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Emily Apr 2019
Jack had the knack
Of showing quite quick with one single flick.
I called him for aid; he did as I bade.

Cheerfully willing to always be filling
Water and ice for my cup, he heard me speak up.

May he never get bored of pleasing the horde,
And find satisfaction, in his quick action.
For anyone owning a pc
Does not have it worse than me
I have a degree in technology
Oh computer gods hear my plea

I went from windows 7 to ten and back again
I encounter viruses from now until then
I work crazy hours to fix pc issues
Could someone please hand me some tissues

I am going through the pc tech blues
This is a living to help pay my dues
The customers' pc is putting up a fight
But we will go at it all night until i get it right

I will not let one problem be missed
My dear pc your booboos will be kissed
I work hard to provide excellent service
Now some pc's make me nervous

Pc tech blues cannot fix it i will repair your parts
Even if the cost breaks a few hearts
That's what I will have to do
To make you pc good as new

The pc tech blues I struggle
for you pc i will manage and juggle
I will fix your troubles fast and swift
For my customer fixing you is my gift
This about a pc tech who has daily struggles with fixing pcs and this shows us a glimpse of what computer technicians deal with on the daily and what goes through their head.

— The End —