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Simon Aug 23
There was once a King and Queen of both abnormalities who struck fear in each other's eyes! This was certainly a pleasurable experience and outcome for them both. Simply because they both didn't know what one or the other's personal mere "abnormality" was even about. Nor, what it even was... Because whatever one or the other had (prematurely on both each other's awareness's from never knowing of the actual "truer" whereabouts) on simply acknowledging the other's efforts were in fact...futile! This very futile fact is what made knowing of the other constantly "infatuated" with one another! (And what secretly lead into the marriage as both "a king and queen of both abnormalities"!) Because one day for the very first time (in like)...FOREVER.... They both came to actually appreciate one another's abnormalities as a mere blessing...then an actual curse. Which was what they both (respectfully between one another) once thought since the very beginning. Completely oblivious to essentially not knowing that there was a very hidden "blessing in disguise" in the form of a pure miracle! Just waiting to be "blossomed" for ALL too see fit!
Glory and power isn't both obstructed by the mere curse of one another's interactions within each other's personal bubble! It's how one's inner feelings come out for both to essentially appreciate, altogether. Then for it too constantly "bash" on one another, because both finding out they were meant to be together...since the very beginning! Essentially is what blinded them first light!
Carly Geissler Jan 2018
They say that not all who wander are lost.
But wandering does come with a cost,
Because eventually, you become misplaced,
And then you get lost by your own mistake.

My mind was lost a long time ago,
I'm confused and worried nothing to show,
People pass by smiles on their faces.
They say your happiness is you so embrace it.

In society, it is defined as depression,
Scared and dreary, sadness is an obsession,
It makes you upset and confused for days,
It makes you contemplate what other people say.

I try not to live up to society's confirmatory.
I always try to make the most of my abnormality.
But what you don't know is I'm not what you see,
I only display the best version of me.
I thought the rhyming scheme was pretty good. I wrote this a long time ago, trying to come to terms with how I felt inside and I realized that how I felt inside wasn't what society wanted. Because big girls weren't supposed to cry.
aphotic blue Apr 2017
I just murdered someone I adore,
Now I realize, I can’t handle this anymore
Right now, your stuck in my brain
Everyday a pail of tears I gain every pain.

Reminscing those memories made me feel guilty,
But, why did I did that with my own curiousity?
Yes I am crazy because of my mentality.
But right now I want to come to you for infinity.

Am I going to hell for killing someone?
That darnedest things made me my life done.
Yesterday, tomorrow, I’m living with lonliness
Stuck in a room begging for happiness.

In reality, I want a time machine to happen
So that our love can be deepen
I want to say sorry for having you killed
I    want those promises to be fulfilled.
Yes, I have my life too regretting,
Everyday I think I am too intimidating
I hope my sorry’s can be acceptable,
But I assume it will never be because of those troubles.

I am aware, that day for you we’re too scary,
Realizing that you have to much injury
Just because of my abnormality
Hatred, guilt, aroused, personality
Our story ends within a seconds
Blood and tears falling, with no response
In this world, where I’ve been,
I just want to rewind all those unseen
At the age of sixteen.
You didn’t know how horrible my story.
So please don’t judge me because of my history.

Right now, so proud of holding a gun.
With you I can start with so much fun
I looked at your eyes, didn’t know how it begun
So please come to me honeybun

Last Phrase — I love you t’ll infinity.
Taiga Rawr May 2015
Not near-sighted; not far-sighted

Just blinded by stupidity
By rich inhumanity
Lack of love in society

Absence of insight; omission of outsight

Just censored curiosity
Loss of credibility
Condemned abnormality

Futures foresighted; actions unsighted

The past, no punctuality
Death by immortality
Buried from reality
There has been some contradiction and confusion on whether or not 'outsight' is actually a word. Through common knowledge and basic spellcheck, 'outsight' is not a word. But '' says that it is truly part of the English vocabulary. So believe what you want to believe.
Summer Lee Oct 2014
From the ***** of a saint ,
And the womb of a sinner
Comes a natural born winner .
Full of unrelenting hate
For these pawns that surround her
Drown her
Leaning her to ask is it
Abnormality or insanity ?
That plagues her mind
Cyanide dripped vanity
Trying to hide her hate for humanity
Ink screaming ,
Blood singing for like minded beings ,
Loneliness doesn't even have a meaning . ™

— The End —