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Apr 2017
I just murdered someone I adore,
Now I realize, I can’t handle this anymore
Right now, your stuck in my brain
Everyday a pail of tears I gain every pain.

Reminscing those memories made me feel guilty,
But, why did I did that with my own curiousity?
Yes I am crazy because of my mentality.
But right now I want to come to you for infinity.

Am I going to hell for killing someone?
That darnedest things made me my life done.
Yesterday, tomorrow, I’m living with lonliness
Stuck in a room begging for happiness.

In reality, I want a time machine to happen
So that our love can be deepen
I want to say sorry for having you killed
I    want those promises to be fulfilled.
Yes, I have my life too regretting,
Everyday I think I am too intimidating
I hope my sorry’s can be acceptable,
But I assume it will never be because of those troubles.

I am aware, that day for you we’re too scary,
Realizing that you have to much injury
Just because of my abnormality
Hatred, guilt, aroused, personality
Our story ends within a seconds
Blood and tears falling, with no response
In this world, where I’ve been,
I just want to rewind all those unseen
At the age of sixteen.
You didn’t know how horrible my story.
So please don’t judge me because of my history.

Right now, so proud of holding a gun.
With you I can start with so much fun
I looked at your eyes, didn’t know how it begun
So please come to me honeybun

Last Phrase — I love you t’ll infinity.
aphotic blue
Written by
aphotic blue  18/heaven
         Daysong, ---, guy scutellaro, ---, South by Southwest and 10 others
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