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avalon Oct 6
i speak in butterflies
a chrysalis wrapped around my tongue
caterpillars make their homes in
the caverns of my lungs.

two snakes intertwined in my intestines
the hiss of hunger curls out of my ears
yellow eyes behind a yellow smile
i sleep beside the fire for the year.

my blood runs thin through
burrowed veins, the ants crawl slowly,
my arteries cave, the ants crawl slowly,
i know their names.
avalon Oct 1
i guess problem-solving becomes a skill when
you need it to survive. i wish i could learn
something i could use to thrive.
avalon Sep 14
daisy daisy blue berry
when you touch my arm i feel
like i can carry
more than i would ever
allow myself. you're lovely and i'm
two steps too broken up
about a life i've never
broken into. used shoes and
worn shirts comfort me
more than my
choices do. asking for
peace and
happiness feels like
the opposite of what
i want it to.
avalon Sep 14
hello love, hello
itchy feeling
i miss the way i feel
when i know
what i'm feeling
i get drunk on you(pl.)
and don't know why
anyone needs a drink
to lose their inhibitions.
freedom is a thread away
and this needle shakes,
the person i enter when
i'm like this
feels like someone who
can't break
avalon Sep 3
i scrape by with poems and songs and each of them says "there is purpose, there is love," and I hoard them as my senses ring and touch turns intangible and the music sings "you are something, God
i don't know what,
but you're something."
avalon Sep 3
friendships are hard to form and easy to break.
who came up with that
avalon Sep 3
i still care for you.
in a small, true way
this piece of me
is always you.
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