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Amy Irby Dec 2019
I put on my gloves
and my yard work clothes
I am in your garden
You see all the roots
Tell me where they are
Let the light show
  what is in the soil
The weeds will be uprooted
to shrivel up and die
in the Light
the poisonous weeds
   that don’t belong

I am your garden
I am here in the soil
You guide me in what to plant,
when to plant,
you know the time to seed,
the time to water,
to sow, and to harvest

I will chase away the foxes
that try to come in the garden
Light, shine on every inch
so that the sweet fruit can flower,
Blossom and grow
Keep me from tripping
over gnarled roots
that have pushed up through the ground
The gnarled roots of bitter fruit trees
Expose it, dig it up
Before it can grow
Only what is good will take root
Deep roots
I am good soil
The Light shines on me
Amy Irby Dec 2019
My whole heart is known by you
I am your gem
Your ruby
Your beloved...
You are my First Love
my completion
All I have known until now
was built on Your love
then you took me deeper
then you unlocked another fountain
within your secret garden in me
What have you done?
No one fills me like this
May all who you love
see what we see
you love us all the same
What a mystery you are my love
Showing me places
I didn’t know were inside me
You are my capacity
Infinitely expanding
Amy Irby Dec 2019
Right here
this place
every where I turn
is a tender subject
my heart is heavy
from all the pressure applied
Right here
is where I would cave in
to the thousands of pounds I carried
I would give up and be crushed

I am here again in that place
Shoved in a corner
Coiled into the fetal position
Trying to curl myself around my heart
that feels so fragile

But if I just decide not to close my eyes
If I just remember to look up
I will see you there
and I remember how you fight
If I just remember what you said
and I let your truth
fall from my lips
Your words turn into
a flaming sword
that pure fire truth
exposes the enemy
who hid in people’s words
who clothed itself in betrayal
the enemy who lived
in well crafted lives
that deceive and destroy
Fire burn!
Great sword cut down!
My battle cry:
Miracles happen through me!
Amy Irby Dec 2019
I didn’t even know
that knot had formed
in my belly
until I let go
Ever so slowly
cords of lies
tried to tangle
to tie a noose around me
There Is Freedom
in an apology
when the honest word child
of self awareness and selflessness
come together
she is a beautiful creation
to behold
You can feel love breathe
as your diaphragm
can expand fully
No more tangled cords
constricting the truth
Amy Irby Dec 2018
Cherish me in Your thoughts
      You always do
Your plans won’t be wasted on me

You love me intensely
Like a fire, slowly burning
Soft wood down to coals
Coals that will always burn

I’m satisfied in my heart
I know what You have for me
Freedom to live it right
Sweet secrets of love
and the endless future of love

Love is your theme always
It is your reason, always
I always wondered
what glory looked like
It looks like the reason

You are perfect
Nothing surprises or shakes You
No one takes a step
in any direction
You didn’t anticipate

What is the best
that You anticipate
for me?

I will keep the angels busy
I will say what has been done
I will say it is worth doing
You are worth it
You are worthy

You are not a habit;
an empty religious practice
You are the living Love;
Creator and Savior
You live outside of time
Help me not confine you
by small thinking

You are bigger than my current imagination
A truth that comforts me
If all I can think is all there can be
How small a world it would be

“Holy, holy, holy
is the Lord Almighty!
The earth IS filled
with His glory!”
Amy Irby Feb 2018
Lord have Your way in me
may I never think a thought You would not entertain
when Your words are spoken
when I hear Your voice
the seas are calmed
my thoughts stop spinning
the puzzling pattern that leads to destruction is ceased
only You can do that
only love can do that
every answer is in You
You speak to my spirit
Oh Holy Spirit, residing in me
everything in me needs more of Your presence
it changes everything
my focus is shifted to what is true
keep changing my mind
so I can always remember the goodness of God
Lord to feel Your love
Your glorious presence
is to be on a cloud
surrounded by shimmering light
I am not whisked away
but boasting in front of the enemy
as You hold my hand
nothing can touch me
nothing can shake me
Love is unbreakable
I am forever changed by the touch of love
I thought I knew love,
but You showed me there is so much more
speak Your love language through me
I repent for being selfish
I repent for being small minded
I repent for being afraid
Who am I to be afraid,
when the Lord is my brave
"Shout it louder, O Jerusalem
Shout, and do not be afraid.
Tell the towns of Judah,
'Your God is coming!'"
God, You are here now!
Forever and always just a breath away
Thank you Jesus for being my intercessor
my sacrifice
Thank you for sharing Your Holy Spirit
Forever and always God is good
He will always deliver me
Amy Irby Jan 2018
Your will is change
You give life to Your own words
Just hearing them
reading them on the page
speaking them
lifts the veil
to know that there is love
that is beyond measure
but can be seen in sacrifice
in resurrection
in sharing glory with people who didn't love you
You call me worthy, so I am worthy
You love so gently
you don't force it

I want to love You
I do love You
keep showing me how to love
I want your presence close
thick and full
dripping wet
because it is poured over me
as you made Yourself
I will love You
as You declared love
I will declare it
You keep blessing beyond a heavenly seat
what love that You are only a breath away!
I will breathe
inhale the sweet smoke of Your fire
and exhale a windstorm

You affect the way I think
because You softened my heart
I am married to this,
liberating love
How could I even think of divorcing something in my blood?
When the adulterer comes,
trying to make me question -
"What about the hard times?"
The goodness is coming!
"What about when you feel lonely?"
I am not what I feel; love is ever present!
"What about...
NO! Stop lying!
Nothing stops goodness!
Nothing keeps me from His love!
Praise God!
Even when the adulterer tries to lure me away,
I know where my home is found.
It is a breath away.

burning love forever!
my heart burns for You
we are deep in this cave
the molten fire builds
let it burn!
let it burn!
You burn for every part of me
You are the torch and fire
the torch touches every corner of me
the flames lick up
igniting everything
love sends up a sweet smoke
holy fire burn
burn away the past
burn away the unbelief
the lies
the pain
the heart ache
the fire burns it all away
and leaves nothing but love
How can fire be so reassuring?
It scares me, but it's good
I would be a fool not to touch it
it makes me better
the past is ashes now
floating away in the wind
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