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She coasted over him,
Shallow and deep,
Hot and cold,
Surface and beneath,

She floated atop him,
Wild and dangerous,
Tamed and secure,
Vulnerable and weak,

She ebbed and flowed,
Towards his curved edge,
The verge of his reverse,
Her very own toppling.

He was the cliff...
And she, the waterfall.

The fire burning in my eyes,
The passion erupting within me,
The love you felt and thought suffice,
For I still perceive the diademic mount,
That placed me at this height,
With her Angelic touch,
I still bear the feel.

With her star quenched,
And her love misplaced,
I turned to you,
To fill the emptiness in my heart.

With the lies that fall
so smoothly off your lips
my trust in you crumbles
my heart breaks and bleeds.

The lying
it comes so easily.
It's as if you don't care
about the hurt they cause.

I hate this,
I hate second guessing
every action and word
wondering if its just another lie.

Do you care?
that why hurt me deeply?
that they are tearing me apart?
DO you?
By nature,
Within every man are two foxes...

Let us pray...

Pour forth we beseech you oh fox,
Your howl echoes in our hearts,
That by it we strongly adhere,
Made known in our actions and thoughts.

We say,
To prayers served cold,
On a platter of flatter,
When we starve on willingful obedience to strange foxes,
Singular fights plural,
Holding their own in this tumultuous ambush,
For survival and supremacy.

When the right eye and the left eye sees differently,
The right; the good,
The left; the bad,
And the brain sits in-between,
Torn in instincts,
Which runs counter to its obligation.

(Creeds of the heart...)
In here,
There is food,
Enough food for survival that stirs the dullest of instincts,
A saviour for the brain whose guides are safe to follow,
A satisfier, eradicating the abyss of confusion,
By some pure magic.

(Let thy will be done...)
Here is the matter to pause over,
For the brain calls the play,
And feeds a fox of its choice,
The heart can but only suggest which in its perfection,
And the anger of the heart,
Dissolves into tragic pleasure,
A combination of lessons learnt,
When the wrong fox is fed.

Let us pray...

Pour forth we beseech you oh fox,
Your howl echoes in our hearts,
That by it we strongly adhere,
Made known in our actions and thoughts.

By nature,
Within every man are two foxes...

Always fighting...
And always hungry...

For the fox that wins,
Is the one we feed the most.

The steppe beguiled,
Unfriended by innocence,
Renders powerless the Seraphims,
Within the inner citadel.

The primordial whims,
Engulfs the spirit,
Impulses with unshaken strength,
Charges in, in coaxion.

Plain hues of tinted shades,
Delights the spirit,
Yielding unto the colourful disharmony,
Assailing it's walls.

Berefted dignity,
Misses it's way,
To converge with shame,
The eden pigmentation.

(Let's sojourn into nightmares...)

She awakes,
To the rays of the ghostly lamp,
Conjured by thirsty thoughts,
Burning to quench...

She became prey to panic,
Fear, screams,
She was fractured,
Into shards of paints...

He; the ghost,
Was an open portal,
Ensorcelled by calls of scoundrels,
Flaming in his mind...

He growls,
Breath of fire kindles his thirst,
Tongue panting,
Ready to devour...

Wicked strokes amidst waterfall,
Melting bullets in bumpy strides,
Bursting fire on energy strings,
And ghost elopes.

Nightmares become daydreams,
In fugacious moments,
And this voyage of madness,
Ends at the shore of regrets.

Reccurring memories,  nightmares!
Many were lost.Many were found.Many were treading on thin ice.

Many are yet to come and many have come and gone.But many are still waiting for the rolling of dice.
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