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Far17way Apr 2020

Flashing light of across the street,
We walk together to the street,
Step by step,
We matching our steps walking together,
Side by side,
Holding each other hand to warm our self,

The tingles of my heart makes me blush,
To see us through our shadow,
We laugh with our own world,
Such lovely scenery to us both,

You can walk me home,
All the way home,
Don't try to anyone else,
Just be yourself.

Far17way Apr 2020
I wondering if I forgive you what would be happen,
You know both of our life is messed up,
Its kinda hard for me to explain our relationship together,

Are we going to regret our decision later?
I always ask myself do I really HATE you?
or is this to save myself from hurting more than it was.

I have blurry memory,
People face, scenery and what the conversation is in the past,
Doctor said my mind just blocking the memory,
from flashing at my eyes,
Even my body protect myself from getting this suicidal life.

I always ask why you do it?
Why can't you just cherish us?
In the end, I see myself 5 years old,
Standing with the fluffy red eyes,
tears streaming down the round cheeks,
hugging herself and whispering...
Enough..please no more..
No more..

And the end..
Some mistake gets made,
Some its alright and some are not..
Far17way Feb 2019
Somebody ask me, what's independent ?
And I said independent is
People will kept on push you on the edge and you had to survive
Survive dear, save yourself from this people
nobody will help you
All had is “you”
there were times i just need someone said enough and stop me. Its hard life
Far17way Oct 2018
The sound of wind fill in the air,
Going outside away from busy town,
And all you could heard the breeze a cold air,
Sound of water stream,
The sky space fill with all the brightest stars,
It feel like the night city but without all the noise,

When people ask for advice how to calm,
Find yourself in silents earth,
Where there only mother nature speaks.
And calms shall found you.
So I been out for 3 days out of busy city to do something important at my university. We going out
Far17way Oct 2018
But the pain still there
But the people treat u like a trash
Shut it
But they wont shut it

For I'm just a small individual that you make verbal abuse

— The End —