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Nie Jul 2019
don't fall in love with the first person that gives you a little bit of attention.
Nie May 2019
Can time stop for a while?
Something feels wrong.
Your lies keep echoing and i can’t move on.
I tried to fake a smile and act like i’m staying strong.
But now i dont know who i am anymore
How come you look like you’re doing fine
I dont know what to do without you
You said you’d wipe my teats if i ever cried.
You left me memories that are so blue
Every season there’s people changing , but im still the same stuck in this frame
How can everything weel excrutiating
I dont know what to do without you.
Nie May 2019
You can never be just friends with someone you’re madly in love with.
Nie May 2019
I’m trying my hardest to not act how i feel
Nie Apr 2019
I only write when i am falling in love,
Or falling apart.
Nie Apr 2019
not sure what i feel or if i even feel anything at all.
Nie Apr 2019
Mostly living in my fantasy.
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