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depraVed Mar 2015
The cylindrical abyss; a defiled forrest.
Retracting at light.
Receptive to night.
What do you see?
A calm breeze over cool water?
Or burning land and lambs to slaughter
Rising floods beckoned by a spark.
Shine your light where it is dark.
If you find something you fancy,
that really is great.
Just do not take what you cannot replace.
depraVed Mar 2015
Maximum distortion, ecstasy is agony.
I seldomly love what isn't bad for me.
A tragedy
I'm glad to be.
A blasphemy
I'm sad to see.
I fear it's happening.
Darkness gathering.
Am I imagining?
A flash of me.
It has to be.
depraVed Mar 2015
Burning passion to boiling temper.

Raging fire to glowing ember.

More is less and less is plenty.

I'll have none and you'll take any.

Plumes of smoke, the fire dies.

Do not look at me with your lying eyes.

A thieving soul in lovers guise.

Petty heart and cruel intentions.

You'll receive pennance when it's given.

Until then leave me be.

Forever, an eternity.
depraVed Mar 2015
The present becomes surreal when it isn't what my past had inteded.

Or at least as I thought it back then, as I jot with this pen.

I pass each moment granted each moment is a present.

It has become presently evident.

Each breath is a gift and every second, a luxury.

Life seems so gloom yet, death is fun to me.

Maybe I'm confused. That is certainly my alibi.

I've spent most my years asking how when I wonder why?

Why wonder why; why ask how?

When everything you need to know is right now.

Tomorrow is never and yesterday is a thought.

Today is topic that I'd rather not.

Rather not ponder just in case I find now.

I'll forget this next moment then furrow
my brow.
depraVed Mar 2015
My shouts share whispers with the clouds above but fall on deaf ears here.

I cannot hear beyond the roaring wind.

I am eager to meet my end as are all the rest.

I hold such splendid moments in my chest as the earth's tilt shifts beneath me.

My pace has quickened it cannot further. The plot has thickened with mine own ******.

An aviary vision reduced to a glance.

One last moment, one last chance.
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