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M Ellis Jul 2018
What sins do I have if not the same ones that that seep between your thoughts unintended.
The ones you would deny if anyone were to ask. The ones that lead you outside the confines of your own  mind.
M Ellis Apr 2016
I think of you sometimes as if you are something far beyond my reach
A light illuminates from you
It captivates and confuses me
Sometimes I can't believe that you are real
until I feel your skin against mine
I savor every touch as if it might be the last
I stare into your eyes trying to read minds
I do not understand
I wonder if what you think and what you say are ever in agreement
I want to believe your words because they make me feel alive
But I was never one for fairy tales
Even as a child I was far too busy hiding behind bridges I would eventually burn
M Ellis Jun 2015
When I speak
The right words
Always cease to escape
I keep the best ones
Locked up
Within barricades
Sometimes they wander
Like vagabonds on streets
Waiting silently in shadows
For their chance at the light
M Ellis Jun 2015
I am made up of vile bones
Which I have learned to hate
I wish I could dig them out
from under my skin
Bury them deep within the earth
Plant flowers atop of them
Watch them grow into something, beautiful,
Something I will never become
M Ellis Dec 2014
I don’t care who you use to be;
a  year ago, a month ago or even an hour ago
honestly, I don't give a ****
I don't believe in failures
hatred is only for the fools
If you made past mistakes
wear them proudly
because they made you who you are today
they made you strong,
and possibly insane..
enough to believe that everyone deserves a second chance at
and at love
You are all just beautiful souls
If you feel lost then keep going because you're on your way
and the only thing that matters is who you are today,
at this very moment
Life is too short to judge others by their past
That’s why we live in the present
If you’re not living in the moment
then you’re missing out on the best part of the story
and not knowing how it turns out is the best part.
M Ellis Dec 2014
I think I saw you in my dream
or maybe it was
that place between awake and sleep
That place you wish you could never leave
but the truth hurts like cigarette burns
And honey you taste just as bitter
Yet  I breathe you in every time you cross my mind
Just to slowly breathe you out again
Watch you spiral as you fill the air
Dissipate and disappear
M Ellis Jul 2014
When I speak 
The right words 
Always cease to escape
I keep the best ones 
Locked up 
Within barricades
Sometimes they wander 
Like vagabonds on streets 
Yet inevitable I know
One day they'll find their way
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