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sinagtala Mar 17
Touch me more for I wanna be so free
In your wide blue sea; let me in your heart
crash me with your raging waves, make me flee
and be with me as we wander such art.
Calm me with the sound of your deep thunder
and light my darkness by your wilderness
Oh darling, moan my name, say it louder
whisper me words, kiss me in tenderness
Darling, honor me as we reach above
treat me as your treasure and by your side
I will stay, for you are my sweetest love
Whatever storm might come in we will bide
For our love will long to be told, someday
We'll see each other, smiling at the bay.
sinagtala Jul 2019
i was there when there's no one
sacrificing the things i should have done
for the hope to be your number one
with sleepless nights and no fun
i've strive hard despite of being lonesome
just for me to won something i didn't know she
already own.
sinagtala Jul 2019
in the middle of hell
you're the angel
i wish to save me
the moment i've fell
sinagtala Jul 2019
she didn't stop searching,
chasing and kept on running
to someone without knowing
that he's already there
she's too dumb, not to know
he's been the one.
sinagtala Jul 2019
I always think of you
most of the times
on how's your day went
or on how your weeks end...

I always think of you
during day especially in night
right when I am staring
at the moon.

I always think of you
on when will I ever meet you
because you're too far
and seems to be
out of my league.

I always think of you
because you're something
that makes me happy
and at the same time, sad.

I always think of you
that you made me
write this poem
out of the blue.
i don't know what is this
sinagtala Jul 2019
I never felt being this
ashame of everyone,
just because I failed us
to be the number one.

If I had only didn't put my guards down,
then maybe our team had won
and we won't end up as
being the town's *****.

I failed as a leader to
guide our team
into the way to reach the victory
that supposed to be ours to claim.

And now, we wont be playing
the next game anymore
–a good opportunity that should have been for us
to be discovered and many more.

With regrets I couldn't take,
I swallow a plenty
of pills that would
put me to sleep.
sinagtala Jul 2019
Please do not hide the things I wanna see
just for somebody that tolds you on what you should be.
show me the real u, ok
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