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Don't tell me
that I am too good for you
We didn't take the time
to get to know our demons

The emptiness
I feel
When in this world
we strive to be perfect
and when people say
that's what you've got
you're still alone
the world is confusing
is it not?
 Jun 2015 Jenna Morcombe
Amy Irby
Mighty arms give a tender cuddle from behind
Eternal heater
Sensation of chest and stomach against spine
"tell me a secret"
soft lips on foreheads and noses
narwhals nudge
"I've got a secret ..."
"What's that?"
"You make life, interesting ..."
" … Good or bad?"
"Good ... you show me things I've never done before."

My name is Barnacle, calcified to you
Your name is Boa constrictor, squeezing till the last breathe
Inadequate sum of memories, so
drifting nowhere any time soon
thank you all for reading and for adding me to the "A Notch Above the Daily Fluff" Collection. Thank you friends
Your heart understood mine
Peaking through the chain links
Seen flying above
Coursed through parchment
In these fine lines of our DNA
And how she cried for you
As smoke billowed in July air
With these rooms of the house
Yours seemed invisible
But you perceive this distance
In smiling eyes
And smudged windows
Blessings sent
In a whisper
Or a tear
You just don't have the want,
and I seem to be boring you.
I just can't understand,
why I can't stop adoring you.
I miss you
while you're still around.
I can't get anywhere
without hearing your sounds.
I want nothing else,
all other feelings
have ceased.
I won't let myself stop,
til I feel a release.
You are
the only thing,
I can love anymore.
I should have listened,
What would have changed?
and what for?
I don't want anything,
or anyone else.
This way I feel for you,
is like nothing I've ever felt.
I would give up
all i have
and more.
Just to have you
for one moment,
I'd claw out my core.
I would do anything,
for the girl I adore.
 Jun 2015 Jenna Morcombe
Jo Schmo
I wish I could have stayed in bed all day today,
Writing poems about entertwining fingers and tangled legs;
About lips that never moisten themselves; About tickles that, abruptly, turn into
caresses and lingering touches.
I would have written about cuddles and tight ******* embraces that didnt require that "thing" they like to do most;
About kisses that make you yearn for nothing less than a lifetime supply of Them.
I, simply, wish I'd have just stayed in my room
In my bed and
Penned all morning about the complex simplicities of coexisting with Desire.
I'd have written about how Competition was welcomed with unfurled arms, kissed and un-coated at the door.
I'd have written about how it was welcomed as a third party to the bed;
how we would vye for its approval and battle for 1st place as Best Giver of Love.

..But, instead, I'll just write a poem about the poem id have written had I just stayed in bed today.
Many poems I read seem so sad
The poems fills your eyes with tears
This doesn't mean the poems are bad
But sometimes a poem should be filled with cheer

There is so much beauty to write about
Not just lost love, fears, screams and shouts

A poem can be about
Flowers or trees
A poem can be about
Crystal blue seas

A poem can be about
a ring of smoke
Or a beautiful girl
Or about the beauty
We find in this world
Don't you dare tell  me I am beautiful.
Until you have seen my scars...
That are craved into my body,
and the blood that pours out of my soul..

Don't you dare tell me I am lovely,
until I completely shut you out of my life..
Because I swore to myself,
you are just like the others and you will get sick of me.....

Don't you dare tell me I am flawless,
until you have seen me break down in tears..
I will show you the darkness  that's inside me that's consumes me,
and you will run away form me...

But  if you,
have seen my scars,
my bitterness,
and darkness...
Then I might believe you....
Hope you guys like it
thanks guys
 Jun 2015 Jenna Morcombe
I've been feeling like I'm losing myself,
can you help me find it ?
Soulless shadow
sleeping in my arms.
When I look at you
you are no more.

What broke the glass
through which I saw
your soul?

Before the morning dawns
will this dream fade?
Lost like another
Fleeting escapade?

I thought time would

                                          stand still

I shouldn't try thinking.

    I though we could


lights started blinking.

I thought the puppets that
we played with

Could still be real.

But beyond the rim of the edge of the world
Time is no more.
And there the dreams are real.

Can we go there,
In another time?

I don't know how to get there,
But with you
                                        would try.
Heartbreak with a touch of smile at the end.
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