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Shammyshamsham Jul 2019
And when I die little bird,
Don't be sad, don't weep.
For I loss all my sufferings,
Im happy now Im free!
What my grandma told me during her last moments.
Shammyshamsham Sep 2017
I met someone down the street,
he looks cloud filled with rain
hes full of pain
hes darkness reeks.

He sat next to me with eyes no soul
minds afloat, hearts' unseen

We talked in silence
just stares and glances,
but I know he itches
for me to know.

Hes in pain, hes suffering
he needs help but no saving.
He lost his soul, hes love, hes whole
he wavers and shaking.

This tall mans tears are running
I told him to weep,
make the pain wash away
make it all disappear.

He stopped me with "no",
" I can't let go for I love her so,"
I stared without words
Is a man supposed to cry but to be left alone?

does a mans definition of man mean
not asking for help nor being saved?
Is a person in pain needs saving or not?
Shammyshamsham Sep 2017
tik tok tik,
times too long
works too many
love too less.

tik tok tik,
its already two thirty
a few more hours
you'll soon be free.

tik tok tik,
Did the clock stopped ticking?
Times taking so long,
I'm stressed, bored.

Tik toc tik toc tik!!!
common hurry!
I miss my bed.

Tik toc tik,
time check its two thirty eight.
Tik toc tik,
times too long.
Shammyshamsham Oct 2016
hey there lost friend,
are you well ?
Are you okay now? no pretense,
are you still trapped inside hell ?

Hey there guess what,
my minds full of you now, my heart beats won't stop.
In my dreams or waking hours
your words ,your gestures, you're YOU makes me cower!

Hey look, can't you tell
my pillows are abused now, my bed is a mess.
In dreams we are happy,
in dreams you are well, I wish soon I'll see you,
but sooner means death.

Hey there lost friend, are you well?
If I ask, don't ask back, well my tears won't hold up
I might do the unthinkable, I might hug mister death.

Hey, its just hey.
no more words, just say hey
I might feel better , I might say I'm well.
I really miss you though, hey!? are you there.
Shammyshamsham Sep 2016
Monday, I'm awake
Tuesday, field regrets
Wednesday, almost there
Thursday,hang in there
Friday yes I'm free!
Saturday, wheres the party?
Sunday, need some rest
Monday's here again.
Shammyshamsham Sep 2016
The devil's here again,
he always come once a month.
Visits for three days, maybe four, maybe week
It all depends upon his whims.

I often fear when he comes near,
coz' his mind is so twisted
his confusing, his weird
I'm afraid with a snap, he decides not to leave.

He wears a big grin, he's all red and smells
His laugh irritates me, he loves to taunt
He smirks with his eyes telling me "give up!"
It's as if he already won the fight....well he did !

I'm not worried though, I'm fine
because he only comes then say goodbye.
Then all my hunger, frustrations, my fears
Once he leaves, he takes and flee.
I'm on my period, please bear with me.
Shammyshamsham Aug 2016
Have you ever just stopped for a second and said "wait!", "what was that again?"
You're familiar with the warmth, the floating feelings, the butterflies.
You remember how happy you were, how happy you might have been until the clock says times up and woke up.
The thought still hunts you, in your dreams, places, every single thing reminds you of him.
There is always those sudden three seconds of "wait! somethings missing" kind of feeling, guess there's something wrong.
Your heart knows it fully well, you lack something.
Something important, something really special, a four letter word you keep denying ever since... love, L-O-V-E love.
You badly need a dose of it and yet here you are pretending like its nothing, you're ok and can still continue to do so.
Ask me what love is again, I believe you might have forgotten but please don't tell me you don't need it
Please don't feign ignorance on this topic, you've suffered years from it, it's the exact reason you can't give it easily to someone else. You can't move on , you still haven't moved on! why?

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