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Raquel Centore Apr 2015
I sit here all alone
my body filled with pain
a car crash in the heart
I hope you dont feel the same

I smoked my last cigerate, all in a couple breaths
we buy our pleasure from the street
thrusting it into our blood
with ****** of twisted relief

I remember the day you left me here
knowing i had no fight left
your eyes have lost their piercing stare
left with helpless green
But god do i blame me

Did we lose it all?
Love lost by this fall
i write the note to you
i've jumped because of me
Raquel Centore Mar 2015
Why did you have to go?
shut behind that old door
Unexpectly quite you layed

your son’s haunting words forming in my ears
“My dad is dead”
An unexpected sentence forever stuck on replay

You were a farther of two
But for me, you made it three
And In the end would of been a father by law

the groom has no father's advice in his stressing last moments
a tinge of sadness lingers with sight of a front row empty seat
"Till death due us part" cracks out of our mouths

never to meet a grandchild
Known by spoken stories and old photos
grandfather by legend over sight

You made me smile when i was down
A son's backbone through thick and thin
We hope you rest, but wish you never left.
Jan 2015 · 881
stay true to you
Raquel Centore Jan 2015
Childhood years full of green grass
A little girl free of care, full of spirit
The mirror was forigen to her gaze

Middle school girl feels abit queer
She found her body to be changing
She feels the mirror’s light stare

High school girl is made of glass
Body stuck in a delusional freeze frame
Everyday she tries to hide what the mirror dreadfully enhances in her eyes

Bathroom visit to throw up her enemy
Gym routines that can't ever be missed
Troubled truly by her magnified flaws

Last summer at home spent in bed
Hospitalized from the demon she let in
Her heart grows so weak, she'd be dead by next week

She breaks all the mirrors that messed with her head
She eats her first meal praying it will stay
She enters her college revivied and refocus on books not just body looks.

Girls you are all beautiful no matter your size.
Raquel Centore Jan 2015
You are the cause of my ******* pain
Every text is another lyric to my heartbreak.
Needle holes made from the memory of your face.
Pins and needles rush my body,
to fabricate a synthetic feeling of our kisses.
Morphine warms me through these lonely nights
Raquel Centore Jan 2015
Back in this room
Standing foot steps apart
But paces start to feel like miles.

My lips drip with poisoned words
But you tear at my skin secured
By the cure of her tongue

I remember you’d  sing lullibies,
But now the words have decayed
Silence lingers like her perfume

Alone in this bed together
The last first words that night,
I chose to go when i could of just arrived.
Its not a good poem....
Jan 2015 · 603
Love is full of censorship
Raquel Centore Jan 2015
I remember the day
You took the words away
Lost sight of rythmic thoughts
My stomach felt knots

Now i know why
Paper words hold harsh lies
Ink feelings for a mistress
Things I never thought to witness

But far from perfect score i hold
Shown full of photos for the bold
Pale skin
Blazed with sin
Jan 2015 · 209
Raquel Centore Jan 2015
Your leaving
please dont
Message for him
Raquel Centore Aug 2014
Back in this room
Standing foot steps apart
Paces that feel like miles to our hearts

A gaze of hell fire eyes  
Decay all words into silence

A battle that Id wish to run from
A enemy I want to love more
Jun 2014 · 442
Slowing heartbeats
Raquel Centore Jun 2014
When we start

Leave out the heart

If you hold me tight

My tears I can fight

You’re a deadly kiss 

A sensation I surely miss 

Your hands glide over my skin

We are just committing sin after sin
Jun 2014 · 633
"Kissing Raindrops"
Raquel Centore Jun 2014
Our meeting lips

Should never split

No matter where we stand

Hold me with your hands

Though rain drops hit our cheeks

Your lips I will always seek
love relationship kissing heart miss you sad
Raquel Centore Jun 2014
They said you cried to many tears so you drowned yourself in the ocean.
Now I’m waiting on sandy white shores.
Searching for the part of me left out in the wide open sea.
Lately your face hides behind my eyelids.
Jun 2014 · 295
Raquel Centore Jun 2014
Did he take your breath away?
Your eyes are duller since that talk
Darling you haven’t made a sound

Can’t you smile one more time?
Did he rob more than your heart?
Darling you haven’t made a sound

I can’t tell if you’re breathing
He never meant to hurt you
Oh Darling please just make a sound..
Jun 2014 · 339
He and She
Raquel Centore Jun 2014
Invisible cuts all on her wrist

He’s drowning her with every missing kiss

Her screaming is silence

His mind is off balance

She just needs him here

He finds it hard to care

Her overdose is expected

He can’t detect it

Oh what a good thing he sees

She’s down to her knees
Jun 2014 · 915
Raquel Centore Jun 2014
Won’t you smile on my brain

Tingle in my skin

Feel no pain 

Deja vu, all over again

You are my closes friend 

Let’s just get together

Oh please oh please

Last me forever

— The End —