veronica Dec 4
we talked all day and night,
but i realized she still owns your affection.

until your messages never came, and your replies became bland,
then you messaged me that you got her back.

i smiled, feeling my chest pounding,
because i realized, maybe there wasn't really something.
h e a r t b r (ok) e n :)
veronica Aug 27
if you are going to fall in love with me,
you must know that i cry. a lot.
i cry during rainy days, sunny days, or on a monday morning.
i cry everytime i watch a happy movie and everytime i cut onions,
but do know that i cry harder every time i talk about the things that have hurt me, even if they don’t hurt anymore.

i need constant reassurance.
for i am afraid of being left behind, of being unloved.
i will probably tell you all the things i hate about myself
while you disagree with each one of them
but i still won’t believe every single word you’ll say.

i got used to shutting down the people who care about me.
it will be so hard for me to open up,
but all i’m asking you is to stay patient, and give me time to adjust.
you might think i’m rejecting your company,
but don’t blame yourself, i appreciate you.

so listen, if you are going to fall in love with me
understand that i’ve been through the worst
but still, i’ll love every inch of your skin unconditionally
a head’s up for my future lover
veronica Aug 4
i looked around
and wondered maybe
he was right that’s why he left.
i got, once again, inspired by my latest post on instagram :)
veronica Mar 12
countless stares and empty chairs.
a newfound solace in this empty space.
this was my ig post’s caption. i got inspired with the photo i took yesterday.
veronica Mar 1
Throw rocks at my window at midnight
Dance with me, spin me around in circles with all your might
Under the trees, tell me everything will be alright
That in every darkness, you will always be my light.
I love these better

Sing to me as we lay under the sky
Comfort me and wipe my tears dry
Take me away and let our love fly high
Show me that the old type of love has still not died
I love these better.
*this is indirectly for my crush*

— The End —