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city of champions    welcome to my very not-so-private/private diary
Austin, TX    U.S. Naval Veteran, Former Peace Officer, Writer, Poet and Author of the book: Journey Beyond a Diverse Man (An Escapement through Letters,Poetry and Thoughts),, ...


James Jean  Jan 1
James Jean Jan 1
If 20 plus years ago I had 2020 vision
Into the future would I make the same decision?
I married you feeling this could not be wrong
With 2020 vision would our love last long?

3 years into our life you chose another
I pleaded and begged while you stayed with your mother
You chose me because I fought with all my might
and stayed with me again, I got to hold you at night
If I had 2020 sight of what would take place
Would I do it again if that couldn’t be erased?

8 years in we said hello to our baby girl
It changed our hearts she is a pearl
She was perfect there is no other I would pick
Little did we know that our little one was so sick
If I had 2020 sight of what would happen
Would I change any of my actions?

11 years in we said hello to another
Our hearts expanded we wanted to smother
If I had 2020 sight then
Would I do it again?

20 years in you were diagnosed with cancer
5 surgeries later and chemo was the answer
Holding you hand while they pumped it in your veins
Crying with you as your hair fell out clogging the drain
2020 sight into the future would I still do this?
All the pain I could then miss.

Now it is the year 2020
My pain I’m feeling plenty
Knocking me to my knees
Because you said you no longer love me
A cut that cannot ever be sutured
If I had 2020 vision into the future
Would I do it again?

If you knew me then you would not have to guess
My answer to all of it is unequivocally yes
                                    Defective Words
Rough year last year.  Gotta get better
Jayalalita  Jun 4
Jayalalita Jun 4
Hey 2020, you gave us Corona,
Hey 2020, you gave us Nisarga,
Hey 2020, you gave us Amphan,
Hey 2020, you gave us racism,
Hey 2020, you gave us Hanta,
Hey 2020, you gave us locusts.
2020 we realized that you are tough but my darling we are tougher.
We hope we will successfully mould you into good one.
--Jayalalita B Iyer