clarify the stew of words, flung together by an equally trifling author.
i am nothing
Caitlyn Nov 21
it's 12 am
everything is ok
the blaring of music from the parties
all the drinkers start to head home
all the loners are out at this time
wondering what would happen if they died
thinking "who would really miss me?"

It's 1 am
things are starting to kick in
the night is starting to settle down
some people are either having the times of their lives
or wondering what purpose they truly have in life
some are crying
some are laughing
some don't know what to feel.

It's 2 am
nothing is ok anymore
all the party animals have taken it down a notch
no one is out on the streets anymore
most are watching movies with their friends
others are sitting in one place,
wondering who would really miss them?
who would actually care if the died?

It's 3 am
everything has gone to ****.
you're staring at the bottle of pills
you set your razors out
you fill the tub with scalding hot water
you start to write the letters
tears stain the fragile paper as you sign them

It's 4 am
the sounds of birds chirping stopped you
it made you realize something
pain is just another reminder that you are alive
pain is a thing that makes you remember something,
you are human and you can get through this.
everyone goes through hurt
but everyday, people still carry on.

It's 5 am.
the sounds of cars driving helps you be happy
it reminds you to appreciate that you are alive
it helps drown out the voices
the voices telling you to ******* die.

It's 6 am.
the day breaks
and everything is ok again
it's a new day to start over.
look i am always here to talk and help out as best i can if you are going through something.i myself battle depression, anxiety, and ADD. and it ******* *****. but i am here for you.
Saint Audrey Nov 18
Break apart another thing
Another ****** part of me
I still won't be taking anything from you

Exacting prices of my needs
I don't need a ****** thing
I won't be taking any more from you

Find the center of desire, til it all turns south
the bitterness still carried, clinging to your mouth
Another open flame, crumbling to dust
Leave me choking on the ashes, final remnants of this trust

When it all goes down
Will you still be right here waiting
For another chance
At this final undertaking
It falls
Lil lotus Nov 16
"What do you want do with your life?"
I dont know, Live?
Maybe be a little of a success
Find love?
"Are you a good person?"
Ummm Whats your definition of good person?
And finally
"Who are you?"
I dont know
Im a sister
Im a friend
Im a Daughter
Im a different person
around each and every person
How am i supposed to know who i am
When around you im a bit of a attitude teen
Around her im a outgoing, Crazy person thats Happy, with a slight shadow hiding and coming every now and then
Around him Im caring and lovable and an angel with a tint of red
And the shadow still hides Not noticeable except a occasional glimpse
Through the windows of the soul
Around the everyone else Im a shy mess, Clumsy, smart, and weird
Around my parents im happy and occasionally upset and lil depressed, and Rebellious and weird, and silly...
To my brother..Just a sister whos never around but always says she loves him and always means it.

I cant say i know who i am..
Can all this really be me?
Or  is it a new act for every person?
                                                     I dont know anymore
President Jo Nov 14
3:27 am is for the student who weeps
Facing so many failures, forcing himself up,
battling for high numbers

3:28 am is for the alcoholics getting wasted
Drinking themselves into sleep
Trying to forget someone who left

3:29 am is for the poets who can't sleep
Words coming out of their longing heart
Writing for someone who wouldn't listen

3:30 am is for the artists expressing themselves
Into artworks, because their minds are alive
With the scenery of someone who is not there

3:31 is not for the lovers making love all night
Nor for the lovers asleep in each others arm

3 am is for the lonely,
For those who loved
and never loved in return
Inspired by a quote.
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