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little Apr 9
I get bored a lot
More so I am lonely

As a child I wanted
People to hold me

Stages overlapped
Growing up too fast

Slipping through gaps
Running to collapse

I heard a theory
It was a nice thought

That I hated my skin
It wasn't mine I was in

Mine was still waiting
Snoring and cranky

For me to find again.
little Apr 5
Floored was the norm
Worry was the game
All things ignored
I'm also to blame

Things were never good
Twilight always came

Looks and nods
To put it simple
It felt sane

At anniversaries
I collected cards
Tried to wink
Say the right things

Except for Christmas
With anger and no heart
You left us to miss us

I didn't even start.
little Apr 2023
Say something out loud
You will have to acknowledge it
Many spend their whole lives
Repeating the most crucial sentences
They will ever create
Solely within their head
little Aug 2022
Peter Peter had a wife and probably beat her.
He bought her with her father's farewell
No one asked. Nor should you either!
When is the last time you've seen her?
little Apr 2022
It's so loud
The silence
In my ears
And it hurts

They died.

I can't hear
It's so loud
I'm leaning
Just to listen

A laugh
Or a whistle
Three blinks

I'm trying.
little Mar 2022
I used to write about the fog
A place I couldn't handle
Everyday I grasped at straws
For my hand just to land on

Grass near a home
A **** that felt gold
Something for me
To hear and to hold

I wish I could feel the fog
I feel like I could find you
I think I know the path

Believe me
I wouldn't
Lie to you
little Feb 2022
Monday you are a drunk

(Not trying to steamroll)

Tuesday you are lazy

(Let me have a moment)

Wednesday you are asleep

(I guess I shouldn't finish)

Thursday it can be crazy

(Nothing is wrong)

Friday keep a diary

(Loneliness for me)

Saturday you are blazing

(I won't say a peep)

Sunday is for family

(Invite me)
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