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Nie 17h
i love you.

why can't i just tell you this.

why am i so scared.

they are just 3 little words.

it wouldn't even take 5 seconds to say.


why can't i do it?
Nie 1d
i feel like i have an axe above my head.
Nie 1d
home is wherever i am with you.
Nie 1d
what i would give to go back in time,
and tell you what i feel when i had the chance.
Nie 1d
when i see you my heart skips a beat.
maybe two.
maybe three.
who knows
maybe i'll even have a heart attack.
but i will have no problem with that
because i get what i want.
i get that 0,001 second that you look into my eyes.
and for that i'll give up everything.
Nie 1d
awake at 5AM
with you and only you
on my mind
Nie 1d
Love is that drug
i  heard of it
And what it can do to you
Never tried it
And scared for the side effects of it.
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