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Adel Nov 2016
What if
We were reincarnated?

I was the plutonium bombs,
I was everywhere to be found,
Burned like stars in the northern sky;
Yet my walls were too high
And my insecurity was too deep,
For I was so difficult to be created!

And you,
You were the uranium bombs,
You were the rare atom, of one in a million.
The one that I had been searching for,
To create a massive fusion for us two.

And together
We could create the hydrogen bombs
And explode the whole world
With our love

But yet,
We were too toxic,
Too destructive for each other,
That we keep hurting our bodies;
Roaming through the sky,
Just to sacrifice ourselves in the land of earth,
As to die and to be killed,

As if
we were
never destined
for each other.

Adel Jul 2014
People said
Romanticizing is too dramatic
And sad poetries
Are kind of untold suicidal notes
And poets
Are too broken, bluer than a bruise
Blacker than old stretches
As miserable as a grayish dark cloudy sky
As heavy as the hazy rainfalls on a rooftop
Little know they realize
That words hurt
And sharp,
Like a knife twisted in a soul.
Adel Jul 2014
i am the flower
i go blossom
they call me beautiful
i go die
they cut me off
they throw me away
so worthless
and useless

i am the flower
*that's what i am
Adel Jul 2014
08:48 pm

why is missing someone can be so addicting? you have to get rid of it, wake up and move on with your life ahead, but you just don't want to. you want to remember their details; their smile, the color of their eyes and their tastes forever but nothing lasts forever and either you want it or not, the picture of them will softly leave and remain in your heart as long as you live.
i miss you
Adel Jul 2014
the sun was shining so bright that day, peeking through my windows. i felt the sunlight burned my fragile skin and my heart continued to beat. walls of insecurities and emptiness vanished when i saw his eyes in the morning sun. his smile was full of mildness and brought me into a sweet melody of tranquility. he touched my hand and i felt the sunflowers inside my lungs are dancing in the bloomy atmosphere.

the clock keeps ticking and i woke up and i realized that you are not next to me anymore. all those scenarios i made inside my colored mind never exist, and it was just a daydream away. you did not love me and you are gone, just softly leave. but your voice was still humming inside my soul and i pictured your laughter perfectly in my 2 am thoughts before i go to sleep.

those summer days are over, my dear. those rhythms and happy voices are booming in my everlasting memories. i felt so grateful to know you in my life, beautiful boy. thank you and goodbye.
for Justin, the boy with earphones in his ears and the snapback on his head.
Adel Jul 2014
just change me
just turn me
into a dust
worthless and useless
***** and all filthy
i'll be the dust
in your veins
so i can stay forever
inside your body
without feeling the pain
of missing you so much
Adel Jul 2014
the stars are longing for the sun
when it shines so bright in a summer day
with the sound of cracking waves
and everlasting goodbyes
just like yesterday i said hello
and you touched my hand
you grew butterflies and sunflowers inside my lungs
all of my darkness and sorrow
vanished when i saw your smile

i still feel the summer air and those sparks
even when you said goodbye
i died a little inside
this piece of memory will be gone
and now you're softly leave footprints in my heart
and now you're really gone.
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