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Nicole Jun 2015
I am tired of fighting.
*It's up to you now.
Nicole Jun 2015
Who am I to judge,
          if I did the same?
  Jun 2015 Nicole
Pity the fool who does
not believe words can
change lives
  Jun 2015 Nicole
Joshua Haines
And I want to tell her that I understand
what it feels like to be fake, insignificant,
and a shadow on the sidewalk of society.

And I want to tell her that I also borrow
the experiences of others --
that I, too, learn feelings
by stopping and staring at personal wreckage,
like a tourist of emotions,
like an inevitable wish of a human being.
Nicole Jun 2015
Sometidas al castigo del pecado
ocurrido allá en el el paraíso.

Sismos geográficos ocasionados
por una sola corriente,
un solo flujo,
una sola vía.

Martirio durante días,
mientras el clima cambia,
conteniendo esencias peculiares
y como artista se destaca.
Nicole Jun 2015
"I want to be a poet. That's the only thing I really want.
I want to find my own way of writing, my own style.
I know I haven't yet, but I am striving to do so.
How should I put it? It's very hard to explain.

I want to write in a way that they writing is me- is myself.  I want to write so that what I write and the way I write is me, because of the choice of words and the arrangement of the words, the way I combine them, group them together, orchestrate them. For me words are music as well as- as much as- they are meanings.
Writing is different from talk."

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Aidan Chambers
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