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Matthew Jun 1
Red rubies drop.
White porcelain tub.
Mahogany door blocked.

Opened windows.
Rhythmic beating neon lights.
Waterfalls fall.

Pens click-clack-click.
Clocks tick-tock-tick.
Felt this before?
Matthew Jun 1
i, hope to see you smiling as brightly as the sun shines.
i, will go on and see the wonders that I have yet to experience.
i, must go forth and conquer what I couldn't years back.
i, shall make my world see me as I see her.

because i, am irrationally rational on what I can achieve.
because i, am motivated to live.
because i, am someone you've seen but never noticed.
because you and i, as irrational as it may seem, are meant to be.

but i, see that you have gotten someone else's number.
but i, see that you have moved on leaving me behind.
but i, see now that I can't stay delusional.
but i, see now that life moves on.
Matthew Jun 2020
Take away, take it all, take my life, go on, why not
Bandits everywhere taking my women
Theives right there taking my money
Murderers in front of me taking my life

Opened my eyes and looked at the past,
Not interested in a monster like you
Not sparing some gold on worthless *** like you
Not stopping this addiction like you

Love? Who needs em
Money? Who needs it
My life? What about it?
My destination? Not your problem
sleep deprived right now so just spouting non sense
Matthew Jun 2020
Erie sight of justice behind
Lovely sight of lies delight
Women sang the words of the lord
Men followed the will of the lord

He who held power had his mind tainted with hopeless shadows
His daugther, his lover, his reason for life
Morals gone and society beheaded
Anarchy reigned and law subsided

Revolts occured and all had changed
A lost chick crying from all the beasts around him
A swift slow song echoed in the valley of torment
Slowly ended with a splatter of sadness
Matthew Jun 2020
Give a friable pen to an insolent joker,
for he will write a cacophony of laughter

Send a man with nothing to search for a lost treasure,
he will go on and leave his name in fervor

Say your truth without lies nor deceit,
figures will follow you and speak your wisdom

Write a poem alone in your house,
the world embrace you for all you've done
Matthew Jun 2020
A warrior donned in black silver shines
Running though fiends made by own mans fright
Hasten the edge of solitude
He who shall pass through will seek salvation

Writhe in agony you who has failed
Worry not there are those around you, waiting
Specks of light visible only to those who desire to seek them
Open your eyes little one, the end is not nigh

Once again set forth to an adventure unhindered
Those specks who've seen have aided from day til dawn
Say words you've held from the bottom of your heart
"Day will go and night will come but never ever leave me"
Matthew Jun 2020
None shall interfere with words of mortal kings
Kingdoms' fates reside by treaties and deals between,
Welcoming the presence of each one's other
All who defy, all those rebels, death's only answer.

Here one comes a man of glory with honor like no other
Bringing gifts of gold and flowers towards a maiden flair of beauty
With armor glittering gold and sword red with blood
Imagine so refined, bestowed praise by all.

Eyes flashed towards another man of admiration
Questions asked and laughter resides within
Contempt of what was and was is
Down to beckon the right of one maiden fallen

Seeing man to be throned by father's own hand
Will naught acknowledged for blinded with need
Parties drank and parties ended
She who had lived alone, now drifts alone
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