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Tyrone May 27
For the first time in history
It’s the humans in captivity
As we’re told to stay inside
And cut down on all activity

We need to let earth heal
And repair form our damage
Its a message from god
For us to stop being savage

We are a guest on the earth
It’s the only way we can live
I hope once this is all over
We can all move on and forgive

In this time of uncertainty
Don’t think about just yourself
There are vulnerable people
Who are in very week health

If we all stick together
We can make this time better
And if you don’t understand
Just please re read this letter
Senita May 26
Nothing....but we........
What shall we see.......
How much days of quarentine.....
If it ends we'll totally be fine........
Pls take rest quarentine we are awaiting for you to take a nap....😴 if u agree make a like
Where am I?

For those who ask:
I am in the home I grew up in
Between the intersection and the train tracks
(Did you know, when I was little and up too late
I heard the whistle of the train
And I thought it was the trumpeting of angels
Come to take me in the night.)

And where am I, Lord?
Where will this be
In history’s books?
Just down the street from a post office
Built during the civil war for shipping shoes
Still open—an essential service
In a time of worry, as it was in the time of war
(There have been sixteen cases in my town
And it has not yet touched me.)

And oh, where am I, my love?
I am with my family
Keeping my hands busy
So my mind stays still
I am in bed, or on the floor,
Or in the living room, or on the porch,
Or putting grooves in the driveway
As I stop to smell the flowers
that have bloomed the same this year
as they have on every other
except this year I have someone to compare them to and
not a blossom measures up to you, my love.

Where am I?
Safe—as safe as one can be
In a familiar place
All of these are true
(But the first answer that comes to my mind
Is always “still miles away from you”)
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Engorged in a prison box too small for the swelling of my spiritual rotted flesh.
Given the necrosis of civilizational crumbling had cast it's affect unto me,
I melt in the wading pool of an invisible guard wielding the spear of viral pandemic.
I hold steadfast in my mental capacity.
Only to have the prism of stability rocked by the puncturing of many holes in the hot air balloon that glides through the ice...
I am rocked, shook, and unhinged;
I am the door that sways gently in the breeze to the rocking tides of this astral storm of disease.
All of this chaos in the atoms of my mind's eye...
As I simply lay here.
Engorged in the prison of the mind.
I am my own gatekeeper. A militant simply funded by the fear of the invisible guard.
I blink and sip the coffee, sitting up in the bed.
Shake off the madness, and return to stillness.
K Mar 30
If you knew it was the last time you would see me, at least for a while, what would you have done different?
Would you hold me tighter?
Would you kiss me properly on the lips?
Would you have stayed a little longer?
Would you have held my hand for the first time?

I tell you what I did, I said goodbye as if I didn't know it was the last time, 'cause I'm looking forward for the next one.
Pedro Mar 21
Nothing feels the same
on these bleak days
not even the rain
the streets so quiet
every taste seems bland
and the air feels heavier
more serious, untamed
oh, how the mighty have fallen
from their palaces so up high
and on their skin
there are blisters
the same as in mine
Terrible times these are... And as if nature wanted to prove that we are more than money or status, everyone is getting sick. But maybe it is true that some evils come for the good and after this, perhaps, we'll see each other with different eyes: as equals and worth of the same!
K Mar 17
I wish we could be as close as when we say goodbye, I wish I could stay frozen next to you, holding you as if it was the last time I was ever gonna see you. I wish you wouldn't have to go. I wish we were right this second in the same room, not even saying a thing, not even touching, just being together, that close, maybe it would be enough.

— The End —