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678 · Dec 2019
no one:

me: this is all i'm allowing myself to eat today
659 · Jan 2020
i wanna be in your arms

in your hoodie

snuggled up tight with you by my side


small i love yous before we fall asleep

in each other’s arm

is that too much to ask?
anr, sh, ld
if you can’t tell, i’m sad lonely gay and single
602 · Feb 2020
526 · Jan 2020
i’ve stopped falling for her,

or so i think.

i’m done with relationships.

i hate getting my heart broken
anr, sh, ld
362 · Oct 2020
my love.
maybe i am finally happy.

finally happy with myself,

with you.

im starting to think that she doesn't love me anymore.

but maybe he does.
poly relationships are confusing, though i love you both. maybe you dont love me back.
that was us.

but someone has taken your place.

you gave it up.

its her turn now.
319 · Feb 2020
your friends are leaving you left and right

when will you change?
i can’t believe i fell for you or even trusted you
311 · Feb 2020
so... you're dying.
*******'re really dying huh?

no no no no no no no no no no non onno no...

alex dont leave me

dont leave us.

we love you so ******* much

we need you?


we need you.

i hope youre well.

you'll be in a better place.

i dont want you to die.
for: alex <3
298 · Nov 2019
296 · Nov 2019
Boys, boys, boys.

I like boys, boys, boys.

I like everyone.

Boys are annoying.

Boys are cool!

Boys are heartbreakers.

Boys are cute!

Boys like hurting me.

Boys, I like boys!
274 · Jan 2020
okay i’m sorry
i’ll stop liking her
there’s just something about the way she talks, her eyes, her clothes, her laugh, something about her that makes my heart warm. i’ve been backing off of her because you liked her. i can like her too.  you deserve her more than me anyway. hey, maybe tell her soon? i’ll cheer you on even if it hurts me

sh , ld
264 · Feb 2020
i felt myself lose you
and now i don’t know where you are.
254 · Jan 2020
1 month clean.
i’m one month clean.

soon to be ruined because it’s unhealthy and i’m all about slowing killing myself.  

brb. . .

going to throw up . . .
jokes. but not really
238 · Nov 2019
234 · Jan 2020
i can’t eat an apple without feeling like i’m about to throw up so i just chew it up and spit it out
it’s just so hard. i cant-
223 · Nov 2019
Girl or Boy?
Am I a girl?

Or a boy?

Mummy says I'm a girl.

Mummy won't believe me when I tell her that I feel like a boy.



A boy?

I wanna be a boy.

I am a boy.

A short,




I'm not a girl.

Is Robin a girl's name?

My name has been Robin ever since I was born.

Mummy says that only girls' names are pretty,

that only girls wear makeup,

that only girls wear dresses and skirts,

I don't like that.

I don't like wearing them either.

My name isn't pretty.

I am a boy.

I am a boy.
217 · Dec 2019
I've made her mad, haven't I?
213 · Dec 2019
She misses being kissed.

Does that mean SHE wants you back?

That she misses you?

That she wants your relationship back?

You, have a boyfriend.

But you, also miss her kisses.

You want her back.

You miss her.

You WANTED the relationship back.

But YOU, have a boyfriend.

AND, that boyfriend means everything to you.

He means everything to YOU.

But you COULDN’T do anything to hurt him.

You wouldn’t. You couldn’t.

Because you love him so much.

So you picked up your phone,

wrote out “I’m sorry.”



The End.
She wanted you and you couldn’t deliver
200 · Apr 2020
just please be o k a y
198 · Jan 2020
love poems
i read your love poems about her and can’t help but to be jealous
anr cjr
191 · Jan 2020
i’m gonna do it again. almost one month and 20 days clean!
ive moved my feelings to twitter. im still mad, upset, jealous, replaced
176 · Jan 2020
met her first.

got here first.

loved her first.

hugged her first.

watched her cry first.

comforted her first.

saw her first.

cuddled with her first.

played games with her first.

spoke with her first.


i did.

and everyone else came.

and i lost her.
the aftermath of a break up: stage 2
what? no one will notice unless they see this.

i don’t wanna talk about it.

just one cut don’t worry about it
because i thought we were over.

no talking,

no nothing.

and you messaged me.

the sick feeling in my stomach wont go away.
sh, leave me the **** ALONE.
130 · Nov 2019
127 · Feb 2020
would you take me back?
125 · Apr 2020
"she isn't over me"
yet youre the one hanging onto us.
125 · Jan 2020
"Y'know who's pretty?"
124 · Apr 2020
the more i talk to you
the more i realise how much you mean to me
michael, is it fake?
to: michael derose.
117 · Jan 2020
I like you.

You have a girlfriend.

Oh well.
To: Emily Jay Burke
116 · Apr 2020
our broken 3
i remember your little smile before we found others


it was us 3, walking around the playground.

then 3 turned into 4

then 4 turned into 6

and then we gained more and more

until we snapped.

and we’re back to 3,

but this time a broken 3
anr, mra
116 · Jan 2020
old favourite memory
was us plotting to sneak out and meet up at the park in kindergarten
now i dont want it to be my favourite memory because it seemed like it was so easy for you to replace me
115 · Jan 2020
dancing in your room
oh, how i remember us,

v  ^ v > >

dancing in your room

v ^ v > > \ \

now , , , she's taken my place,

v > > > ^ v v v - - - \ v - - -

oh, have you heard?

^ ^ ^ \ \ \ - - -

have you heard?

\ - - - -

that she's-

^ \ \ - -

just so-

^ \ \ -


-   -   -
wrote a song, never finished it because holding back the tears was too much at this point
115 · Jan 2020
you. to you.
i need to stop writing about you.

but this is what happens when someone falls in love,

and feels... so.. so giddy.

you might just be an ordinary person,

but to me,


to me you’re like my whole world.

your bright brown eyes lighten up the day.

your beautiful smile makes me warm inside.

your hugs- god your hugs make me feel comforted.

i can’t wait to see you tomorrow
113 · Feb 2020
third wheel
i want to leave the conversation but i can’t

you’re being lovey dovey and i no longer feel comfy

and i don’t wanna make you feel bad
112 · Feb 2020
why cant we just get along?
for: al, anr, sh, mra, dmc, sn, cl, ld...
the way you sing along to your songs.

jam out like its nobody's business.

i wanna hold your hand
for: ? <3
104 · Apr 2020
you’re okay
and that’s all that matters
104 · Jan 2020
i felt like you never liked me anyway.
when we got back together i didnt think you liked me so i was like "oh okay. this'll probably end soon" because it felt like you were never into it. i liked her for 3 years, just been ignoring it. and i've gotten over that since i realised that we're lowkey just homies now. i dont like my feelings. cant control them . shes really pretty and nice though, you should go for it.

sh , ld , anr
102 · Jan 2020
would you be mad
if i told you that the girl you like,

i feel like it’s slowly happening.

slowly falling for her
for: sh, ld
why should i ask you if you’re okay if you’re already- probably- talking to him.

i thought you said you trusted me more than him

that i was here longer than him

i’ve known you longer than him

so why am i being pushed away?
to: someone deep down in my heart, do i love you in the romantic way? maybe i don’t know yet but you don’t like me that way so i don’t see what the point is
99 · Jan 2020
she would be mad if i told you.

she likes you.

i know you aren’t ready for a relationship. i know.

because you’re new and confused.

i get it man

she really likes you though. like dude,,

i’ve never seen her eyes light up like that.

not even when she was with me
97 · Nov 2019
Robin is originally a diminutive masculine given name or nickname of Robert, derived from the prefix Rob- (hrod, Old Germanic, meaning "fame" and berht, meaning "bright"), and the suffix -in (Old French diminutive). The name Robin is a masculine given name, feminine given name, and a surname.

Meaning: "Fame-bright", diminutive

Related names: Robinson, Robbin, Robine, R...

Word/name: France, Germany

Pronunciation: UK English /ˈrɒb.ɪn/, American ...
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