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Kayla Gallant Jun 2019
I am sightless
In a sea of light
Blinded by my own insanity
I can no longer see through the madness  ❤️
And for that I am glad.
Maria Etre Jul 2018
A blind man
can s e.e
blind faith
lead them to believe
in a charlatan
like moles they were
to the false god

they were following
he who had nothing
of the Messiah's
tangible fabric

never did it dawn
on them
that he was selling
a religion based
on disrepute
none of his disciples
being overly astute

and still they're listening
and still they're standing
with his stead
and still they can't eye
the paucity of street cred
Taiga Rawr May 2015
Not near-sighted; not far-sighted

Just blinded by stupidity
By rich inhumanity
Lack of love in society

Absence of insight; omission of outsight

Just censored curiosity
Loss of credibility
Condemned abnormality

Futures foresighted; actions unsighted

The past, no punctuality
Death by immortality
Buried from reality
There has been some contradiction and confusion on whether or not 'outsight' is actually a word. Through common knowledge and basic spellcheck, 'outsight' is not a word. But '' says that it is truly part of the English vocabulary. So believe what you want to believe.
Poetic T Oct 2014
It was written on the wall
It was plain to see,
The things that were said
Where not looked upon,
But not seen by all,
It was plain to see, before the eyes
But we were
On what we needed to observe, but couldn't
Read, decipher
The writing is there, so preserve it
Or all that will be left is what was written
But we never looked upon, what was always there.

— The End —