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My heart is broken once again, and so I see you standing there, without your smile, without your care.

I wish that I could speak the truth, of how I really think of you, for every time I spend in youth, I never really can see two.

Time know how I try to show, the feelings that invisibly flow, this empty shell I call my home, is just misleading for those unknown.

I say to you, Adieu Adieu, for I never wanted to scar you blue, I wanted to see that yellow hue, like the touch that cleans my cue. Please be yellow, and I'll be blue.
I hope one day you read this note.
You try to trick me, doesnt work, ignore me, schooled you for your hate, end up being the hater.
So why do sickly, current dorks, adore thee, fooled to core door plates, bent cup fleeting a crater.
Too sigh woo crick bee, paws rent torque, be bore three, cool two so more ate, red pup lying remaker.

In short,
Today is weird,
You understand what happens,
But the meaning behind is either vague,
Or downright inapproriate,
But still,
It's fun.
Hello goodmorning
Today for calling
So low so snoring
I wonder why we say good morning

Tonight in your place
I help you like im waze
In honesty been daze
I can tell your tired for some days

Get back in bed
Few minutes before Wed
I know it's still a more hours from my bill
But I'll see you right through
Because of my choice of do
So take dudette and dude
Across the globe I'll help you too.
Few days in a new job, hope you guys are doing well across the globe strangers
Ako sa
Gumaganap na
Alam ang tama.

In english as a more accurate translation...
Since I actually **** more in my native language....

I am
Definitely against the
Information given by
Oppressing and assuming
Total majority

So yeah, just so you know
Anything is correct, probably, possibly.
Just for fun, imagine someone calls you an idiot for being yourself
Some days I feel good,
Come ways dry seal crude,
Done says vile meal dude,
Bites you back til' you bleed food.
The Golden Rule is the most forgettable thing for me, I hope you guys never forget that.
Commanding eyes, open,
Read the thoughts,
Scribbled onto the fabric,
Words that are set in stone,
Matter that is untouchable,
Ghostly syllables that have no means,
Interconnected by differential seam,
Like a sweater hugging the truth,
A fluffly mask than enslaves an essence,
Just to supply a relieving sigh,
Just to claim a means to get by,
Just to instill a feeling of a high.
Maybe we want to be strong,
But I'm sure we have a hard time finding out when it is already wrong.
People may think anything,
Create anything,
Take everything.
And when you do speak, people may invent, may dissect, or intersect.
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