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Maggie evans Apr 2019
Plastic plates bowls and cups
loaded on recycling trucks.
You've had your party thrown it away,
Less to wash up at the end of the day.
But few fall out they blow in winds,
Escape the grasp of the recycling bin.
Not all bags are renewable plastic,
Less strong now not so fantastic.
So write a note for a new tote,
Handles far stronger less likely broke.

It's not our problem it's goods we buy,
There wrapped and packaged to the shoppers eye.
But when the seas are less serene
Choked on plastics and polystyrene.
Death tolls rise numbers of sea life plummet,
Dont ya think its time we do summit?
To a turtle or whale a tasty dish,
To dine upon the jellyfish.
Not a bag for life that passes by,
That binds them to starvation before they die.

So the seas bob in colour of plastic pollution.
Times running out what to be a solution?
Its high time we started a clean up revolution!
To use less packaging to educate all.
Before the tides continue to rise and we loose them all.

The ice caps are melting at an alarming rate,
How long before for all it's too late.
Eco systems absorb UV,
cool the world for nature to be.
Polar life need ice to remain,
In cooler climates to sustain.
But as they melt and tides continue to rise,
Am losing hope for their demise.

Leave the jungles and forrests for self restoration,
Less fossil fuels and deforestation.
The trees keep falling from constant felling,
With palm oil growing; plantations swelling.
Our orange ancestors the orangutan,
Has been their homes since the jungles began.
To break life cycles whole eco systems,
It's time to change the world with our wit and wisdom.

Else what do we leave to the future generations,
Man on earth just viral abominations.
Just a glimpse at climate change, it's high time we change our habits not their habitats!
Apr 2019 · 409
Maggie evans Apr 2019

He perched on the boundaries of the fallen temple,
to feel the warmth of the morning rays.
He could feel the dampness of dew that surrounds him,
But on the rise of the sun failed to gaze.
As the birds chipped all around him,
He knew that his day had begun.
Though blindness shrouded him but never darkened,
As he felt beauty from the summers sun.
See no evil Mizaru.

A near by friend reached out a hand to guide him,
He chattered with joyous glee.
For he could marvel at the beauty,
A wonderous sight to thee.
Although his friend spoke gently,
Full of gratefulness that his eyes could see.
He was disturbed by the silence,
The loneliness then sparked to peace.
Hear no evil Kikazaru.

Another fluffed soul dangled closer,
Hanging upside down from a blossom tree.
He was full of wonder and amazement,
By the beauty that surrounded the three.
His ears could hear the chorus,
Of an awakening world that surrounds.
The burning dew now dispersing,
Evaporated from earthen ground.
Although he longed to speak up his excitement,
To his friends the trio they became.
Consistent mute and dumbfounded
He was greatful of friendships to claim.
Speak no evil Iwazaru..

Maggie Evans
Hear no evil see no evil speak no evil.the power of friendship
Apr 2019 · 216
Maggie evans Apr 2019

She stood on the edge of the horizon and walked it cautiously,
much like a tight rope in the circus.
Her views were spectacular that far out reached miles.
A marvel that only she knew well,
She lit up the world with her burning gaze.
A blaze in all her glory she slowly grew,
Out stretched Ray's she awoke beaming; with a confidence only she knew how to achieve.
A firm believer acquitted of confidence and in which direction,
Much like a helium balloon monolith she rose.

But on her reflection he held her stares,
As he looked into her eyes he could see oceans of sadness.
so salty they trickled and quickly evaporated on her cheeks,
The depths of her soul were illuminated within her beauty.
They were oceans apart.
Her light was now fading as she slowly dimmed,
with a blink of an eye she was gone.
Back beyond the horizon she had rose from sluggish slumber that morning.

He then followed her a day apart,
Night was tranquil.
His ambience was seen by all,
His blueness remained but was illuminated by her power.
Yet she was not seen, not even a shadow.
He moved the tides for her,
back and forth they pulled ; but she was nowhere within his reach.
He cried, but brushed them off into the midnight skies.
Stars then appeared like sequins scattered.
He loved her.

But as she moved farther away he became small, almost incomplete.
His cresent though a smile seen to the naked eye,
was just testament to how far she had travelled almost fully out of sight.
But when he felt her gaze slip from the crevice of his eye.
She returned below him, she lit him up to his fullest circumference.
Months and dates then appeared on calendars,
Seasons of their love documented.
For mere mortals to plan there lives around there story unawares.
Although they never could embrace,
he knew that in that moment she would always return within those last days.
To show him in all his glory that empowered the night skies.

Maggie Evans
The moon will always long for the sun and there love will always be a perfect symbiotic relationship
Apr 2019 · 177
Maggie evans Apr 2019

We are all puzzle pieces born from different souls,
Those that have taken a lifetime to find the missing pieces to make them whole.

We are all shipwrecks re built from board to bough to set sail again under silken sails to discover our true destination beyond watery horizons.

We are all bleeding hearts, beating in vein of a higher calling.
To unite together to rediscover hope through love.

We are all mountains, it's a merciless climb to the summit but well worth the journey to admire the views of tomorrow.

We are all one decision away from a beautiful life.
One choice away from a different destination.

We are one river away from the tides of change.
Oceans apart, from small ripples that grew.
That all started with you.

We are one betrayal away from a new trust of opinion.
To build our wisdoms without lies of deciept, but bare honesty openly as vunerabilty of our souls.

We are but one painting away from our legacy,
make your picture memorable, as a journal you kept in childhood years.
Painted with excitement from sleepy eyed dreams.

Were are all one feather apart from a new journey poised with direction,
soaring on a winged bird as free as the open skies, we are freed.

We are all one season away from storms of the night, blown in winds of change.
Like the last fallen leaf in fall, we will regrow reborn in spring.

We are all one soul away from an outstretched hand to hold, be it young or old to guide us.
To grip fingerprints as unique as us all.
To help us unite on intimate grasps.

We are all one story away from a different ending,
How you choose to write the next chapter.
Be it in pencil or ink soaked emotions what colour is up to you.

We are all puzzle pieces born from different souls,
Those that have taken a lifetime to find the missing pieces to make us whole.

Maggie Evans
Keep going guys there is always strength to be had from a different view
Dec 2017 · 226
Maggie evans Dec 2017
Stars a blaze in all there glory,
tell of time, of later years through story.
Start of suns collapsed and died,
across the skies some shoot leaving suprise.

The earth began many suns ago,
stars now litter the skies, to guide us far below.
On a clear night look up to the skies,
reflecting moon light before the sun will rise.

Fifty million years from start to collapse,
not knowing how much time has lapsed.
The sun will one day loose its heat,
then into a star, joining others in retreat.

Constellations many light years away,
Mark our births from what zodiacs play.
To mark that day at night is so clear,
mapping what time by which constellations so near.

Stars a blaze in all there glory,
tell of time, of later years through story.
Start of suns collapsed and died,
across the skies some shoot leaving suprise.
Dec 2017 · 351
Maggie evans Dec 2017
What do you see when you see me,
do you see all that can be.
The mum that holds things all together,
who does far more when people let her.

Do you look in my eyes and hold a gaze,
do you see a soul, in fire a blaze.
Do you comfort me when the days been unkind,
do you make a cuppa help me unwind..

What do you see when you see me,
do you see all that can be.
The  woman who tries with all her might,
always pushing forward against hine sight.

Are you aware of my challenges faced,
do you hold me close in a tight embace.
Or do you just point fingers and find my flaws,
as you leave my confidence wiped across the floor.

What do you see when you see me,
do you see all that can be.
A wife who loves her family so dear,
with every heart beat if you can hear.

Her late nights to complete the chores,
housework with music on, seems less a bore.
Children's in bed the day's  been long,
tucked up in bed with a kiss and a song.

What do you see when you see me,
do you see all that can be.
A woman whos strong but yet so weak,
can't always find her voice to speak.

Help her to suceed to find her way,
when time outs needed to play.
An unplanned outing with family or friend,
stops her from going round the bend.

What do you see when you see me,
do you see all that can be.
An inner child thats fun in spirit,
that wants to dance and never quit.

So as in the mirror reflections holding gaze,
I can see the mother, wife and child a blaze.
A sparkle left a glimmer of hope,
my lifes my own no time to mope.
#selftherapy #hope
Nov 2017 · 690
Maggie evans Nov 2017
This house is warm as it retains the suns powerful  rays of heat.
Seeds germinate and grow with strength,
each planted and nurtured with care from the theraputic gardener within his greenhouse.
But its such a shameful shame,
that we can not all be like the contented gardener.
We throw words around like sharp stones of flint,
when the glass house in which we surround ourselfs  to will shatter.
Like shards of fine glass panes our words can not be unspoken ..

Let positivity bathe you in light from the vast window space,
embrace its warmth, speak only words of kindness and love.
If this proves too difficult to comprend when tempers fray,
then eat your words or leave them unsaid.
For this will cause shards of glass within a quick tongue that can not be unherd.

Think, stop, have a little humility,
we should do unto others as we undo for ourselfs.
So I ask you only this, let your thoughts germinate seeded words of encouragement.
Then you will see them blossom into beautiful colours bathed in the warmth of love.

Let this contagious greenhouse in which you surround yourself, keep you mindful,
enjoy its warming embrace of light.
learn to help others shine, you will then comprehend the power of the greenhouse effect.
mental health. kindness. positvity.sunshine.mindfulness
Aug 2017 · 327
Maggie evans Aug 2017

Fire n ice within my soul causing brain freeze,
it's beyond my limits to stop it.
The fire crackles dancing flames of crimson red , burning orange a blaze.
Burn welts upon my internal self,
it dances with flickering height.

Ice so cold it sticks to my inner soul,
icicles so sharp freezing points into my heart.
Internal heat battles to blunt it's points,
i cannot slow it's growth but feel it's numbing pain.

I freeze n burn equally an inside battle,
far hidden from eyes of those that cannot comprehend.
This daily torture on my very soul,
it cannot and will not stop.
I'M tired.

Eyes hold the portal to the battle beneath the skin that hides it all to well.
I feel sick.

Tomorrow I will rise once more,
like a Phoenix from the ashes of my mind.
I spread my wings, I fly,
I cry.
sometimes writing is the only thing that makes sense
Aug 2017 · 1.9k
Maggie evans Aug 2017
Upon each step as I walk this earth,
mud lies deep beneath my feet.
Weather climbing a rocky mountain,
to admire a far reaching view within horizons askue.
Mud lies deep beneath my feet.
weather running as fast as I possibly can,
after the last train as it departs the station,
under concrete platforms.
Mud lies deep beneath my feet.
weather walking fields of plains,
within sun kissed meadows on a summers day.
Mud lies deep beneath  my feet.
weather rowing a small boat,
within the cradle of the river.
Under silty bottoms spilling fresh water.
Mud lies deep beneath my feet.
Weather climbing weathered branches of the mighty oak.
Standing strong upon the valleys edge,
mud lies deep beneath my feet.

Weather running cycling flying or gliding,
mud lies deep beneath my feet.
Weather running late or running on time,
mud lies deep beneath my feet.
When my steps are smaller and less than few,
mud lies deep beneath my feet.
As I draw my last breaths  then placed within this earthern ground.
Mud lies deep beneath my feet.
For all of eternity back to the earth,
from which we were all once born.
Mud runs deep beneath our feet.
it is important in life that we stay humble and grounded.
Aug 2017 · 637
Maggie evans Aug 2017
leave the light on for me,
to guide my way back home.
I may have been a little lost,
lonely so alone.

leave the light on for me,
to help me find my way.
back into your arms,
helps chase darkness away.

leave the light on for me,
this darkness is quite cold.
want to feel its warmth,
to comfort my very soul.

leave the light on for me,
please don't flick that switch.
being off is like the ending,
of a depression I just can't itch.

leave the light on for me,
or just a candle in the window.
a melting wax lit wick,
to brighten up my shadow.

but when I've returned,
from the darkness deep so far.
it was your light that guided me,
from the warmth within your soul.
we all feel a little lost sometimes and need a guiding light to ground us back to our roots.
Aug 2017 · 266
Maggie evans Aug 2017

Peace at last ,alone in the bath
wondering how long this may last..
water steams so hot I add extra cold, mix with me toe..
Radox stress relief bubbles foaming suds.
I lye within this little peace of heaven,
stretch out in me giant bath,
as you see im a tall lass.
At last..the tension unraveled..
 like the bog roll I see beside me,
the kids earlier were playing mummies..
Not me no, the Egyptian kind..
But this bath tomb now cradles me.
Looking down I think greenpeace could becon,
I'd give shamoo a swim for her money I reckon.

peace at last, alone in the bath,
wash away stress of the day.
Christ I'd be scrubbing night and day.
Red circles I inspect on my legs,
was shot earlier by a nerf gun.
 Until dead..
Several times..
 Again n again.

I can hear my husband downstairs,
playing referee with the girls that I'm blessed.
I'm staying hear as my ears repair,
my girls how I love them dear.
As I'm preening daily tensions away,
not much longer in hear can I stay.
for my toes n fingers wrinkle,
may also have tinkled...
As I pull the plug clean away.

Looking like a super sized rhubarb and custard..
Pink **** n backs of me knees,
I disembark the comforts of the bath.
slightly chilled now feeling at ease.
trying to get five minutes after a wet play with the kids
Aug 2017 · 189
Maggie evans Aug 2017

What if God was a solider,
if only for one day?
Would he put on his training boots,
chasing mortor bombs away?
Would he comfort the widows,
grieving for loved ones they've just lost?
Or would he just listen to prayers,
in a way their not forgot?

What if God was a solider,
if only for one day?
would he end the bitter cries,
offer strength to those a stray?
Would he march into battle,
on the front line day and night?
or would he turn to run,
knowing deep down he couldn't fight?

What if God was a solider,
if only for one day?
would he sit with in the trenches,
offering hope along the way?
Or would he just shoot his rifle,
bullets flying like wings of a bird?
Maybe sharpen up his bayonet,
for its shine shone across the world?

But what if a solider was God,
if only for one day?
would he clear the leading parties minds,
that seem to go astray?
He may share many of his stories,
his experience of war.
to show young men prayers superior,
to guns alone or more.

What if a solider was God,
if only for one day?
He would mark that day with memories,
pride and honour all the way.
He  would keep there minds open,
with all sense of brotherhood and pride.
Of loved ones lost departed,
souls drift on seas or tide.
Of fallen men and women,
so there always by our side.

Maggie Evans
just a thought
Aug 2017 · 609
Maggie evans Aug 2017
stigma a small six letter word,
but blocks the way;
to unconfident to be heard.
you beastly biased blighted word,
you block the light your so obsurd.

stigma stands blocking our path,
scared alone or scared they'll laugh.
you discust me with your devilish way,
blinding us all through night and day.

stigma move over;
let me soar or fly.
keeping tears blocked to afraid to cry,

stigma should be shunted,
let's educate the world.
seeking help not stunted,
speak up with spoken word.

stigma you shrink and weaken,
as my pain with few I share.
confidence growing faster,
now eased enough not to care.

stigma I'd like to see you crumble,
like an old still dry stone wall.
you will never see me stumble,
a voice to listen to all.

stigma you no longer have the power,
to quieten us from the 'norm'.
it be boring if all the same,
unique from day us all born.

stigma now disheveled,
in future hope your gone.
knowledge giving power,
to show us all your wrong .
weather it be bullying or someone stuck in memtal health or a parent of a disabled child.better education of said situations rather than ignorance is the key.
Aug 2017 · 295
Maggie evans Aug 2017

How do I move forward, when I was told always to take a step back?
How do I break free, when my only view is through the crack...with in the walls?
How do I remain composed, when my minds racing on fast forward?
How do I relax within a crowd, that makes me feel so awkward?

How do I spread my wings, from within my dreams that set me free?
How do I find solice, when termoil calls for me?
How do I climb out again, from this hell that is my mind?
How do I find self peace, as my heart is pure and kind?

How can polar opposites, both live comfortably within me?
How can I douse hells fire, and set the devil free?
How can I protect others, when its a daily struggle to protect myself?
How do I keep this relevant, not left upon the shelf?

How can I quieten the voices, that lay within my mind?
how can two souls find inner peace, when quarreling within only one?
How do I find strength and power to keep postive scope?
How do I stay tranquil, when I've lost my only hope?

To these questions I cannot answer,for you I am so sorry.
But as you do please take life slow, try not to hurry.
'Cause when you find the answers, lifes usually close to an end.
But alone you are not,  find inner peace a friend.
Jul 2017 · 214
Maggie evans Jul 2017
Derailed again through twisted train of thought,
brings me to my knees,crippled through racing mind self shame to myself I've brought.
Faster faster it races on with non logical ideas to cause pain.
My head brings dark clouds fog thunderstorms with rain.
A tsunami like a virus it's spread, infected my very wake.
So I climbed off this faster carriage to try to give myself a break.
Numbing all takes every ounce of strength,
yearning within my very soul ill goes to any length.
Paralyzed with fear of family alone, if I suceed with ending it all.
Dead inside now a numbed feeling to help me cope, I feel sick.
These cold railway tracks rusted damp and twisted lay up ahead confront me.
I no i have to board again soon as this was an unscheduled stop,
no waiting platform for me to be welcomed  by a loved one.
Alone I fight it, legs heavy, each step forward weighed down by quicksand .
I have to rise, the world is spinning,
spoken words from others jumbled.
Unable to concentrate enough to speak words to form sentances not jumbled.

Again I board the train it gains speed,
the outlook from the window a haze of green as trees and field zoom past at lightening speed.
I close my eyes ,I can hear the rattling of carriages, the wheels grinding along the track.
clackaty clack clackaty clack.
So I sit back slumped in the corner of the carriage.
I visualise my life flash before my closed eyes within my mind.

It makes sense now, I need to filter the good the bad the ugly from my subconscious.
Clear my mind wipe it blank.start again.
Trapped within the comfort of this carriage I now relax almost feel safe.I've let go.
My destination is uncertain but I will not quit.
This steel coffin upon wheels that I once perceived to be the end slows,
cla ckty c l a c k cal ckty c l a c k.
it stops I disembark.

It's then I realize I am the driver of my own train of thought. me.
Me in the driving seat
I can control
I will do it me.
My life a new platform awaits me.
I hope it is all the positives I percieve it to be.
I can do
I am now free.
I often battle with demons within my mind. I have tried to link racing thoughts with a train journey.
Jul 2017 · 248
Maggie evans Jul 2017
You stand so proud so tall,
a beacon for all to see.
You shine your light so brightly,
when the sun fails to light the way.
You stand guard, upon a craggy cliff top,
offer a guiding path to those lost.
A helping vantage point to prevent tragic depair.
upon stormy seas small boats are tossed and thrown,
upon frothy tides far below.
Prevent lives being ripped apart,
on rocks, the unknown fear by saliors most.
You are a beacon but fail to boast.
You know nothing else but to guide others.
Without ego, repression of self worth,
you no not of heartache, but are the heart.
You are not lonely, yet you are so alone.

Unselfish yet kept by the lighthouse keeper,
maintained by one that knows the importance of your light.
A pleasurable sight for many a sailor,
 when suns set upon distant watery horizons.
Offering a nurturing warmth,
a glow welcomed across blinding darkness to those that need it close.

You are the lighthouse in the storm,
the guiding hope across the sea.
You are the one to reunite sailors with family who are loved by most.
You are a beacon but fail to boast.

— The End —