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Silver Jul 2019
there's something magical about
a sunrise with no sun

watching the blinds go from
algae bloom blue to
the color of mustard

to see the colors pass as do
your bruises. (time.)

the healing consumes you,
burning you
pulling all-nighters in the summer has freedom (a lack of risks) and beauty (the first brushstrokes of light at 5:30 am).

to combat time with vision. watching bruises go by and seeing the beauty in their transition. yellows and blues.
Hannah Beasley Jan 2018
My life in odd numbers
1- You are breathed into this world by two loving parents who are still far too young, still children themselves. They will make mistakes, It will be okay. Forgive them, because everything they do for the next 17 years is to help you.

3- You are developing faster than most kids, they can already tell. This is good but take this increased intellect humbly, for at some point your brain will be all you have.

5- You smile at complete strangers, keep doing that, everyone deserves your kindness. Continue to love everyone unconditionally, this is one of your best qualities.

7- Tell someone. Everyone experiences trauma, some worse than others, some are affected more than others, some blame themselves, don’t. Do not let your trauma take over your life.

9- Your youngest sibling has just been brought home, You will love her so unconditionally that she will sometimes make you forget how much you hate yourself. Hold her as much as possible, you’ll miss this time when she's older.

11- You are in a new, unfamiliar place, this is a good thing. You will meet fantastic people and have good experiences. Accept it for what it is and be open to change.

13- You must learn to get restful sleep. Your all-nighters cannot be your safety blanket forever, You must sleep to heal, to grow. You must face your night terrors.

15- Look at you, stronger now more than ever. But darling you must learn to love yourself before anyone else can truly love you. You’re only hurting yourself because you believe you are not beautiful but trust me, darling, you are beautiful.

17- Stop worrying so much about what the future holds, be happy in the present day because you never know if you will wake up tomorrow.
JM McCann Aug 2015
We outlasted the moon!
In a timeless place we did it!
The pull of the moon and the rise of the sun irrelevant!
A group of warriors who couldn’t be more different, as I see myself
in grey —faded color, colors that will never cease to exist!
A rapper from south Africa, a student fluent in Chinese music, a girl with no bounds from down the road, a cyclist from Manhattan, a quiet devil from Belfast, and two girls who could be twins from Mexico all of us surived!
The famous campus— empty a bond forever, only the flies
dance with me!The pizza crust from what
feels like eternity or last week at this point fresh on the table,
still two hours before the day begins, eyes droopy, faces baggy no idea
where the sun is a blink sleeping, eternity awake the music on and off replacing  conversation occionsally tossing condoms a laugh, talk of favorite memories.
only sif (not sure what that was) hours ago pitch dark, lost with a welcome room
Sleepy travelers some head off needing the destination and rest wanting to jump offand hit the ground running, we made it walking as a bottle cap falls from an open window at three four disappear as the night lights turn off around me.
The ones who left early no less brilliant, I owe them all so much.
I will not begin to describe them because they could all take up a book of memories.
Funny stories then sad ones as it becomes clear to the tellers that one is in the making all it was, ice cream followed by a half hour, thrilled at company to Ashelies ice cream
after farewell song.
Reality chugs along.
A door opens, nobody comes along.
At three in the afternoon dizzy as light starts to claim the clock-tower.
Dizzy sick and unable to think in the afternoon the prophet before hand calls straight-mistake, (the first N4 alcoholic hungover never another drink I swear before drinking )
At ten that night out of the timeless room it’s one hour then fifteen minutes then another then thirty disappear.
Dancing on the table music and stories. Later that night or morning, at our lowest bit of energy. pumping iron. Pulling back together with a friend from the other side of the planet falling back letting go getting sprung up in the famous campus. Dancing on a tread mill shirtless together in the dimly lit gym.
Is there anything more divine?!
Then quite in the timeless room, at 3 in the afternoon sick missing the talk of a life claiming “there is no love without sacafrice", at 6 in the night I’m sleeping  debating heading home on that paved road opting instead for "who knows?!" At six in the morning, out of the timeless room, I’m the only one out, writing this as the drone of the song continues from the windows of fellow warriors, briefly drowned out by a helicopter. The beloved campus dead quite even birds asleep. Before the iron deep in the morning pool and talk of maybe being social accidentally sinking the 8 ball. At twelve in the alleged dead of night a room trashed unknown and the words spread a half mile out and brings the head honchos down to the timeless room, at three saved from sleep by a prior story of farting in sleepers faces woke me just in time in the timeless room. At sometime the door opposite the timeless room opened and a long narrow stroll around leads back to the timeless room, at some time time in the timeless home my presence maybe anxiously sought or ignored. The ecstasy and disbelief to see the sun, running back to the warriors who I just wished well at the sun! The same planets with vibrant colors. I will never forget the warriors but maybe their names.
I swat at a fly that was never on my arm.
I think of the infinities of time I will miss later.
My hearing worn thin with my sight, the birds songs lost their fullness
though in our business it’s very likely for the better
as I look to see the clock tower fully conquered,
I wonder if my parents will assume intoxication,
it is impossible to do this tail justice, though it will likely
end in the same spot: dizzy  complaints of exhaustion
getting sick and bliss before the end.
I have known the warriors  for 3 days, yet I know them better than family.
Outside the timeless room I learn partying means drinking with others
to bad dance music, the kind that kept me awake, as the smoke of
others cigars enter my lungs and the take truly ends in the same spot I trying to survive the eternal earthquakes after a long journey to say good-bye and in the timeless room,
the light stays the same. Some foosball in a timeless place in reality its a language or
a wreck room, in truth the room was always spinning, as my head is now.
To everyone who has there thank you. This was the final night of a charity summit. The organization is Narrative 4 which in essence de-otherifys people. War's start only aganist people who are consisdered "other" and the powers that want war otherify the group. The charity is very youth based and open to ideas so they bring a group of students to weigh in on the direction of the charity at yearly summit. If you have any futher questions about N4 please message me.

Anyway I wrote this at 6 in the morning after pulling an allnighter, I had lost the notebook I wrote it on but found it earlier today The day this I felt like **** from being overtired and my brain wasn't working right for the vast majority of that day yet it was the final day and we all planned to stay up late and it turned out to be an allnighter, it was a wild ride their and one I hope to never forget.  The night after the allnighter, I slept for 14 or so hours.
Jordan Chacon Apr 2014
"Night Owl"

We are the people of the night
we are the sleepers of the day
we are the night owls of the night
the all nighters
the most nighters
the day sleepers
the day layers
we are the people that don't
sleep at night
we are the people the
sleep the day away
school is just to early for us
it's not that we are lazy
it's just that point
that we are the night owls
the all nighters
we are the night owls
that catch the mice
not the bird
that catches the worm
High flying' teenagers stay up late, research claims
NIGHT owls have more brain power and are more likely to be successful than early risers, according to scientific research.
By: Stewart Whittingham
Published: Mon, March 25, 2013

Night owls are more likely to have comfortable homes and a non manual job Night owls are more likely to have comfortable homes and a non-manual job

Tests on 1,000 teenagers revealed those who like to stay up late and have a lie-in were more likely to be high fliers.

They were found to have intelligence linked to prestigious jobs and higher incomes. They also tend to be extrovert risk-takers and innovative thinkers with inquisitive minds.

The University of Madrid study appears to debunk the saying that the early bird gets the worm. And it can no longer be said that people who lie in bed are lazy.

Early rising larks were found to get better grades at school but the researchers decided that may only be because lessons start too early for the night owls.

    Evening types tend to be the poets, artists and inventors, while morning types are deducers, often seen in civil servants and accountants

    Professor Jim Horne, Loughborough University

Famous night owls include Second World War Prime Minister Winston Churchill, who often did not go to bed before 4am and rose late. He often held morning meetings while still in bed. American President Barack Obama and Rolling Stones guitarist Keith Richards also like a lie-in.

A separate University of Southampton study showed that night owls had bigger incomes and were more likely to have a comfortable home and a non-manual job.

Famous early-morning larks include former US President George W Bush.

Professor Jim Horne of Loughborough University said: “Evening types tend to be the poets, artists and inventors, while morning types are deducers, often seen in civil servants and accountants.”

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— The End —