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Kylprin Feb 2019
Loud world I find silence
Love my own pain
Don't want to forget yesterday
Wash away the pain
Bullet in my brain
It won't take it away
Sitting idle and awake  
I won't forget my mistakes
an average of 2,830 cubic meters

per second of rich silt

forms an alluvial plain

spreads outward in a fan shape

from sedimentary deposit whereby

ancient Egyptian civilizations got built

adorning arid topography invaluable

like aorta pumping blood at the nape

of the neck, yet analogous context

engendered engineering feats without guilt

whereby artisans, craftsmen,

early geographers illustrated in frieze and drape

frozen timeless statuary exhibiting

phenomenal abilities to the hilt

associated from mainspring within

fertile crescent swollen like a plump grape

which longest river often overflows

banks whereby coveted materiel gets spilt

feeding the rift valley and allowing,

enabling and providing peoples to dominate

flooding the history of mankind

with accomplishments that marvel even today

epitomized by innovations -

alphabets, wheelwrights, pyramids, etc lives did create

baffling historians how each mortise and tenon

snug as a bug in a rug mortise and tenon block

construed edifices persons did intricately lay

perfect with near geometric exactitude

ranks as wonder of webbed wide world great

faint hints of daily trials and tribulations

recorded for posterity in clay

or shards of broken pottery pieced together

coupling revelations a mosaic plate

which functional artifacts

provided dietary staples

to pagan spirits populace did pray.
Pokkuri Mar 2015
We were the kool kids,
messing up and coming down.
We were the kool kids,
always lost, don't want to be found.
As the kool kids grew older,
jokes became serious, problems defined,
only by the choices of their lost,
curious minds.

Social anxiety/illnesses creep in strong.
The death of my mother,
really driving me wrong.
MS suffering family members,
really getting along.

These kids are still lost, never to be remembered, and forgotten in song.
These kids won't be found, as long as I'm breathing, alive and strong.
Growing up sux ***** lel
AvengingPoet Sep 2014
Filled with non sequiturs
Every single day
But forcing some structure
When it is the opposite.

Throw me in Guantanamo
Give me a **** pizza roll
Fight another war with me
Call me George Bush (or Obama).

9/11 this ****
My mind is a ******’ hurricane
And I’m a ******’ unicorn
Nearly every line a **** reference.

Call me Dave Wallace
And let this sentence run-on
And it might come off as *******
But it’s smart *******.

Too post-modern
Might as well be post-post modern
Most **** don’t make no sense
So I’ll be post-post-post modern.

Libertarian like Ron Swanson though
Liberty and freedom pretty cool though
Gary Johnson is the man though
All this government so disgusting though.

Go to college
Get a job
Have a family
Go live in the suburbs.

Nah I’m alright
I’ll be broke as f-
**** **** for fun
**** I hope nobody thinks that’s homophobic.

Uh, I think I better go
With all these non sequitur
Das Racist, Kool A.D…whatever man
Uh, alright?

— The End —