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Jul 2018 · 180
M Ellis Jul 2018
What sins do I have if not the same ones that that seep between your thoughts unintended.
The ones you would deny if anyone were to ask. The ones that lead you outside the confines of your own  mind.
Apr 2016 · 453
M Ellis Apr 2016
I think of you sometimes as if you are something far beyond my reach
A light illuminates from you
It captivates and confuses me
Sometimes I can't believe that you are real
until I feel your skin against mine
I savor every touch as if it might be the last
I stare into your eyes trying to read minds
I do not understand
I wonder if what you think and what you say are ever in agreement
I want to believe your words because they make me feel alive
But I was never one for fairy tales
Even as a child I was far too busy hiding behind bridges I would eventually burn
Jun 2015 · 597
M Ellis Jun 2015
When I speak
The right words
Always cease to escape
I keep the best ones
Locked up
Within barricades
Sometimes they wander
Like vagabonds on streets
Waiting silently in shadows
For their chance at the light
Jun 2015 · 1.9k
M Ellis Jun 2015
I am made up of vile bones
Which I have learned to hate
I wish I could dig them out
from under my skin
Bury them deep within the earth
Plant flowers atop of them
Watch them grow into something, beautiful,
Something I will never become
Dec 2014 · 381
Don't forget to live
M Ellis Dec 2014
I don’t care who you use to be;
a  year ago, a month ago or even an hour ago
honestly, I don't give a ****
I don't believe in failures
hatred is only for the fools
If you made past mistakes
wear them proudly
because they made you who you are today
they made you strong,
and possibly insane..
enough to believe that everyone deserves a second chance at
and at love
You are all just beautiful souls
If you feel lost then keep going because you're on your way
and the only thing that matters is who you are today,
at this very moment
Life is too short to judge others by their past
That’s why we live in the present
If you’re not living in the moment
then you’re missing out on the best part of the story
and not knowing how it turns out is the best part.
Dec 2014 · 852
Lover's Lament
M Ellis Dec 2014
I think I saw you in my dream
or maybe it was
that place between awake and sleep
That place you wish you could never leave
but the truth hurts like cigarette burns
And honey you taste just as bitter
Yet  I breathe you in every time you cross my mind
Just to slowly breathe you out again
Watch you spiral as you fill the air
Dissipate and disappear
Jul 2014 · 956
M Ellis Jul 2014
When I speak 
The right words 
Always cease to escape
I keep the best ones 
Locked up 
Within barricades
Sometimes they wander 
Like vagabonds on streets 
Yet inevitable I know
One day they'll find their way
Jun 2014 · 712
M Ellis Jun 2014
Loving me is not a tragedy
It does not require any "settling" down
I can assure you there is nothing settling about my love
My love will not change you
But it might inspire you in ways that are unforeseen
My love will encourage you to follow every dream that has ever impressed itself upon your heart
You can travel as far and wide as you wish
But you will still feel my love in your bones
Because love is meant to be felt and it can only be felt by the courageous and the strong of heart
Love, my friends, is not for the poor
For the poor do not feel with their hearts
Feb 2014 · 723
Late night thoughts
M Ellis Feb 2014
I have so much to say
But in my mind the words remain
I want to shout them from a mountain top
But instead I lay quietly with my cloud above my head
I die a little inside when I long to express these introspective thoughts of mine
and yet they will not leave my side
Instead they stay trapped 
inside the barricades of my mind.
Feb 2014 · 332
A beautiful mess
M Ellis Feb 2014
Do not create me in the image
in which you desire. 
If you love me, let me be.
It is true that I am flawed,
but I still have room to grow. 
And if you love yourself,
you will long to grow as well,
and as we grow,
we will grow together. 
And what a beautiful mess it will be.
Feb 2014 · 1.0k
M Ellis Feb 2014
I have seen the skeleton of your soul.
You are beautiful and terrifying because you stand tall despite all odds.
And you have imprinted yourself onto my soul.  
And in those dark moments that dwell deep in my insides, I think of you standing there, naked, unhidden from the world.
I see all of your bad and all of your good all at once and I think to myself how beautiful our skeletons can be as long as in the end we are still
standing tall.
Feb 2014 · 316
Random thoughts
M Ellis Feb 2014
Everything isn't always about you. Sometimes it's about them. Sometimes people act, not with the intention to hurt others, but because something inside them isn't quite right. Forgive these people. Their actions are a reflection of them, not you. And sometimes these are the people who need your love the most. You can't expect people to be perfect or to know exactly what they want at every given moment. If you love them, you'll let them do what they need to do, let them take from life what they need to. If you love them, you'll understand. You can't depend on other people to pick up your broken pieces. You should build a better, stronger you, who can pick up the pieces yourself. You'll be all that much stronger because of it.
Jan 2014 · 232
M Ellis Jan 2014
I want to see the depths of your being that have not yet been discovered by another soul.
Maybe not even you yourself are aware 
of what lies within you,
what talents you possess,
what feelings you are capable of feeling.
But I wish to discover them with you
And we can get so lost in one another that there will be no way for either of us to return to reality.
Jan 2014 · 377
Learning to love
M Ellis Jan 2014
We were young, and learning to be comfortable in our own skin. 
But you saw right through my naive soul, 
and I yours.
But I loved you.
Whether it was right or wrong was irrelevant. 
Because they say love is blind. 
And we were born to fall in love 
with the broken, with the incomplete,
with those potentially bursting with life.
Jan 2014 · 264
M Ellis Jan 2014
I didn't want to hear them say I told you so
That which has been engraved in my soul will always be mine
I can speak it
But even those who are listening will never understand it
And I will never understand their reasons for doubting me
Unless they have tried on this skin of mine
They will never feel the passions that live inside.
Dec 2013 · 206
M Ellis Dec 2013
I just wanted to make you happy
To make you see your worth
I tried to mend the pieces of your broken heart
But I should have known better
For it's true what they say
When you try to fix a heart that's broken
You are bound to cut yourself on the shattered pieces
Dec 2013 · 272
M Ellis Dec 2013
She sat silently
But her mind spoke loudly
She smiled politely
But inside a fire burned
And there is only so long one can keep such powerful forces hidden within
And when they finally slither out of the dark place they once dwelled
They will finally see all that she beheld
They'll never look at her the same
They'll fear her, mock her
Tell her to remember her place
But she knew too much now
To revert to her old pleasing ways
She was ever-changing and terrifying 
She was someone not everyone knew how to love..
Dec 2013 · 438
The mind of a stranger
M Ellis Dec 2013
I've spent many nights
Mind spinning with thoughts
Twisted illusions take the place
Of my hopes of a restful sleep
The lessons
I have learned 
from all the wrong I've done 
Should be enough
To satisfy my appetency 
There have been days
I've wavered in and out of faith
But selfishly I still sit and pray
And when I get what I desire
I don't long for it anymore
And now I am left to sit and ponder
In the twisted mind of a stranger.
Nov 2013 · 199
M Ellis Nov 2013
You don't understand 
I won't be this way for long
So if you only love me today
There is no need for you to stay
I want to be more
I want to be better
And there is only one thing I know for sure
I will never stop feeling this way
Nov 2013 · 386
M Ellis Nov 2013
Ignite a fire inside my heart
It only takes a spark
And the whole thing is engulfed
Quicker than a wildfire
Clear that which
I have no use for anymore
Make room for acceptance
For love
For desire
Nov 2013 · 326
M Ellis Nov 2013
lately I have found,

the less perfect people are,

the more I love them,

the deeper the pain,

the more beautiful life is.
Nov 2013 · 336
M Ellis Nov 2013
They may call us crazy
you and I 
who dare to dream 
who refuse
refuse to not believe
If they only knew
how beautiful it would be
to live
in our dreams
Nov 2013 · 207
M Ellis Nov 2013
Love has no reason
There is never a reason to love
Nor a reason not to love
Love alone is reason enough
Oct 2013 · 376
Truth surrounds us
M Ellis Oct 2013
Autumn breaths 
the enlightened truth of the ages
The leaves on the trees
are no longer flourishing with life
But as the green fades
to reveal its vulnerable side
We become aware that even as things
are falling apart 
There is still beauty to be found
And the way the trees let go,
oh so graciously of their leaves as if to say,
"I wish you the best."
It is such a captivating experience
Perhaps we could all learn a little something
from the trees
Oct 2013 · 522
As a matter of fact
M Ellis Oct 2013
I don't have the words to express how I feel
Because I can't think of a string of words
that even compares 
But I need to get these feelings off my chest
So please excuse my uncomplicated use of syntax.. But I just want you to know that...
I think you're the best 
And I love the way your hand feels
when it's intertwined with mine
And the way your eyes glow a little brighter when you speak of something with which you are passionate.
But most of all I love that..
Well as a matter of fact, I hate that...
              Well, your eyes don't quite glow as bright
                        ...when you speak of me
Oct 2013 · 590
Untitled (but fitting)
M Ellis Oct 2013
I am but a collection of thoughts
Each word orbits through my mind like celestial bodies in space
Each unique and beautiful in its own way 
And I want to share them with the world
So I can see what they think
Because if I can make people think,
then just maybe I have succeeded
But when I attempt to reveal them
They seem to escape in havoc and I can't rearranged them back in their place,
once they've escaped from the tip of my tongue
How I wish the words would just flow from me like a waterfall into a lake 
But the thoughts in my mind become jumbled 
Never to be put back in their original array
Oct 2013 · 1.9k
M Ellis Oct 2013
Your words run wild
When you speak of your passions
Your eyes beam with delight
And to me this is pure beauty
But when I stare a little deeper
Not just into your eyes
But into your soul
Your words become hollow 
As if you don't truly believe them
Because you are never really sure
Oh but how endlessly boring it is to be so sure 
And there is something quite desirably about your uncertainty
Even if this uncertainty includes your feelings towards me
Oct 2013 · 321
M Ellis Oct 2013
I look around at all my things
My worldly possessions 
Sometimes wishing for more 
Because the old things have become a bore
Or because I've come across something a bit more pleasing to the eye

Sometimes I wish I could give it all away
I wish I owned nothing
And nothing owned me
I want to be free from all these distractions
All these worthless attachments

And sometimes I wonder what vast places our minds might travel
When we are all truly free
From these things we so carelessly say we "need."
M Ellis Oct 2013
I constantly question everything about myself
My every thought
Every action
Each word that finds it's way from my mouth
Am I doing it right? I wonder. 
Or living a lie?
It's a scary thought
Never to be sure of who you are,
who you want to be,
Or who you are supposed to be, if such a thing exists.
So here I sit in silence
Attempting to listen to this voice within
But she never speaks in words
Only in her own disarray of emotion vs. reason
Perhaps the answer is not as clear as anticipated
Perhaps the answer can only be found within our own perception of things.
But still I sit 
And wait and listen
In hopes that she will one day answer 
With a single, auspicious response.
Oct 2013 · 422
M Ellis Oct 2013
People say, care less
And you will never be disappointed 
Lower your expectations
And you will never be dismayed
But I say,
If there is one thing in life 
That shouldn't be half-assed,
It's caring
Maybe it will hurt
Maybe it will scar
Or maybe, just maybe 
It will set you free
Oct 2013 · 800
M Ellis Oct 2013
Comfort is your worst enemy
Don’t fall in love with security
Fall in love with the realization that nothing is forever
and as a result we must love in each individual moment
fall in love with each moment that hallows your existence
with each touch that awakens your senses
with each articulation that questions your existence
with every moment that makes you come alive
for God’s sake love with every fiber of your being
not because it offers you a sense of comfort
but because it simply offers you a moment in this brief reality
to feel.
Oct 2013 · 484
M Ellis Oct 2013
When I drank from your cup
I did not know it was poison
An incurable liquid
That infected my blood
And flowed through my body
Until it devoured my heart
And now you tell me I'm cold
And you tell me I'm bitter
How do I stop when you haunt my every thought
And I've tried to drain the poison from my veins
But it pains me,
it stains my skin,
And I am ashamed
That when others see it 
They'll know I'm a fake
They'll know I've been loving you
This whole **** time.
Oct 2013 · 302
Beautiful people
M Ellis Oct 2013
All I see are beautiful faces
With eyes that hold their defeat
And I can't look away once Ive seen what I've seen
They leave me filled with bewilderment 
I wonder what it took for them to break
And what it will take to render them complete 
I wonder of their hopes and of their ambitions
And when these became only dreams
They're all just beautiful people
Who meant well at one point or another
But who got lost along the way 
And it breaks my heart to see them this way 
I wish they could still see the beauty in themselves that I see when I look them in the eye

— The End —