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Celestial Jul 2020
Ah! The intellectual I see,
Could it be that I am real?
Or should I be a seal?
Would you question me?

No! I am uneducated,
The ill manners,
For my planners.
Hopefully not duplicated.

My interests of passion,
Get me heated in the moment.
Is this the key for my development,
Or the fission

All things come from such a bang.
However, I don't think they are ready.
No one could be that steady.
"I will keep my peace!" She sang.
Keeping a moment pleasant.
Sir Douz Dante Nov 2019
When reality hits you,
its always sad,
when fantasies cease,
You are driven mad,
everybody is always chasing something or someone,
but they are ever elusive,
we often get close,very close,
and yet,we are far, so so far,
the only option left it to give up,swallow sadness,and turn to another road,
hoping that this time it will be smooth,
maybe,just maybe.
The future is uncertain,
a mystery,
An enigma,
A mirage,
So how do we so through the lie?
Tenant Aug 2019
I wrote a poem for you
Goodmorning sunrise blues
feeling today?
I'd rather not
Javi Claycombe Apr 2018
I am most happy when I live life fully and ambitiously. When the pursuit of my goals are met with accomplishments, and when you have undoubtable faith in not only yourself, but in us as a team.

I love you endlessly and passionately, so much so that at times it frightens me how much I love you, but with that being said all you need to know is that I happily embrace the fear.

You are both a mystery and lifelonged companion to me. You amaze me as much as you frustrate me, and I without question, would give up the world for you.

I love you and I'm very sorry.

So **** tomorrow and every tomorrow that may come after it, but know this, I will live today and every other today is happily as I possibly can, with you.
I will be here, I will be here, amdist all I will be here,
For a day to a month, let the year Show the rhythm,
I will be here for you knew me,
Out of nothing to something..
Even when am judged and marked..
I will be here...

I will be here through the timeline
When voices less unknown speak for me...
I will be here when I justified silence to be my punishment for aquitance.
Where the bee and the honeycombs dispare.
I will be here when I took the will and mantle..i know who I am to no avail...
I will be here casting my lot on fair reasoning.
I let myself fall on the petals of red rose.

I will be here  because I choose to be the judge's verdict.
I will be here when Silence burried my voice casting the scorn on me.

I will be here because of you,us and them, sharing a piece of literature while I let posterity judge.

I will be here for long even time might stop for my sake.
I see myself as a valley flowing along the Bermudian..

Oh cast my stone down the mountain for then my thoughts would rest, for thy table are filled with oester and leashes to welcome me.

I have no reason to say a hearty tone, I have more reason to drown on the mountain top, for whoever judges is fair. The wisdom of Solomon and the thought of pharaohs

God bless my thoughts pure and gentle

I remain a son of today, tommorow and forever.
Silence is a mytr
gray rain Apr 2016
No matter how much
you pray for tomorrow
it will never come.

— The End —