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What happens to a dream deferred?

Does it dry up
Like a raisin in the sun?

Or fester like a sore--
And then run?

Does it stink like rotten meat?
Or crust and sugar over--
like a syrupy sweet?

Maybe it just sags
like a heavy load.

Or does it explode?
  Jun 2014 Steven Fortune
Deneka Raquel
I want to see you,
But they say love is blind
So I'll have to rely on my other senses.
Heightened because of your absence.

I want to read you
But my only option is braille
So I'll, use my finger tips to trace every detail,
Of your embossed paper mind where your essence is printed.

I want to hold you,
Clutch, onto your heart like a white cane ,
Show you that nothing will ever be the same,
Once you're leading me.

I want to you to know that I need you,
Why can you see that without you,
I'll be lost and blind,
Still searching for a love I'll never find.

© Deneka Thomas . All rights reserved
They say "Love is blind" But I've never seen you clearer. -Deneka Thomas
  Jun 2014 Steven Fortune
It was a hot summer day
And as we brushed pass eachother
I couldn't help but think
I wish he were mine
That way I could show you off
Tell the world I'm in love
Tell everyone I found the one

And that day you approach me
With all kinds of silly things
We exchanged numbers
And what a fool was I
Because I wasn't ready for love
Turns out love isn't as
Kind, Loving, and Gentle
As I thought it would be
When I die, dear Mother
don't give my body away
to science.

I'd rather have it given away to poetry.

I want people to cut me open
and observe
how my bones were riddled with
melancholic verses of joyful pasts.

They have to see
the scarlet of my blood was the hue
I stole from the sunsets of
wishful thoughts.

Dear Mother,
give my body away
to the art of writing:
for they have to look past
everything they have ever learned.

They must know
of how much I loved and I lost,
and how that made the twine of my ribs
a story to tell.
Haven't written anything new in months.
  Jun 2014 Steven Fortune
Deneka Raquel
What If I said that you're my universe?
That even though you don't know me,
The thought of you ignites solar flares in my mind.
What If I told you you're my universe?
That even though you've never met me,
Every dream I have of you, volcanoes erupt in my soul,
What if I showed you my universe?
Where every particle of my being revolves around you.
Where the though of losing you proves cataclysmic
Though I, never had you to begin with.
What if I asked you to build a new constellation with me?
Let your name be stained across starry skies,
So I can, sleep through the day
And stay up late each night just to look at you.
My universe,
Mercy me please.
I am begging on my knees.

© Deneka Thomas . All rights reserved
Okay so by now you know I have crush on someone who is clueless about me. I've never met this person before yet I suffer under their spell.
Perfect little dream
The kind that breaks the best
The silent little scheme
But I have failed the test
Am I to bear the blame?
All of them are the same.
It was you who gave me hope
It was you who let me cope
Open up my ****** heart
Hoping a friendship to start
You threw it at my face
**** the whole human race
I tried, but I fall down broken
I tried, but again I'm broken
I tried, to share my secrets
You were brave, as you saw my demons
Judge jury executioner
Again, an empty future
We talked all the time
But hope isn't worth a dime
One date, it's all it took
One date, no bait just the hook
You stopped talking
I stopped walking
You said goodbye
As I die
No hug
Your face still smug
As I lie here broken
After my fall, I am again broken
Forever broken
A good friend abandoned me. I'm sad.
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