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Apr 2021 · 173
This moment
Mazzy Ram Apr 2021
I've seen the palms
I've seen the trees
I've seen the ocean
Felt the breeze
Calm and torrent
I take a walk with the fluffy
companion of mine
my partially bare skin
absorbs the heart
from the mega fantastic
beast, the sun
let this moment be
an eternal
moment of ease
and lease
my thoughts to the unease bin
Apr 2021 · 43
E g o Zombie
Mazzy Ram Apr 2021
Where ever you go
Take your h e a r t
with you
take G o d with you
Whatever G o d may be to you

Take it with you
Take it with you

you may end up as an egoic zombie.
Apr 2021 · 33
Mazzy Ram Apr 2021
and so it begins
a possible new journey

it was days building up
to the last of the last
nights we spend together
all the joys and tears
left to linger in our memories
my heart is confused
how can it change?
where before I couldn't imagine
a life without you

I am not so sure.
Apr 2021 · 37
Mazzy Ram Apr 2021
the road we took
unconventional it may be
but you shadowed me
loved me
I do not know
how to express the way
you made my heart react
it was not butterflies
it was like turning a
the oil lamp on
fueling that flame for some time

In the basement
first night alone
foreign land
to my mind
to my eyes
home to my heart
I was home
inside the basement
blue walls
Nautical theme Airbnb
desperate for love
for ***
for touch
I searched online
I found you in an unconventional way

a distant stranger
my heart knew otherwise
my heart blindly attached to you
I do not cling
I am an ice
you grounded me
my body may not be here
but my roots not too far from you
when will I see you again?

and then you disappeared.
no trace
no nothing.
a poem to the lover who I opened my heart to and then disappeared from my life. vanished like a ghost.
Apr 2021 · 42
Robots in disguise
Mazzy Ram Apr 2021
I'm tired of this fake reality
everyone wearing a
mask to show they are perfect

I miss the vulnerability

where did that go?

We have become

Robots in disguise
somewhere along with our evolution, we forgot the essence of being an imperfect human.
Mar 2021 · 52
My Sovereign State
Mazzy Ram Mar 2021
The same rule and structure
placed in our society
the social constructs
the political installments
all of it
are implemented outside of our consent
whether we agree or not
in the end, it creates an ecosystem
functioning or not
our minds live in
free will
that why it is chaotic
   drumming without a beat,
   hating without a cause
   loving with motivation
   doing with deception
   no structure
   no unconditional love
   just chaos
   no one to tame the mind
   it runs wild
a dog stuck in a house alone without creative release

I'm taking back my sovereignty
of the mind
I will watch it from afar
a king studying his kingdom
from afar
from above

study and observe
smile at your children
for as they think
as the king, direct them
smile at them but
for any child spills
the toxic juice to your kingdom inside,
you kindly uninvited and
you say
go on my child, for you
have served your duty in my kingdom
to teach me to
watch for weeds in my kingdom
you are my ****
and I thank you
but leave now
for in my kingdom
drama and chaos are no longer

There will be a system now
a rule
a ruling
a sovereign state
without hate
only love
a sanctuary
for as long as my kingdom is breathing
I as the king, owing to my land
to make it a beautiful one
and when the darkness comes
the peace is still there

Thank you for reading about my
sovereign state
without uninvited children running it.
A poem to remind me about my thoughts, not to be a slave to it, because it is where my garden resides and I am the gardener.
Mar 2021 · 40
Far away lover
Mazzy Ram Mar 2021
Yes the road we took
Unconventional it may be
a shadow
you loved me
I do not know
how to express the way
you made my heart react
it was not butterflies
it was turning
the oil lamp on and keeping that
flame running for infinite time

In the basement
first day alone
foreign land
to my mind
to my eyes
home to my heart
I was home
Inside the basement
blue walls
nautica theme Airbnb
desperate for love I was
for ***
for touch
      another realm
and found you in an unconventional  way

so distant

my heart knew otherwise
my heart clinged to you
I do not cling
an ice

with you
I erupted
then felt grounded
in your presence

my body may be here
but my roots not too far from you
when will I see you again
for my heart closes to all
but you.
A poem about a distant lover.
Mar 2021 · 225
Root Chakra
Mazzy Ram Mar 2021
With earth
I ground
my feet
in soil
rooted in life
secure with branches
intertwined in the ecosystem
foundation is my purpose
in this level

keep me afloat or in despair
find me at the base of the spine
I highlight all things physical
my orientation is to self-preserve
my right is to be
here on earth
to have

fear feeds this demon
it disrupts all above when ungrounded
I say to myself
I stand tall
and grow my roots
deep into the earth

I am safe here
The first of the Chakra series... inspired by the Chakras
Mar 2021 · 43
Refugee - Hello Poetry
Mazzy Ram Mar 2021
unintentional space
from this place
makes my heartache

registration dysfunction

I come back home

         safe haven
         so sweet
         darkness and shadows
         torments and traumas  
         grief and burnouts
      wrapped in
Hello Poetry

my heart has a sacred campground
for this community
this place
thank you to each artist here
Jul 2020 · 37
the fool
Mazzy Ram Jul 2020
don't let them back in
unless you're sure

isn't that such an obvious act
just not for me
i let him back in
and fooled myself again
but seriously
how can someone be such a fool
accepting such empty words
i am the fool
please help me
walk away
for this person continues to **** out
any joy that is left.
for i build
and he robs
for i trust
and he breaks
for i create space
and he clutters
will i learn
Mar 2020 · 46
love to write
Mazzy Ram Mar 2020
I love to write
But I ****
I am no good at writing
nothing is enticing about my writing
or special
But I can't stop
Maybe one day
the words I use to express my heart
will make their way out more eloquently
Mar 2020 · 59
naive alignment
Mazzy Ram Mar 2020
I'm tired
of the confusion
from this attraction
it seems that it leaves me nothing but
for your attention
I cannot align to your energy
I align and if you align
then we align
Mar 2020 · 51
potent fertilizer
Mazzy Ram Mar 2020
so the pieces fell
I think I lost again
but did I?
each time I unveil myself
hoping the seeds will blossom
it gets spoiled externally
I did it again.
left the seeds out to be

Fixed for your affection
you were aligned to my path
to be a weighty mirror

Hey hey
you don't forget
this one is not what you want
a mere **** to be plucked out

               for the self
               a potent fertilizer
Feb 2019 · 128
Good world
Mazzy Ram Feb 2019
I would ask myself
Do I live in a
Good world
Bad world
And the answer would almost always be
Good world

I ask myself the same question
The answer is not the same it once was
I often feel I live in a bad world

People masquerading as good
And I am falling into that
Or have I always been but
a catalyst to yield the sprout was the missing ingredient
It becomes survival of the fittest
If that is how I have to survive to be fit
I don’t want to survive
I want to wholeheartedly believe I live in a good world

I need to.
Jan 2019 · 171
a piece of release
Mazzy Ram Jan 2019
I ended up releasing a lot
of energy, but now i feel
a bit better in terms of the nausea
Jan 2019 · 111
Mazzy Ram Jan 2019
If I ask myself

Who am I
          without describing
                  my name
                  family, friends

I know

I am a soul
   manifested into this body
   blessed with the beauty of life
   the light and the darkness
   all make me

I am a soaring energy
ready to radiate

So are you

We are one
Dec 2018 · 296
Mazzy Ram Dec 2018
and to trust
striving to trust others
giving others chances
knowing the power of love
but why
why are some so manipulative
you give love
and they consume
like a hungry lion
no remorse
just taking
and taking

Would you call me foolish
I still give
because somewhere deep down
I know
Love is all

Yet I still get fooled
I am so confused
but I am not
I know
Love is all.
Oct 2018 · 143
Not for me
Mazzy Ram Oct 2018
Heart full
not for me

heart full
just for me

one day its there

for me

you come
when it has
lingered fullness
     for another

  washes away

not refreshed
residues of the confusion
carry on
   to This

This starts to take over
fills the heart

not for me

space becomes occupied

Not for me.
Jun 2018 · 138
To trust and love
Mazzy Ram Jun 2018
And to trust
striving to trust others
giving others chances
knowing the power of love
but why
why are some so manipulative
you give love
and they consume
like a hungry lion
no remorse
just taking
and taking

would you call me foolish
I still give
because somewhere deep down
I know
love is all

yet I still get fooled
I am confused
but I am not,
I know
Love is all.
I wrote this poem when I was wallowing in my sadness and anger. I felt an urgency to write and didn't give much thought to edit or get super creative. Wrote to release. So the cheesiness spilled :)
May 2018 · 152
Mazzy Ram May 2018
my spirit
my soul
I often neglect you
thinking it is my mind
that is I
                              it controls

My soul
from now on,
when I
I will let you carve the path
for You are I
and that is the most authentic
Each month, I set an intention to focus on and work towards.
May - Be aware and authentic. This poem is a mid-month expression
Mar 2018 · 255
Mazzy Ram Mar 2018
In case you ever forget,

you are light
an imaginative soul
bursting out creativity
you don't see thorns you see roses
because you are light

you contribute with your mind
your intellect
         blossoming others

you are filled with sweetness
a heart purer than you know

you have infinite power in you
I have not come across an energy like yours
your warm magnitude
supports every soul you touch
Mar 2018 · 1.4k
It's a party
Mazzy Ram Mar 2018
and sublimate
       invite all the fears
it's a party
       screaming and weeping
       raging and splashing
       nervous trembling
       lonesome breathing
let them stay
     fuel their party
     then kick them out
all out
for they might start defeating
Feb 2018 · 126
Honey lips
Mazzy Ram Feb 2018

I only want to write about you
sit in silence dreaming of your essence
your tender lips
           oh your sweet lips
I fantasize about them
touching mine
the warmth, the softness
you taste of honey

I really do love you
Feb 2018 · 119
Mazzy Ram Feb 2018
I seek you and swim in your love
fond of your being
shaken and broken by the memories
memories of your betrayal towards me
I break
yet I can't leave
you're so much joy
your soul is radiating in beauty

but why would you do that?
Feb 2018 · 117
Tender Release
Mazzy Ram Feb 2018
I feel so off, she said
I can feel the cortisol swimming all over my
touching every cell with unpleasant
I need to release it
I really need to work out
I need to f*ck you

                        He looks up at her windy, soft face as they cuddle
                        he smiles and they lock eyes
Nov 2017 · 158
Midnight Shbeel
Mazzy Ram Nov 2017
And just like that
I shattered to pieces

we were laughing right before
expressing love,
devouring each other with love
                   after so many months
then tonight
I am *******, changing,
feeling graceful, beautiful
a little shbeel went on

I get in bed

you start questioning if you can take care of
I reassure you that you are absolutely capable
and this shbeel is so trivial
        let it go

you keep saying you cant take care of them
and then you tare me apart by saying
        you think you're going to hurt me
more sentences come out of your mouth
confirming that you think you will

And you have
and I forgave
and I tried to forget
and accept
so easy for you
to dismiss it all

I leave the room and swallow the lump in my throat
  it feels like I am going to explode

So easy for you, to turn on your show,
and carry on, picking your nose,
as if nothing happened.

you tore my heart tonight
and i let you
Nov 2017 · 182
I am not crazy
Mazzy Ram Nov 2017
I think I have lost it
I let myself go again

lonely with your presence
I yearn for your love
even though its merely affection
         where is your action?
you don't love me
I have so many expectations
       (you and I keep stating that)
       (is it true?)
maybe I do and I am being foolish
Crazy, overthinking
                                   I am so unstable right now

This is only a phase,
I will get past this.

I am not crazy

I am soul
with a thirst for growth
Aug 2017 · 394
without control
Mazzy Ram Aug 2017
hello hello wake me up
this dream I have cannot be mine
twisted realities
              jump to and from
leaving behind opposing forces
     at the mouth of the storm

bodies take over my thoughts
I give them the ticket
to judge my scattered path

- I am without control
Jun 2017 · 167
Silly Thoughts
Mazzy Ram Jun 2017
I am me.
but i apologize for being me
for the delights and the
why do we mold for acceptance
why do i,
constantly steer to please
concealing my essence
only because i think
their validation
the empty space in my heart
reserved only for
my own love
for me.
how silly of me. how cliché.
Jun 2017 · 187
Self-fulfilling Prophecy
Mazzy Ram Jun 2017
and then
i have this heavy suspicious belief
become repulsed
with my sentiments. intense
you counter it with sugarcoated devotion
you. don't. want.
you want my love
to satisfy your needs.

and then
my walls are built
Jun 2017 · 190
Vital Love
Mazzy Ram Jun 2017
no matter the intensity
no matter the frequency
no matter the depth
no matter the authenticity
i. don't. believe. in. me.
i don't love
you will never be enough,
because i will never feel enough
i need me.  
it is a vital love
Jun 2017 · 321
sentimental pieces
Mazzy Ram Jun 2017
why don't i believe the things you say
why do i delve in your words
why do i starve for your affection
aware of it's cheap sentimental pieces
taken from your past loves,
to make me smile.
i hate that it works,
that your cheap sentimental affection
makes me weak
i forget about me
do you even care?
why. don't. i. believe. you. may. actually.
love. me.
care about me.
want to know me.
why is it hard for me to accept love
is it a self-fulling prophecy or
perhaps merely good acting
to satisfy your own needs
am i that crazy?
Jun 2017 · 323
flustered not by you
Mazzy Ram Jun 2017
it flusters me that
pour so much of this affection
and i, so weak and naive
fall each time as though i forget all the other
times you made me feel ill.
all the other times i felt betrayed and

not by you, but by my own
shortfall of deep love
for me
for my soul.

you didn't make me feel ill,
that was me.
Jun 2017 · 224
Mazzy Ram Jun 2017
Sweet words
I've missed you dearly so.
The way you move my
Exhausting thoughts
Making rhythmic tones
Releasing me of my
Gruesome rumination
Sweet words,
Writing poetry
I've missed you
I don't want to ever
Part again for this long
For I become too distraughtful without your touch
Feb 2017 · 402
Arriving Home
Mazzy Ram Feb 2017
Slowly I am
        wiping the mirrors
   discerning the recurrent reflective reality
   witnessing the frivolously furtive fears
              Maybe finally I can
              let go of those years
              swallowing your sins
              as mine
                          robbing me from my own
Feb 2017 · 579
Curly Wool
Mazzy Ram Feb 2017
Curly wool
laugh but don’t sing
sing but don’t cry
cry but don’t sheep
shadow but don’t lead
lead but don’t sweep
sweep but don’t treat
treat and sing
dance and twirl
dwell on the ride
Don’t forget the wool
Sep 2016 · 872
The Mirror
Mazzy Ram Sep 2016
Avoiding the mirror
is escaping
the reflection
The treasure chest
to all the shadows
A cauldron
of invaluable lessons
Sep 2016 · 452
Bittersweet Seasons
Mazzy Ram Sep 2016
Sunny days
Nights with pleasant dreams
Gloomy days
Lonesome nights
Beaming light
Heartfelt rainy nights
Heavy disheartening mornings
Haunting nightfall
Patchy light
Unsteady darkness
Hide tide
Low tide
The feelings stewed towards
What bittersweet seasons
Sep 2016 · 212
Another Soul
Mazzy Ram Sep 2016
I constantly wonder
If my love for you
Still lives
It does indeed
Just not in the same way
I love your soul like no other
But it seems I must move on
For there is another
Sep 2016 · 222
Lonely circle
Mazzy Ram Sep 2016
There was once a full circle
Then one by one
Each one left
Only to be left alone
All by my self
Sep 2016 · 366
To Dust or Fall
Mazzy Ram Sep 2016
To dust or fall
I cannot decide
If I dust
I am a sheep in a well
If I fall
I have no pieces of me left
And the residues is all that will be felt
To break or stay
I lose either way
Maybe I will just be wind blowing away
Sep 2016 · 668
Stuck on Comparison
Mazzy Ram Sep 2016
I keep comparing
Left and right
It's just a matter of time until I stop
But there seems to be no end
Why can't I let go
Do you understand?
I hope this battle strikes its command
Because I'm starting to feel
This will never be able to heal
It eats my soul
Builds its rancor
Why can't I just accept
Me for who I am
Sep 2016 · 1.3k
The Magic of Intuition
Mazzy Ram Sep 2016
I remember when I first saw
What Women Want
And wished that I too
Could read people's thoughts
Little did I know
It actually came true
Only in a different form
Called intuition
Oh, isn't that just true
Sep 2016 · 481
Mazzy Ram Sep 2016
There came a moment,
Where I yearned to dream of you,
The only way I knew how.
I cannot reach you,
We both have moved on,
See, can't you tell?
The memories of you,
Won't leave me.
They twist my feelings,
Pause my happiness.
All to be left with the dilemma,
Of your soul or another.
Aug 2016 · 416
Mazzy Ram Aug 2016
For so long you have been looking for happiness,
When it has lived in you all this time.  
Resting like the warmth of a burning fire,
Merely dimmed out because of all the mire.
It has been in front of you,
You do not need to do anything,
Just let go,
And then you will feel,
That sweet friend called happiness
You have been searching for years.
It has just been living at home,
Right above your fears.
Aug 2016 · 629
Who are you?
Mazzy Ram Aug 2016
You are not your thoughts,
You are not your likes,
You are not your dislikes.
You are not your beliefs,
You are not your faults.  
You are you.
You are a soul,
Greater than you know.
Let go of clinging to your identity,
Let go of your ego.
It is the joker of your life,
Don't let it fool you.
You are greater than you know.
Surrender, beautiful soul.
Aug 2016 · 657
Heart or Mind
Mazzy Ram Aug 2016
What is it that you seek?
Is it your heart,
Or your mind?
There is no right or wrong,
Only different routes,
That keep you blossomed or hung.
Aug 2016 · 1.1k
Lost Identity
Mazzy Ram Aug 2016
Break me or make me,
I am lost either way.
I am just a plaster
waiting to be molded.
I have no direction or courage,
To save me from my despair.  
I am the prisoner of comfort.
Shake me up,
I cannot stay.
Aug 2016 · 2.0k
Mazzy Ram Aug 2016
The Doubts,
The constant,
Riding on a ferris wheel,
Going up and down,
Riding through the wave,
Then all alone in my cave.  
Going up and down.  
The doubts
Come and go,
Set me free,
Then prison me in bitter sprees.
Oh, leave me be.
There is no room for doubt,
That is the key.
Aug 2016 · 327
Mazzy Ram Aug 2016
He asked her,
What is art, my dear?
     Art is life.
     Life is art.
     Everything around is art.
     The way you smile,
     The way you write,
     The way I read.
     Everything is art
        Only in different expressions.

— The End —