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  Apr 2015 Skip Ramsey
Just Melz
Today, a mistake was made
              Some words were said,
      my sight went red
and my bond with you was severely frayed
       Now, I'm ******.
  Here's something that you missed
        you ****** up
     I've been betrayed
        So go to Hell and tell Satan
    you're a heathen worth hating

Today, a memory was lost
              Some things were forgotten
      I'm paying the cost
and all the love we shared has been tossed
       Out the window
  Here's something you don't know
           I ******* hate you
        I'm over all the *******
      So next time you decide to speak my name
   Remember you lost and I'm the game

Today, a truth shined through
         all the lies
   in which you relied
       I can't stand how I got ******* while you always got the best of me
        Now I'm enraged enough to say,  
Yeah, today my blood congealed
               I sewed the wound shut,
       but the scar will never heal
                For this,
      I ******* hate you.
and I hope your death hurts a great deal

Today, a lie was told
      As if it was the gods honest truth
             I can see it all clearly now
  But what's the use?
      I'm tattered, battered and abused
And I'm blaming it all on you
              I've lost so much already
     What else is there to lose?
         I ******* hate you!
What story is there to tell?
          What's left to say?
      How about this....
                *GO TO HELL!!!
Thank you Frank for working on this with me and helping to release some pent up anger, from both of us. You're incredible, as always. ❤
Three small chunks of my soul
Ripped right out of my chest
          Every weekend

       The same **** thing
The hugs, tears and kisses goodbye
               With them
The screaming, mistrust and hateful words
               With him

The pain seems neverending
And never getting any better
       All the bridges burned
          a single

But regret can build and build
When you realize some bridges
             Can't be rebuilt

And yet
         I can't regret him
Or the pain he dealt to me
    Cause he helped to create
Those three small pieces of my soul

          And they may be small
      But put together
   They create my life as a whole

    Every Weekend
The same **** thing
        And it hurts
   Finally having that feeling
Like you're actually whole
         Then all three pieces
       Right out of my soul

And until next weekend
**I cannot feel whole
For Krystalyn, Klairety and KJ, my three beautiful children that I love dearly and miss even more when they're away from me.
Update: I haven't seen my children on two months, please copy and paste this link  read my story and help if you can, thank you.
Skip Ramsey Feb 2015
Left to the storm...
Left for dead...
But not bitter...
Skip Ramsey Jan 2015
Missing you so much,
More than your touch.

Making me whole,
Cleansing my soul.

When life gives it's worst,
Always think of you  first.

A part of my heart,
Since we met at the start.

Miles keeping us away,
Pull me down more each day.

But still, all the while,
Thought of you makes me smile.

A gift from above,
Filling me with love.
Dedicated to a dear friend who I miss and means more to me than either of us realized.
Skip Ramsey Jan 2015
Taking up space,
Better served by,
Toxic waste dumps.
Inspired by real life events...  ;)
  Jan 2015 Skip Ramsey
Hailey P
There's two hearts
On the floor.
One mine,
Both yours.
Skip Ramsey Jan 2015
Would you shed a tear
When I die
Because I am not there

Would you shed a tear
When I die
To show you really care

Would a stranger notice
You're sad
And ask you why you cry

Would you really take
A moment
To share the reason why

Would you share a memory
Of me
To someone else you love

Would you have a thought
The memories we are part of

Would you shed a tear
When I die
Because I am not there
An idea for a poem or song that has been bouncing around in my head for awhile.
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