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Amanda Frost Oct 2015
I'm using the wrong things to fight what needs to be fought on my own.
I think this depression was always there but it just triggered with what happened between us. Even though we aren't talking you still keep me up at night. I don't really cry anymore but that doesn't make me less sad. I feel alright now but I know at any given moment I could break down.
Amanda Frost Jun 2015
I've been living
inside my head
for too long

I've been looking for
someone to share that with
for too long
Amanda Frost Jun 2015
I trace my fingers along my skin
oh the insecurities
where is this demon with in
I have not kept the purity

because I have this lustful desire
to feel this pain
within myself I have wired
to think I need no gain
Amanda Frost Jun 2015
It's not the worst thing
to be alone
Oh no
the worst thing
is to be around
the people that are
your so called
and still feeling
Amanda Frost Jun 2015
Don't tell me
that I am too good for you
We didn't take the time
to get to know our demons

The emptiness
I feel
When in this world
we strive to be perfect
and when people say
that's what you've got
you're still alone
the world is confusing
is it not?
Amanda Frost May 2015
Someday I will show you
all the words I write
and that is how
you know I love you
Amanda Frost May 2015
But it's okay
I am always
only accompanied
by my thoughts
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