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AE Sep 2021
Dust settles between this continental divide
I, on one end, a fleeting candle wick
Burning slowly, hopelessly against this cold
And time, like fallen clouds,
Does everything to hide the sun.

I practice dancing to sounds of silence
Distances become all too familiar
and like melted wax, I fall to the floor

hoping that before you walk away
you will break this barricade of silence
that time has built around us
Sairs Quinn Mar 2019
There once was a wall in her heart
that she allowed him to take apart.
It took him forever
and he gave up whenever
he realized this wasn't so smart.
Amanda Kay Burke Apr 2018
I ***** walls; you keep tearing them down
Determined to break through my sturdy fence
I put barricades around my heart for a reason
You are slowly whittling away my careful defense
Thank you for helping me open up again.
ht Feb 2018
And like that
my voice has been stolen away
Anxiety barricades like invisible steel walls
Trapped, I’m left banging with clenched fists
A prisoner within my own head
My brain a chemically imbalanced warden
My mind in solitary confinement
i've been denied bail | h.t
M Ellis Jun 2015
When I speak
The right words
Always cease to escape
I keep the best ones
Locked up
Within barricades
Sometimes they wander
Like vagabonds on streets
Waiting silently in shadows
For their chance at the light
M Ellis Jul 2014
When I speak 
The right words 
Always cease to escape
I keep the best ones 
Locked up 
Within barricades
Sometimes they wander 
Like vagabonds on streets 
Yet inevitable I know
One day they'll find their way

— The End —