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24/7 , 12 months , 365 ; three hundred and 65 DEGREE
humanity wakes from sleep
actions move with determination,
to execute

look past yesterday's matter's
position ones tools to use,
refuse to loss or abuse words for reason not to
progressively move

mapping out ones destination prepared self
for any godly mission loaded with ambition
This is it , PROGRESS ; is the decision
there's nothing more glorious
in our vision then progress
by: basim w. r            2/26/09   I Am
Bacc on the road again blowin through
ready to disply my Non -Accepted blues
Bacc down the road once more

Bacc to reclaim simple and plain
Don't need dusty hold on time
Don't have the mind ,just to define
this dusty musky road fully over load
of pain
I'VE payed my dues
per takin on your past blues given love to repair
your feeling of being misused from misty blues
blowing heart felt tunes
now like a cowboy in pitch black under the moon on a horse name DOOMED which i refused to loose.

Back down that road singin happy  blues

bacc down that road....
love, life and lesson
released from darkness into lite
shadows continue to travel my path
but never seems to last

it's life i guess?!
is this part of god eye opening plan for me but yet i wonder, yeah",
i often ponder what's in store for me years to come toward my future
maybe my life is predestine
i rack my thoughts strain my brain trying to maintain
and just understand as well plan for the unexspected
battle with faceless enemy that stands

see it's my plan to go in and come out alive
but that's just the bold courge of this solider that refuse to die although its to soon to tell things may turn into a rage of hell if my godly plan  re bells
it could only means ;we didn't plan to excel by executing the plan then expel which will only place us back in the belly of the whale and remain there until the next time opportunity prevails
why do she hate me, i dont understand
I did all i could as your man
she ask me to love her so i ask for her hand
my attempt seem to go without justification,
when she became mad i became a sentive man
it was never a thought i was bring her love to an end

her request was never by past without grateful planning so many acts right on my *** but i never gave in, stayed gratefully just that chance to express this enter love of this man
ended with lack of understand placed so bluntly
why do she hate me ?

I tryed my  best but her hate continue to manifest without just each passing day
I cooked cleaned, i love above means so, why does she hate me then as if there was never any love to begin why do she hate me so much why so much...
just something on my heart. hurting..
TO night step into the chamber of love
with whip cream , strewberries and you
taking my time laying on sensully strong and long having you singing your own song

taken each one of your toe's licking upward as i **** just enough to help release your ****** soul groove twine with me
it's about you not me
THIS moment is just your night I'LL SET THE MOOD AND brake all the rules as the disc spin our favorite tunes, ISLEY BROTHER, LET ME groove with  U

YOUR PEACHES AND CREAM FILLED DESIREABLE CANDY BLOW serves my tougue with a taste i cant stop just want to give you just a little more licking you up and down stopping at your
play ground were your most wettest suger  the man in his boat bring your body to a ****** over load
but never the less this is just one of many test and you've passed with screaming ***......

let me love u
you tell me...
BRON  in a disfunctional American setting with rotten roots of an destroyed family with dead values mistaking lies for love....

she's on the go ,beautiful as a rose, but soonly changed
life from man to man serching for the father she never had
relying on the hardedn streets to deal her a better hand with clouded thoughts with desires for fancy things has a baby as a teen
cycle repeats it self once again.
alone the way soft peddles begain to ruffle bleed from her own throns she continue to ****** deeper ,traped  in the same ghetto as a rose refused to give up give in nither let go knowing if she stops now there's no sunshine and the soil that provides her roots will dry so she motivate her self everytime she hears her baby crys determine to survive while looking into a mirror now ,realize it's her Daugther eyes and see the same rose of the ghetto....
wrote for all woman that can understand the life of growing up in the hood as a single mom
GO'S this way no better way to say
times where ones faced with moments of truth,
what's done is done,did and dead.
life love of lesson sometime are a messy blessin.
ALL the love less stress toward blessed best, and required reward less
you twist,turn and bend in the end
IT'S compliticated just to give in to bend it's did
YOU did ,I'VE DONE that's a fact NO rewind on that track kept it pushing didn't give in when lesson test love boldly

pure of heart start better then last
carefully choose keepin in mind we've done, it's did
let's keep it dead...
just facts of life...
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