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depraVed Oct 2015
I would give
anything to be
the gentle breeze
against your back
pushing you
the right direction.
Could we please
Just once be
In our affection.
depraVed Oct 2015
My breath still fights for the taste of resin.
This sweet complacent home.
The crest mint wraps the tounge in lies.
I stare, hungry, at my phone.
"What did you say?"
Shrieks pierce my eardrums.
"Go away!"
The silence ensues.
"What do you mean?!"
It's nothing new.
depraVed Sep 2015
Skewer my body over the open flame. Rub the coals on my skin.
I will let you.
I will let you to prove that I am human too.
Rake the charred flesh from my bones to reveal that they are broken.
I told you so.
I told you so many times that the hypocrisy is natural. Flowing in our human hearts. Not the spirit. Not the loom. Not the quest of which was given to whom?
You may ask me.
You may ask me who; and I would tell you, "Me and You".
And the quest of which is spoken is to be human too.
  Aug 2015 depraVed
Newborn lungs of lush green pasture
All the pain
Birds of prey; laughter
Little song torrential rain

Of horses mane
Impossibly tamed

As wasps they sting

The music plays
In dripping caves

I'd shut my mouth
Then I could kiss
And watch you breathe
As golden seas

Expensive rush
Tap your watch

A king of rats
A rat of kings
Hear me play
In this way

Home at last
Cut down the mast
For fire

This moonlight beach
No man may reach
This sky of blue
It tastes of you
But sadder
depraVed Aug 2015
I am the equation of infinite outcome.
Why then, do the sum of my actions divide my attention from the equation itself.
Either the theory is flawed or the law is wrong.
Don't quote this quotient it isn't divisible.
It's almost as if this is an inverse operation.
The properties aren't proportional to the level of difficulty.
The answer is adjacent to one before.
The problem is,
I always get the same answer.
depraVed Mar 2015
A vast valley of empty noise.
Muffled screams ambient like static.
Dodging cunning plans and ploys.
As each friend intends to wreak havoc.
I set aflame in rage and shame.
Smoke signals soar high from my side.
As I try to decide what is wise.
Incontinence of the lips disguised as clever banter.
Hollow thoughts reveal themselves and foggy eyes gleam far and wide.
I'll have a drink of endless size.
"I'd rather be anywhere, or anything" I say whilst reaching for a decanter.
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