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MsMercedes Feb 2021
Ain’t you beautiful.

Doesn’t that satisfy
Something inside of you
Seeking validation from others
What about you
Needs approval

Ain’t you beautiful?

Don’t you see complexion on magazine
Complexion faker than white ******* cover
That bought it
To be ignorant is to be in a cage
And I refuse to die in a cage
Because I went to school learning fairytales
Instead of history
**** it
I’ll teach myself.
MsMercedes Jun 2015
I learned long ago
That we all belong somewhere.
I belong to the Hurt
To the lost
To the broken
To the depressed
To the angry
To the empty
To the hateful
To the hopeless
Who knew one day
I'd belong
To the **healed
Things get better
MsMercedes Oct 2014
One day I love you
The next I don't
But somehow you make me fall
But my balance is better
And I don't want to fall again
At least not in your hands
But maybe in someone elses
Don't put up with it.
  Oct 2014 MsMercedes
how do you sleep at night knowing you broke me?
teach me.
how do you stay high without being brought down by the heavy emptiness that weighs down?
teach me.
how do you swallow the sweet and claims it's the most bitter fruit you've tasted?
teach me.
because i see you moving on so fast,
i get stuck.
if what we had,
meant something to you,
how could you turn,
our love to hate?
teach me.
so i won't have to drag you down no more,
with pathetic cries and pleads,
teach me dear.
teach me how,
you can pretend.
because i've had many masks,
but this,
bled through them all.

  Oct 2014 MsMercedes
I have a monster inside my head
it disguises its self using my own voice
it tells me I'm not pretty, no one loves me, I'm not smart, I'm doing everything wrong, and that I'll always be alone
some days I'm as bright as the sun while others I'm as dark as a night sky filled with no moon
I try to tell myself "you're happy, you're happy, you're happy"
but I never am
this monster has controlled everything
I have depression: and it's winning
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