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Mahdi Dn Sep 2019
For there is life, there's death
For there is pain, there's strength
But why is there life, why pain?
Why must dreams remain vain?

For there's love, there is hate
Why do we enjoy in what we negate?

For there's anger, there is hope
Crime of passion, with gun or rope
If ignored, forms misanthrope
If abided, it's done blinded

Let there be death,
Resist no more
So then may the
Miserable rest.
But don't force death
Let there be life
So that they go,
When it's their time
Lyrics to the song with the same title by Chaos Descent, released in 2016
Written by Mahdi Monstrosity Dn
Mahdi Dn Oct 2016
Faces of mirror,
Reflecting ideas of hollow by
Facing each other
Projecting the rays of concepts that claim
To be for a better world
The rays collide, conflicts abide
Concealed intentions are to divulge
And trainers of such thoughts to indulge

No purpose does regard our well-being
Masters of the art of demonocracy
Are here to labour us all
And we will have to serve them all

"Caressed by the tongue of the serpent,
They'll birch us by the whip of blind hatred
We'll be longing for our long gone past
The time when our fathers cared
For people, not their nations.
As we exhale for the very last time
The foul air in our lungs."

They invoke the realm
Of emptiness;
Opening the gates
To the domain of the Faceless,
Voids who crave fulfillment in their desolation
The coming tyrants of this world
Of segregated herds of sheep.
Lyrics to the song Reflections by Chaos Descent, released in 2016
Written by Mahdi Monstrosity Dn
Mahdi Dn Oct 2016
"Monstrous men perceive monstrosities the monsters they seem to be."

Open this chest of mine
With this steel key of yours
Reveal my essence - it shines,
Look through my opened surface.
What you perceive as I am, is what defines
The depths of mine
Which you think you have in your sight,
Is just a conjecture of your petty wit,
Representing your own shallow depths.

The secrets within me,
Are not understandable.
No matter how exposed
They become to the world.
Mahdi Dn Oct 2016
She is gone.
And now, my chances are none.
But whether I grab a gun
And shoot myself,
Or just run
Forever from what's past;
One thing remains:
That this is no fun.
The point is not to forget,
But to move the **** on!
Mahdi Dn Oct 2015
False heroism and modern mythology
Have constructed a malignant effigy
Of ourselves for our future
An unforeseen result, unforetold in scriptures

What is to come,
Will surely cause harm
All of our deeds
Will soon make this flesh bleed

Environmental neglect
Only does reflect
All these actions done by us to
Our own lives and future
What is said in all scriptures

But who's to care?

False patriotism and political plots
Dividing and devouring
All mankind and their morals
This is what man does in form of plural
Against nature they race with rifles

Sympathetic man is reduced
To extinction with his feelings induced
By hypocritical acts produced
In support of his wanton he's adduced
And his sorrows, overproduced.
- Mahdi Monstrosity Dn
Mahdi Dn Mar 2015
Some just draw air in
While some just had their exhale.
Ruins are rebuilt afterwards on a larger scale.
Someone’s dreaming alongside the other one’s nightmare
Just as equations that keep the world structure
Coherent, chromatic, in order by nature;
The source of our presence, here
The core of life on earth

Life is now out of balance,
The order is now rendered differently.
Thriving of man to dominate
The mother-earth, and his blood brothers.
Treacherous man – pinning on God,
All the crimes against nature and his own kind
This is the dawn of a new era
For this world that is filled with dogma

Uncertainty is ruling the minds of men
State of distrust – Political polarity
Only TWO ways they have
By choosing a side, they have to turn their backs
On their own brothers, fighting for a made up act.
Scent of ambiguity is all around the globe
Truth and lie – two sides of a coin

Disunited, and force-fed with these lies
Some realize; some still live these lies.

“Through the history, the earth has never been a witness to such disastrous conditions. Even the dark ages, holy wars, and world wars were not as malignant as present times.”

Evil is the man, bringer of darkness
Scapegoat is Satan
Wicked, yet divine…

-Mahdi "Monstrosity" Dn.
Mahdi Dn Mar 2015
Inflicting games upon your life
Infusing illusions of war
All senses replaced
With pure hatred

And these pointless joys
To **** your unreal foes
So falsely
They seem real
Yet so clear
This is...a calamity to feel!

And that's when you get threatened
To attack your land
Everything goes just as planned...

Controlling minds to reach the goals
Money talks, souls blight
These are all defined
Before you walk this earth
No care, no sympathy
No peace, no unity
None are known
In this life that we own

When you get threatened to attack your land
Everything goes just as planned
You won't give a f * * k, you hate the rulers
But seems you love being ***** by intruders!

Hold your mind in your own hands
Take care of your own kind
Take the control of your conduct
Slavery must destruct
Prove the world, both immature and old
These hearts are not cold
There's a difference, we have some sense
And we'll try to...reach the grace

**When you get threatened to attack your land
Everything goes just as planned
You won't give a f * * k, you hate the rulers
But seems you love being ***** by intruders!
Lyrics from the song The Game by Chaos Descent.

Written by Mahdi Monstrosity Dn,  
Special thanks goes to Sana Bareghi and Kevin Basir for their helpful ideas.
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