sage Mar 18
❝ i feel
so hollow
in this pale moonlight

i beg of you,
make me feel right,❞
the empty girl cries once again.
sage Jan 29
she was everything
you weren't,

she cared
when you didn't

i trust her
with things i'd never tell you,

she holds me
so tightly, unlike you,

she understands when i can't speak,
and she doesn't push me.

she is amazing,
but that's why i'm so scared.

because those were the same things
i once said about you.
it's going to happen all over again, isn't it?

isolate the first line from the second and you'll understand.
sage Jan 13
my only love was created by hating yours.

i hated your happiness, and that brought me to a place of destruction,
where i spent late nights drowning in the thoughts of you.

in those hours, a lover took my hand and brought me away from myself,
to a place where happiness existed without empty bottles.

and then you found my happy with jealous green eyes,

and then you took it all from me in a matter of seconds,
pretending your love was more than mine could ever be.

and it was easy for you,

because i was a cynic.

and no one could change that.
the story of losing love to an enemy.
sage Dec 2017
temporary happiness is ruling my life,
with each empty bottle scattered through my room.

leaving me in ignorant bliss
to what i had been feeling before i swallowed.

it's all a haze,
before and after the liquid.

all smiles,
before and after the pills.

dancing dreams,
in the midst of the smoke

i haven't slept a wink,
or maybe i have.

it's so dangerous,
to live in this fake life.

but the intricate workings of my mind
aren't allowing me to let go

of this

let me realise that i'm killing myself
sage Dec 2017
when someone speaks to me, i take in their every feature.

i remember their eyes - warm, cold, colourful, bland - all secretly beautiful in their own ways.

i take note of their noses, of sun kissed freckles scatter across the bridge to their cheeks.

but most of all, i watch their lips, as they speak, as they smile, as they frown.

and people find it strange when they see my eyes focused on their lips, but i'm focussing on the way their words fall from their mouths so fluently.

i'm focussing on their emotions depicted through their muscles.

i'm focussing on what they won't say.
this isn't a poem, but i just wanted someone to know
sage Oct 2017
The water edge draws me,
Calls me.

It has many times before,
Until I was pulled away.

The ocean stares back at me with deep blue eyes,
And speaks in soft careless whispers.

The waves lap at my ankles, Kissing my feet.

The sensation is overwhelming,
The freezing cold water calming.

The water entwines it's fingers in mine,
Taking me further from where I could stand.

Every touch is gentle.
Every cell of mine begs for more.

I'm dislocated
I'm alone

So far out,
My mind is stolen.

No coherent thoughts,
Just the cold breeze tenderly caressing my cheeks.

Then I dive in once,
The feeling of nothing addicting.

And I smile as I drown,

Knowing I'm never coming back
Fear of the Water - SYML
third try, Hellopoetry deleted the first two.
sage Oct 2017
in a pool of tears

stained with the crimson of blood

surrounded by shattered glass

and sparkling metal.

a window open

yet no air to breathe

cold but burning

somehow ready to hurt more

fearful of emotion

begging to feel a breath of love

blinded from seeing too much

weak and lonely

desperate for help

finding no words

and capturing painful cries.

that's where I stay.
all I want to do is help, but I don't know how, so I just sit here crying as I write my worries further into my skin.
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