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morning glory Oct 2017
autumn lies waiting, its leaves in a fit of fury.
the bitter breeze is hungry for home,
while i lost mine quite a while ago.
cold to the touch, i'll never forgive myself. you've already forgiven.
morning glory Sep 2017
Callused fingertips, bruised up lips, but
when the day is done, you're still my sun.
A star so high; digging me a grave so low.
Love is complete when it's this skin deep.
love is complete when it's this skin deep.
morning glory Sep 2017
i wish our love could have unattached itself and fallen as gently as the autumn leaves do in the breeze; like a ship sailing smoothly at sea.
i wish our love had ended on a winter's day, so the memories would feel like icicles ready to fall on my skull, rather than fire creeping up my back, like the blazing summer heat.
morning glory Sep 2017
a little sliver of light
is more than enough
to chase the demons
never lose faith. we can save ourselves.
  Sep 2017 morning glory
It is nighttime.
The stars glimmer
in **** near
infinite distances and
sending out
static signals
that we may never hear,
emitting light,
we get to see
long after
they are deceased.
I would give you these
burning things.
I would send you safe
sparkling dreams
of space travels
and grand adventures.
If my hand could stretch
beyond the horizon
of a black hole
I would reach out
into the gravity field
and gift you
the unknown.
For a small smile
or merely the hope
that one day
past your pain
you will laugh again
and find sweet dreams
I would give you eternity.
But for now
all I have is poetry.
So, I give you the heart
of my words,
they are yours
to do with as you please.
morning glory Aug 2017
you keep saying that i've changed.
i know,
these bones don't feel quite the same.
so many different versions
of me have passed by you.
always afraid; always so alone.
our souls have intertwined
so many times
and we don't even know it.
but i know in every variant of myself
i have loved you.
based off the song same soul by pvris
morning glory Aug 2017
My sun: setting more beautifully than any sky in sunny California,
though I haven’t seen one in so **** long.
I’m starved for your attention, won’t you shine on me a little brighter, babe?
I know you miss the waves when you’re up north; I know you shiver in September
and that it’s too soon, that you should still be able to show off those tan lines but
if you stay here with me I’ll love you like I’m the moon. Let’s not make our love
something that they can only see occasionally. Let's outlast the summer.
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