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A years whose day were short,
If each could know
Men hiding  from the most evil pandemic,
But this I know, for in it cure was never possible.

Every hospital weeped ,day and night
Some lived mad, Some lived bad,
And none a word may say
Each ward is foul and dark.
And the acrid breath of death
Chokes up each life it cures
For in it things are done.

And blindly man keeps building
with loss of face Human Machine
in a year whose days were long.

Every human heart was breaking,
hospital-bed, losing to monitor beep.

Inject that man took by day
was silent by night.

Closed eyes, no weeks of life
Graves Got no name.

Since virus took Man’s life
A sad world began,

With most evil act of War.
For they thirst the frightened man.
Till they give away land and water.
Brackish water, and bitter bread
Scourge and flog
The bold and grey ,
Waste and Wither
Grow bad, Grow Mad

Sleep Walks and Eyes Talks
Nor the God, Nor the Man
have little care, all forgot
they rot, we rot.

Heart of silence watched
through the door
Degraded and Alone
Some no moans,
Some weeping
Some cursing,

Trying to pray to
pitiless and hard man
for little care.

And with tears of blood
weak in every inch
nothing heals.

For its only human who can
wipe out human.
Times are tough, Humanity please!
Anais Vionet Jun 25
American citizens in “bread-lines” to get little boxes of food. How desperate do you have to be to join that line? The sad, generous, little boxes of nutrition. We are all human, we all need our next breath and our children’s next meal. We all need shelter.

It’s a carnival of pleasure to mock human need. Tell me my mistake.

Watch our President’s Daily Briefing. He doesn’t mention bread-lines. He chooses not to. How counterfeit is his competence. No “fire side chat”, no promise of hope. How mean is this fat, grubby, “rich” man who s*s on golden toilet seats and ignores starving Americans’ desperation.

The tyrant’s plea, as the collapse begins, is “I’m not responsible”. Tell me my mistake.

We have lost our immeasurable strength. We are become callous. We are robbed, of our better, more generous selves by narrow focus, by zero sum greed. Our collapse will be just, like verse set down in primitive times when the margin of error was clear and understood.

It’s a calm discrimination to choose carelessness. Tell me my mistake.

This unfolding viral nightmare is but one of the fires along the tree line. The encroaching environmental disaster, the loss of our political system’s integrity, the militarization of police racism.

Maybe China will do better - if I’m reading my score card correctly, it looks like they’re up next as the world’s great superpower.
about the corona virus response - and other things - like Trump
Anais Vionet Jun 25
My country, 'tis of thee,
Sweet land of tyranny,
Of thee I sing;
Land where my hackers live,
Land where my loyalty is,
Land where my bankers give
Let misrule ring!
My native country, flee,
To land of autocracy,
Thy name I love;
I love thy arrogance,
Thy sweet high-handedness;
Your subjugating dominance
Of thee I sing.
Let Russia swell the breeze,
And ring with Putany
Sweet brother's song;
Let lying tongues awake;
Let American freedoms take;
Let law and justice break,
Let Trump rule ring!
Allies like Moscow Mitch,
Have America in the ditch,
Let Fox News ring!
Republicanism is a b*h,
Our government for the rich,
My Lackey's be enriched
Of thee I bling!
Corruption's' God to me,
Author of tweetery,
To me thee sing.
Long may my brand be bright,
With dictator's impending night,
The fools have given me the right,
I'm  God your King!
In the tradition of updating classic American folk songs to reflect new times.
This is "America" reworded.
NM Jun 23
So you can hear what's being said without the filter of your wound.
BlackHeart Jun 21
A year that everyone wishes would be cancelled
So much death, hate, pain, racism, etc.
As much as I’ve been feeling the impact of all that’s been happening you somehow keep me grounded. You’re my peace, my favorite person, my best friend and lover. You’re my blessing, my queen and the best gift of 2020.
Everyone is afraid of a clown,
we all are acting like clowns.
Afraid of ourselves.
The year, 2020.
WE became a world filled with foolish clowns and serpents.
Now i guess we know where these clowns get their sharp teeth from.
Bite and poison the blood within, make us all sick.
Cry, scream and slowly watch us all die in sweet agony.
Thank you dear government for tormenting God's sweet world.
Greedy and selfishness has taken over life.
Tricksters too.
This world has become nothing but clowns dressed in silly suits to impress and pursuit.
Ego PrOfETa Jun 20
Let the PrOphET speak
as the guillotine drops
Yet the dead know not
But some
Are half-dead at least
To see
The Big Pie in the Sky
The baked Apple Pie
So yummy to my tummy
Gots to have me a slice because it's
Yet I'm clueless about being shoeless
and how I'm talking funny
But nevermind the Hype
I got a hole in my sock that came from
Walking the Block
Not running because I'm choosy
But some would still say I'm running a muck
But I say.. Bump it
Because it's a no shoes day
Plus.. I'm high in the zone coming out of the club on a  Tuesday
Lol.. Plug so amusing to me like my name was Makkonen
So I stopped at the nearest shop to buy me a watch
The time of day I forget?
Oops.. I mean I forgot
And so.. Just as I emptied out my pockets.. I slapped the money on the counter and said..
Are you gonna change me or not?!
But with the time running short I had to pay the whole lot
So I shrugged.. and slapped the watch on my wrist
Of course.. I had to set it to the Sun and hope that the day wouldn't mock
Nah.. ***** it!
Ima Nuke this quick!!
Count down to the Dayz of the Shock

7 billion tops
To a mere million watts
Which is.. several thousand times the heat of the Sun I'm flip'n
So what is that?
Like a trillion hits on the scales I'm tip'n!?
But who's counting
Or looking to add to this made up nonsense?
But before you do?
Please observe the waves of my conscience before you raise or praise or bury another PrOphET
Yo man..
Or am I.. just trip'n?!
Written 5yrs ago
Mitch Prax Jun 19
don't care
I feel myself hollowing out
as the world grows bleaker
by the day.
These people
are termites and I
just don't care
Freshman year:
"Creepy-Crusty Freshman"
We thought we had it together,
but everyone else knew.
We were just beginning,
We were separate, naive and secluded.

Sophomore year:
Forgotten students.
Not ready for college
Yet not a new baby to coddle,
We were simple floating and following the beaten path.

Junior Year:
Most stressful endeavors
ACTs, SATs, AP tests
Do good they said,
Prepare for senior year,
"It goes by fast"
So do this and do that, but don't do that.

Senior Year:
Apply for colleges!
Don't be late! Meet the deadlines!
We wanted it to go by fast and they said it would, and it did.
So fast that our last day was March 16th
Instead of May 22nd
We had no idea that we would never say a proper goodbye,
that we would never throw our caps to fly high,
that we would never dance to tacky music for the last time at our 'senior prom'
We had no idea what senior year would be.
But we now know what it was not.
It was not easy
not simple or complete,
straight-forward or whole,
Not ordinary and certainly not fair.

2020 Seniors did not get a senior year.
We did not get open houses for the masses,
Or graduation with peers from our classes.

In kindergarten we were told to stand tall and speak up, and chin up. Make friends because they'll be with you your whole school life. One day you will cross the stage with them.

But senior year we were told to be quiet, wear a mask. Stay inside, don't say goodbye, good luck on your own. You'll graduate alone.
Coming from a 2020 senior, this year has been rough on us and extremely weird. This is just to try and make it a little clearer for people who don't understand how it has affected seniors. I have personally seen adults attack seniors for sharing their emotions and to say that we were overreacting. But this is a global pandemic that has LITERALLY stripped us of our senior experiences. I had bought my prom dress before we knew we weren't coming back, i bought my cap and gown and was looking forward to walking the stage. Unable to do these things, it affects us.
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