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Robin Dunlop Feb 14
673 days ago
I met the love of my life.
128 days ago
I became your wife.

I never could have imagined
What real love could grow into.
But my childhood, midnight dreams,
Came true when I met you.

As each amazing day with you
Turns into precious years,
I continue to find who I really am
And you relieve me from my fears.

The future with you, My Valentine,
Is beautiful beyond belief.
During times of bliss and joy,
And even during times of grief.

I will love you with all I have, my dear
Until the day I die.
For better or worse, rich or poor,
I'll be your valentine.
Robin Dunlop Feb 14
I do not express my love for you,
Specifically on this day.
My love for you, I hope, is shown,
In my actions every day.

I give my words of affection,
But they are simply vibrations in the air.
Like music, they land upon your ears,
But they are short lived and die right there.

That is why I write to you, my love,
So that they are immortal to your eye,
To revisit my words at any time,
And reminisce of you and I.

Promises merely spoken,
Can be forgotten over time.
So I write this promise to you today,
To forever be your Valentine!

I promise to you all my love,
In every imaginable way,
In not only these immortal words,
But in every single thing I do, every single day.
Robin Dunlop Sep 2020
All the words of love are written,
To my darling, my lover, and best friend,
I am ravished by these thoughts of you,
From every sunrise 'til the day's end.

The day we met, our journey began,
But it began with the end of another.
We brought with us Philautia love,
Loving ourselves before each other.

Ludus makes us dance in the rain,
Like children who love to play.
We joke and tease and tickle,
And we'll be forever young this way.

Eros pulls my eyes in your direction,
Consuming your body with my mind.
Its passion joins our flesh,
And sends chills along my spine.

Philia opens our hearts to one another,
As our friendship blooms like flowers.
We share interests and even secrets,
And talks that go on for hours.

Pragma should take years to mature,
But instead of 'falling' in love we 'stood.'
We committed ourselves in a mere moment,
To forever love each other, we would.

Even Storge has a presence here,
In the eyes the children see you through.
This familial love makes this a home,
And is complete because of you.

And now I find myself in Agape,
A culmination of all of the above.
It is selflessness and sacrifice,
And it is the epitome of love.

All these words of love are written,
To my darling, my lover, and best friend.
I promise you this Agape love,
From now until this journey ends.
Robin Dunlop Aug 2020
I tried to gaze at the stars tonight,
But they just didn't seem to glow.
The moon was a little dimmer, too,
And I just wanted you to know,
That nothing tends to shine as bright,
When I'm looking at them alone.

The night's gentle breeze grazed my skin,
And it only made me miss you more.
For that's not your breath or whisper,
And it's not the touch that I adore.
There's a coldness on this summer night,
A lonely chill I can't ignore.
Robin Dunlop Aug 2020
I wrote a little something,
To the ones who loved you, Dear,
Of the things I wished to tell you,
If only you were here.

But some words can't be written,
For just anyone to read.
Sometimes they're more specific.
For a special one indeed.

He's my love and my best friend,
And this is just my way,
Of telling him a few of,
The things I wish to say.

I'd say you were his first love,
And that I hope to be his last.
I'd let you know I love his flaws,
And I even love his past.

I'd remind you what an amazing man,
That he turned out to be.
And I'd tell you I can't imagine,
Anyone better made for me.

I'd tell you just how thoughtful,
Your baby really is.
I'd tell you just how proud I am,
To tell the world I'm his.

I'd thank you from the bottom of mine,
For his wholesome heart.
For I know that that's a piece of you,
And it has been from the start.

I'd tell you how hard he works,
But not so much for himself.
I'd tell you how he gives his all,
And gives to everyone else.

I'd tell you from a mother's eyes,
Because it's what we all long to see,
Is our baby boys grow up,
And this is what they'll be.

And these are just a few, my dear,
Of the things I wish to say.
I know I'll get the chance to tell you,
On God's golden streets some day.
Robin Dunlop Aug 2020
If I could count the words unsaid,
Of which I wished to tell you,
I'd have at least a thousand,
But here are just a few.

First of all, I'd say thank you,
Time and time again,
For the footprints you've created,
And giving me my best friend.

I'd share with you the memories,
I've been so blessed to hear.
And I'd tell you just how much you're loved.
If only you were near.

I'd tell how I can only hope,
To raise my boys like you,
For they have grown to be great men,
Just like their father, too.

I wish I could simply tell you,
These things I cannot I say.
So I'll have to send these words to heaven,
To wish you Happy Birthday.
Robin Dunlop Aug 2020
How do you thank the one
That always puts himself last?
Who gives to you all his light
When the darkness just won't pass.

Can mere words suffice?
Should I thank him from upon my knees?
With kindness, patience, and care
As he's also the provider of these.

He proudly gives to you
The things money cannot buy.
Like his mind, his heart, his soul,
But especially his time.

If you knew The Giver like I do,
You would also choose to exhaust,
All the ways to love him,
At whatever the cost.
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