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Robert Guerrero Mar 2021
It's all it takes to make me happy
All I need to put a smile on
3 things reason enough
To become a better man
Than I was a second ago
My daughter
Innocent and energetic
Heart of gold
I'd plate with titanium
So it would never be broken
Lock away in a far away castle
Too high for even dragons to reach
But I know you can't hide
The radiance of her eyes
Intrigued by everything
With a giving hand at her age
My Family
Jokes and burns
Scares and bruises
We give each other just for a laugh
Toughening each other's minds
Keeping the wise still sharp
Forging the young
Into durable adults
Prepared for anything
Ready to take charge
Tearing out walls
To open their own doors
My friends
Uplifting and always there
Significant to someone like me
Who fears the dark
Wishing to never be left alone
If not for them
I would have given up
On chasing the dream
Of becoming a man
My little girl is proud of
It's gratitude before me
Oceans of debts
Money could never pay back
Only my success could do
Proving to them all
Their failure to give up on me
Wasn't in vain
That I was truly worth
Every drop of effort
They didn't realize they put in
A simple smile
A helping hand
An "I got you if you need me"
Late night talks
Advice I didn't think I needed
It all molded me
Every bit of kindness
I didn't think I was worth
I say it's 3 things
Yet that's just the categories
I've placed the thousands of hands
I refuse to let go of, in
Thank you
From my soul
To the tears that fall
As I write this
While I'm supposed to be working
All of you saved me
When I couldn't save myself
Yes, I really started crying at work writing this. My appreciate runs so deep. I feel as if I'm in a better point in my life and things are looking up. I've been focusing on more of the positive things in my life. Through therapy, anger management, and being free from a very unhealthy relationship, I feel myself maturing at a rate that terrifies me bc I don't want to grow up just yet but ik I have to. My priorities are in line and I'm becoming proud of myself in everything that I do thanks to all the people that have become a major influence in my life, who I almost lost bc I fell deep in a rabbit hole of depression and almost gave up on my life. Even considering the unfortunate events that got me out of that I'm looking at the positive side of even that and being grateful that if not for the things that transpired I wouldn't have found the happiness that I'm slowly getting accustomed to. Now if only I could achieve one thing that's weighing on me I'm pretty sure I'll transcend to a Bob Ross level of Happy. Once again...nine out of ten if you're reading this you deserve this...THANK YOU.
Maggie evans Dec 2017
What do you see when you see me,
do you see all that can be.
The mum that holds things all together,
who does far more when people let her.

Do you look in my eyes and hold a gaze,
do you see a soul, in fire a blaze.
Do you comfort me when the days been unkind,
do you make a cuppa help me unwind..

What do you see when you see me,
do you see all that can be.
The  woman who tries with all her might,
always pushing forward against hine sight.

Are you aware of my challenges faced,
do you hold me close in a tight embace.
Or do you just point fingers and find my flaws,
as you leave my confidence wiped across the floor.

What do you see when you see me,
do you see all that can be.
A wife who loves her family so dear,
with every heart beat if you can hear.

Her late nights to complete the chores,
housework with music on, seems less a bore.
Children's in bed the day's  been long,
tucked up in bed with a kiss and a song.

What do you see when you see me,
do you see all that can be.
A woman whos strong but yet so weak,
can't always find her voice to speak.

Help her to suceed to find her way,
when time outs needed to play.
An unplanned outing with family or friend,
stops her from going round the bend.

What do you see when you see me,
do you see all that can be.
An inner child thats fun in spirit,
that wants to dance and never quit.

So as in the mirror reflections holding gaze,
I can see the mother, wife and child a blaze.
A sparkle left a glimmer of hope,
my lifes my own no time to mope.
#selftherapy #hope
Meg Oct 2017
Picking at every fibre in my soul.  

Trying to get you out.

But every time i remove a bit of you it leaves a mark. 

A mark of you.
TheStartOfMyEnds Oct 2017
Deciding to halt my steps
Give my past a chance to catch up
She pats my back
A cold self loathing greet
Swallowing up my pride
Beating down the shame that crawls up my knees
It takes every ounce of strength
To mutter up enough courage for my eyes to turn
Face my reflections
And acknowledge the person I once was

There she stands
shoulders slumped and a smile so pitiful
In her eyes mirrors all my mistakes
painted in permanent colours
How I wish to befriend her
Thank her for the lessons
and kiss every one of her inglorious scars
For allowing me to become what I've became

Returning her the same smile
Doubt feels like acid in my throat
We have yet to meet the face of our future
Will she be disappointed?
But taking comfort of the present fact
However humiliating my past turns out to be
I will never wish to change anything of what she is and for what she was
For she and I, both aspire to be a one simple but 'good enough' thing
And the me of the Past shapes the future I've fought to attain
and Still
I just scribbled this up right at this moment, so I apologise if my poet-grammar is a bit tedious. For some reason, I'm feeling somewhat 'lightweight' and there's just this unclear vibe of letting go... and I'm just gonna embrace that without giving much question. I'm really exhausted with all the negative energy I've been giving off for the past days, weeks, months...years maybe.. ***! Some people call it a case of "bipolarity"..?? Idk but I prefer a big cup of self-control in my life so... f*ck bipolarity!! Hehe ...and no I'm not high, I am not on drugs

— The End —