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Please, let me go
I am out of air
I can't breathe
for those moment where you just can't think clearly.
Did you know that Im racist ?
Did you know that Im sexist ?

Its not that I care for race
I believe we are all equal
Its not that I care for ***
I belive we are all equal

But, Im a white male
and apparently we are all the same
we are all, nothing but demon
I just wrote something as a reaction of the policy of censorship of my contry over every thing they deem "racist" or "sexist". I mean if we can't talk of the problem in society how will we fix em ?
the one behind the mirror
is the source of all my vices
I got one more secret to tell you

Chère lune,
Attend, j'ai un dernier secret à te confier
To the companion of my restless night
Sitting in the dark, alone
in this wooden shack no one's own
outside blows northern wind
I trapped myself in, I was blind

In this dark, dark night
my only hope is this candle light
I can sense her close
she's right there ; in the shadows

The walls are holed, my hearth frozed
in perfect silence she rosed
she sat by my side, warming me up

romantic date with the lady of the death
she is so beatifull, I want to join her
I blew my candle in a last breath

La lune haute, le vent de novembre glacial.
Au creux de mon abris sombre, une bougie
Elle m’est une protection triviale
Mais sans elle sur ma porte serait écrit ci-***

Lumière si douce en temps de noirceur
Ma bougie agonisant près de mon noir cœur
Mon âme tu l’avais réduite en haillon
Les murs de ce sombre abri sont ma prison

Mon cœur est givré par le souffle d’un titan
Je la sens. Là! Dans le noir elle m’attend
D’un geste de main ; je l’invite à ma table

Calme, elle me rejoint dans un silence d’or
Tête à tête aux chandelles avec la mort
Avant que par amour je souffle ma bougie
the second part is the same poem its just the original version which sound better in my opinion
This is the first poem I have ever written in english. It used to be filled with grammar errors but Wejdan help me correct some of em.
Oh! the last part is the original. It sound a hell of a lot better in my opinion.
How can you be so cruel ?
every day, since you've left me
light fades away.
please... just let me go

my heart and soul has been ripped
e**ach day gets me closer to the ledge
I beg you
teach me to support the sky

je t'en prie
apprend moi a soutenir le ciel
by Atlas I am referring to the Titan and not to an encyclopedia.
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