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Jul 2019 · 419
no tears left to cry
wild child Jul 2019
you broke me.

i cried for days & nights

& then one day
i said no more.

no more checking your social media
to see the new girl you followed
no more sending you paragraphs
explaining my love for you
no more calling & leaving voice mails.

most importantly,
no more crying over someone
who doesn’t love me the way i love them.

goodbye, i wish you the best
heartbreak can be beautiful
Jul 2019 · 144
remember to be strong
wild child Jul 2019
the beginning,
sounds so sweet.

but the end

oh sweetie,

just remember to protect your heart.
& know your worth
love yourself more
Jul 2019 · 220
don't be scared.
wild child Jul 2019
do not be scared to fail

your goal is to succeed right?

the only way to succeed

is getting back up every time
Jul 2019 · 198
reality check
wild child Jul 2019
the only reason you are not happy

is because you choose not to be.

so pick yourself up & keep moving
life gets better
everything will be okay

trust the process.
Jul 2019 · 140
not sorry
wild child Jul 2019
from the beginning
i kept an open mind

and when the days went by
i fell in love with who you are
but as the days went by

you only wanted me to
conform to who you wanted me to be

but i am not a puppy dog
i am a queen
and i change for no one
i am who i am
Jul 2019 · 213
wild child Jul 2019
feelings are okay.
it is apart of being human.

we feel things.
and if no one told you,
your feelings are always valid
its okay
Jul 2019 · 866
a tip
wild child Jul 2019
rule number one:

never fall in love unless the feeling is mutual.
Jul 2019 · 69
wild child Jul 2019
i used to not know how to handle my emotions
i used to over think
and feel sad
i could never really explain why i was sad
but then one day
i picked up a pen & notebook
& started to write
express my thoughts & feelings
i think my own writing has saved me
Jul 2019 · 371
"right people, wrong time."
wild child Jul 2019
the phrase, "right people wrong time"
is completely

timing will never be right.
we cannot just keep waiting for the right moment

if someone is worth it, then trust me
go for it & do not look back

because one day, even if it is years from now
you do not want to look back & feel the regret
of pushing away the person you wish you kept.
no we will not meet again, you left me when i needed you most
Jul 2019 · 381
wild child Jul 2019
you said goodbye
and i swear in that moment,
every part of me wanted to scream
"come back"
but i couldn't
we are not meant to be
we are on different paths
how sad is that?
two people who love each other
& the universe is making it hard

so goodbye my love
find your way in this world
& never forget me.
never forget the girl that loved you
in your darkest times.
i love you forever
Jul 2019 · 214
love does not hurt
wild child Jul 2019
love does not hurt
it should not make you cry everyday
or make you feel worthless
it should motivate you
inspire you
make you want more for yourself
and build you up

so darling please
stop letting a silly boy
let you think that is love
because love does not hurt
and you deserve so much more
take it from a girl who lost herself from loving a silly boy more than she loved herself
Jul 2019 · 572
a different type of love
wild child Jul 2019
you saved me
and for that i love you

until the end of this life

and every life time after this

i will find a way to you
i owe it to you
Jul 2019 · 134
it didn't matter
wild child Jul 2019
you could love someone
fully and selflessly
give them your all
be there in life's roughest moments
you could even give them everything you can
and one day
someone will come along
and will bring better
and all of a sudden
your efforts

— The End —