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Skip Ramsey Nov 2014
Smiling on the outside,
While on the inside dying.
Laughing with the world,
While in my heart I'm crying.
I know what you would say,
I've gotta keep on trying.

I'm tired of putting on a show,
Every day from awake to sleep.
Be strong, be happy, be accepting,
And don't be seen to weep.
I'm done with it, I want you to know,
That my solace, I will keep.

It's been nice to know you all,
But, I guess I've always known.
That while you smile, laugh and play,
What separates us, has grown.
It's obvious that my future plans,
Are to simply be alone...
Skip Ramsey Oct 2014
I walked a path so narrow,
I could not keep a balance.

I walked a path so wide and wild,
I lost my way.

I sat,
Head in hands.

I looked up,
And saw my dream ahead.

I followed my path,
Wide enough, I kept balance,
Narrow enough, I kept my way.

I saw my dream,
Growing closer with every step.

I know my path,
It is right for me.
Skip Ramsey Nov 2014
I'd give you my heart,
But, it's been torn apart so much,
I'm not sure that there's any left....
Feeling unsure of how I feel...
Skip Ramsey Nov 2014
The new building a a few days of the new
I was curious to see what my autoincorrect keyboard would suggest... :)
Its one line because if I went down a space it stopped suggesting.
Skip Ramsey Nov 2014
The secret to being strong,
Is to just keep being...
Skip Ramsey Nov 2014
Inseparably attached,
Hopelessly apart,
An ocean away,
But we carry one heart.

The emotions I feel,
As I think of you,
A smile and a tear,
I wonder which is true?

I've never touched your hand,
Or said your name aloud,
Yet for not a second doubt,
That I'd find you in  a crowd.

The words of love you give,
And bits of truth you share,
Are the only things that help,
The distance for me to bear.

I try to be so strong,
But I am brought to my knees,
By the miles that separate us,
To create our love's complexities.
Love over any distance, fires such strong emotions.
Skip Ramsey Nov 2014
I tried rationality,
It mad me feel bare.
I tried pure emotion,
And filled with despair.

I want to allow,
Me to be me.
Not something that
The world wants to see.

Nothing so great,
Absolutely no hero,
Not either to think,
Of myself as a zero.

A whole life I want,
And pray that I find.
A life long ambition,
A truly wise mind.

I work towards this goal,
And try not to stray,
I feel that it's closer,
Every last day.

Finally finding,
This journey I chose,
Brings more contentment,
As each day does close.
One of the most difficult and fulfilling things I've ever done, search for my wise mind.
Skip Ramsey Jan 2015
Taking up space,
Better served by,
Toxic waste dumps.
Inspired by real life events...  ;)
Skip Ramsey Nov 2014
Added pain,
My only  gain,
Unwilling to explain,
Why I'm going insane.

Nothing to say,
Stay outta my way,
I'm not gonna play,
Better you go away.

Always feel wrong,
Though I try to stay strong,
Been crying this song,
For far, far too long.

Gonna get worse,
Got no reverse,
Know this last verse,
Leads to a hearse...
Sometimes a bad day isn't going to get better. Need to wait for the next one. And hope...
Skip Ramsey Nov 2014
Game player,
Best beware,
Without a prayer...
Skip Ramsey Nov 2014
For once,
I smile both outside and in,
I wear an honest grin,
I'm comfortable within my own skin,
For once....

For once,
I'm happy with where I'm at,
Smile like a Cheshire cat,
Ornerier than a army brat,
For once...

For once,
Happy as a clam,
Feeling as woolly as a lamb,
More mysterious than Spam,
For once...

For once,
I'll simply say adieu,
Give my best wishes to you,
Got lots of living I wanna do,
For once...
Sometimes I forget to write when I'm happy too. :-)
Skip Ramsey Nov 2014
Why do I,
Sit and wait?
... I need this job...
Skip Ramsey Jun 2015
Death is kind of like living.
Only, not so much.
Skip Ramsey Nov 2014
Good morning, dear poetess,
How your words open my heart,
Awaken my mind,
Touch my soul.

Good morning, dear poetess,
How you enflame my passion,
Enlighten my thoughts,
Make me whole.

Good morning, dear poetess,
How your words encourage me,
Make my tears well,
Make my thoughts roll.

Good morning, dear poetess,
How you strengthen me,
Make me aware,
Let me reach each goal.

Good morning, dear poetess,
Thank you...
For being you...
For sharing you...
Thank you....
Thank you for your inspiration and encouragement.
Skip Ramsey Oct 2014
I am not,
Who I want to be.

I am not,
Who you think you see.

I am not,
Yet journey done.

I am not,
Such a simple one.

I am,
A changing thing.

I am,
Soon to take wing.

I am,
A strong soul.

I am,
Willing to take the toll.
Skip Ramsey Nov 2014
I am a work...
     In progress...
          Not complete...
               But yet...
                    Not lacking...
I am a work...
     Of art...
          My beauty lies...
               Within my flaws...
                     For all to see...
I am a work...
     My triumphs and...
          My tragedies together...
               Equal partners...
                    In what I am...
I am a work...
     My past...
          My present...
               My future...
                    Together making me...
I am a work...
     My question is...
               Will you...
                    Shape me?
Will the clay ask the potter what will you make of me? (paraphrased)
Skip Ramsey Oct 2014
I don't know you,
But I know the lies you tell...
How you've tried to drag her,
Into your own private hell...

I don't know you,
But its easy to see...
That you may never,
Accept she can be happy...

I don't know you,
But I readily know...
You're at your best,
Throwing low blows...

I don't know you,
But that's ok...
I just feel sorry,
That you act that way...

I don't know you,
But I know what's right...
You need to quit picking,
Such childish fights...

I don't know you,
But please stop this strife...
Quit throwing stones,
And lead your own life...
To my friends who suffer from those who won't let the past settle into history. Luv ya all! ♥
Skip Ramsey Nov 2014
We learn to say that we don't care,
As we begin to believe it.
We tell ourselves when we are hurt,
Not to share.

Soon, we turn this ugly phrase, in upon ourselves,
A bad day, or treated badly?
Just remember those three,
Those deadly letters.

What comes next is no surprise,
We use it for the smallest things,
A forgotten birthday,
Hopeful plea.

How soon it becomes,
The easiest answer,
To each and every worry,
You need me?

And then the fateful day does come,
When we have switched places,
We need assistance of some sort,
It falls upon deaf ears.

We need to change,
This process we use,
And change the meaning,
Of three small letters.

I don't care...
That's not true...
I give it thought...
Thus, I DO CARE!!!

I DC...
It took a lifetime for me to learn that by thinking those words I made them a lie
Skip Ramsey Oct 2015
glanced up,
she gave
me that come wither look.
Death glance 10 words 10W wither
Skip Ramsey Dec 2014
Rain endlessly tapping its fingers on the window in boredom.  
The drops shooting light into my apartment from the streetlights.

Shivering, cold, I turn up the thermostat.
I now dress in sweats, hoping for relief from the cold.

Brain says you must eat, body says I must not.
I remain stasis, unwilling to move.

Now wrapped up in a blanket, the sofa my domain.
Wishing someone, anyone was here.

For the comfort of knowing humankind still existed.
Do you exist? Or are you fever induced?

Trembling, I fall asleep.
Hoping my answers come with the morning light.
Rest well my fellow poets, this too, shall pass.
Skip Ramsey Oct 2014
I'm sorry...

That you think I am weak
That I don't measure up to your expectations
That you felt the need to berate me

I'm also sorry...

That you feel I was not worthy
That I was where you took out your frustrations
That you no longer tolerate me

I'm not sorry

That you cut me out of your life
Your circle
Your childishness

thank you!
You made my life EASIER

thank you with all my heart for going away
Not all breakups are heart tearing, some are uplifting.
Skip Ramsey May 2015
Not a goddess,

Not a fighter,

Beyond a friend,

Not just beautiful,

Loving and,

Sweetness and,

When the time has come,
And the day is done,
Then all will see,
That she,
Is something,
A tribute to a friend who is as caring and kind as anyone I've ever known.
Skip Ramsey Nov 2014
Priceless and worthless
Mean the same
Without any known value
Skip Ramsey Feb 2015
Left to the storm...
Left for dead...
But not bitter...
Skip Ramsey Dec 2014
Why do I miss...
If I've never held...
And never looked at...    you

Being apart tears at...
I want you with...
You have completed...           me

Oceans spread between...
Continents separate...
Still love will unite...             us

We are bound by...
Held together by...
Forever by...                **love
To anyone who misses someone away from them.
Skip Ramsey Oct 2014
Most things,
That I create,
Are, of course,
Purely meh.
Skip Ramsey Nov 2014
The hiss of wet road meeting tread,
Wisps of fog reaching up to mother cloud,
Pin ****** of rain on windshield,
Twang of guitar joining with singer in song,
Morning grey surrounds me.

Pale yellow headlights meet me,
Whining as they pass,
Restaurants beckoning me,
Promising warmth food company,
Wipers warning me away,
Morning grey surrounds me.

Destination is known,
Sleep wants what it's owed,
Obligation is to be honored instead,
Fatigue is my companion,
Soon I will start to repay them,
Morning grey surrounds me.

Morning grey surrounds me...
Northeast weather in fall in winter brings such a change to everything.
Skip Ramsey Jan 2015
Missing you so much,
More than your touch.

Making me whole,
Cleansing my soul.

When life gives it's worst,
Always think of you  first.

A part of my heart,
Since we met at the start.

Miles keeping us away,
Pull me down more each day.

But still, all the while,
Thought of you makes me smile.

A gift from above,
Filling me with love.
Dedicated to a dear friend who I miss and means more to me than either of us realized.
Skip Ramsey Oct 2014
Off the cuff,
Not my best stuff,
Kinda rough,
Never good enough.

Willing to share,
But ya gotta bear,
With me there,
'Cause its got minimum flair.

Still gonna try,
My skill may run shy,
But I give a fly,
Hoped you like it, Bye!
Got called on in a guild chat to make a poem on the spot. This is it.
Skip Ramsey Oct 2014
Not so much of a poem as just a quick thank you.
To all of you who have read and shown such love and support.

This past week I have had my passion reignited for writing and poetry.
No rhyme or verse, nor any thing else that I can conceive of. can show the smallest portion of gratitude I have for everyone here!

Hopefully, I can in some way repay a bit of the kindness that I've gotten from you.

Much love and caring,

Today is one week I've been on Hello Poetry, so glad to be a part of this beautiful thing. I owe you big time  senpai Melz! Thx! :)
Skip Ramsey Nov 2014
You walk with me  every day
Every hour you  are near me
My companion, confidant and ******
Knowing every sin and secret  

You control my life  
More than I will ever admit
Staying with me at all times
Documenting every scar

You whisper in my ear
Reminding me of what I face
Telling me I'm strong enough
Adding that's not all it takes

You are a companion, yes
But will never be a friend
You are a part of me
I will not live without

You hide but never long
I know you will return
Even though I try to stop you
Sometimes I forget it's there but not for long.
Skip Ramsey Feb 2016
License to **** other's work,
While you yet remain innocent.
Skip Ramsey Nov 2014
Seems all my quiet days,
End not so much quiet.
Skip Ramsey Dec 2016
I lost you, no we lost you
We have missed you, we will miss you.

We have lost your wiley, witty, sarcastic humor.
So creative, we lost your bass voice sound as deep and strong as Gabriel's trumpet.
Always time for us, even when there wasn't.

But why?
Why, why, why, why, WHY?!?
Why didn't you love yourself like we loved you?
You let it get bad, then worse, until it was too late.
You had left us...
I asked you for to see the doctor...
You put it off, not for a day. It was weeks...
I am hurt, you are missed so...
Missed so much...

I will go on, but the world is that much darker...
I apologize. This isn't really a poem, more an attempt to release and try to understand the loss of a friend years later.
Skip Ramsey Nov 2014
I don't like what I get...
My monsters got upset...
Don't like how its going?
**** so bad my phone I'm throwing?
No need to ever fret...
You think I'm lazy, you bet!
Its just a game...
My strategies were lame...
I'll never take the blame...


A friend suggested that I make poems about the mobile game, Summoners War: Sky Arena. Challenge accepted, Jengtot! ;)
Look for more soon!
Skip Ramsey Nov 2014
She comes to him,
They walk together.
Through the dusky evening,
Past fields of heather.

She takes his hand,
Her fingers cold,
She starts to lead him,
Both gently and bold.

Soon the pass,
A playing boy,
Enraptured by,  
Some simple toy.

Shortly, they pass,
An old country church,
Lovingly surrounded,
By a stand of birch.

Full of lights,  
The windows shine,
While in the steeple,
The church bells chime.

Down the steps,
Carpeted wholely in red,
New bride and groom,
Joyously tread.

On they go,
At the end of the day,
Still his hand in hers,
As she leads the way.

They next pass by,
A tiny cemetery,
He sheds a tear,
To his wife in memory.

Finally, they come,
To the end of their travel,
His nerves just now,  
Begin to unravel.

She smiles at him,
And pats his hand,
She whispers softly,
"No fear, no pain in this next land."

"She's waiting there,
For you to be."
He takes her hand,
Most happily.

Through the mist,
They both do walk,
The peace he feels,
Is quite a shock.

There she is,
He runs to greet,
Tight hug and kiss,
When they meet.

He says to her,
As he takes her hand,
"It truly is,
The promised land."
This may be the longest poem that I've ever written. To my parents, I know you are together.
Skip Ramsey Dec 2014
The phone was dead.
My heartbeat slowed.
She was no more.
That wasn't a doubt.
The was only one question.
Was she ever?
The phone was dead.
This was the result of a challenge from Just Melz. Based on Sean Critchfield's seventh book, seventh page, seventh line challenge.
Skip Ramsey Nov 2014
Self promotion is...
Not necessary when your effort
Is worthy.
Skip Ramsey Nov 2014
Simply put has...
Simply put,
Never, ever been simply put...
Simply put
Skip Ramsey Oct 2014
I see her eyes and know her name.
She sheds a tear I do the same.
Her voice cracks and she looks down.
And now I know your lies to her.
Many wounds you gave, few were returned.
The bridge of love you cruelly burned.
On opposing shores you both do stand.
But still she raises a loving hand.
But one last trick will fate yet play.
As you will learn to rue this day.
That as you laughed ere it burned and fell.
You stranded yourself in your private hell.
From the heart for a new friend.
Skip Ramsey Oct 2016
Wanting to be loved,
Kept secret,
Knowing it will not be returned,
Know that the love of a friend,
Is still a great gift,
Knowing they are there,
Knowing they care,
Enough love to be,
To be content,
To be secure,
To be...

Having forever love for someone who is a friend can be heartbreaking or joyous. It's often a combination of both.
Skip Ramsey Nov 2014
What do you see?
When you you look at me?
Do you see my size?
And never look in my eyes?
Do you look at my soul
Before your judgment is whole?

Don't walk in my shoes,
They aren't meant for you.
Don't guess my destiny,
Without knowing me.
You already figured out,
What I'm all about.

Did you bother to ask,
Before attempting this task.
What I've been through,
Before I met you?
Of course, you did not,
That was never a thought.

Never will you know,
All of my show.
You chose when we met,
And your views were set.
Not ever a goal,
For you to see my soul.

Now as we part,
I'll still share my heart,
As cruel as you are,
I'm much kinder by far,
I was true from the first,
Never looked for your worst.

And as you now leave,
More lies will you weave,
My age, height or weight,
You'll silently berate,
While my heart's on my sleeve,
For the never us I'll grieve.
Skip Ramsey Jan 2015
Would you shed a tear
When I die
Because I am not there

Would you shed a tear
When I die
To show you really care

Would a stranger notice
You're sad
And ask you why you cry

Would you really take
A moment
To share the reason why

Would you share a memory
Of me
To someone else you love

Would you have a thought
The memories we are part of

Would you shed a tear
When I die
Because I am not there
An idea for a poem or song that has been bouncing around in my head for awhile.

— The End —