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Who will tell to
Today's world that
A LOVERz still lives by
Blessing of BELOVEDz light?

Both do not know
Whether their bodies
Will survive at all
The tortures of this life

The world still
Looks down on their LOVE
Throwing stones,
Lynching - crucifying

Where are the real humans
To read this poem
To understand the apathy
And extend their empathy

Who is there to apply
A healing balm of care
A touch of compassion

Want Justice
With no violence -
And with peace...

Please do not abuse us
Please do not argue with us
Please do not fight us
Please do not show us sticks
Please do not draw a knife
Please do not take our a sword
OR point the gun at our hearts

Are we LOVERz-BELOVEDz born at
Wrong place and at a wrong time?

With the humiliation & insults
We LOVERz are subjected to
Our whole life has changed
Topsy-turvy, upside-down
It has turned us nearly insane
A little deranged, may be...

There are too many mood swings
But good that we are
Still safely sane by
LOVING each other
Intensely & passionately

We both are screaming
On top of our voices
"My LOVERz was and is innocent"
"My BELOVEDz still illuminates me"

We admit LOVERz - BELOVEDz are
Drifting seamlessly in LOVE
As they sway from life to LOVE

Just for writing and
Reciting a LOVE poem
Need not be SHOT dead
Need not be separated
For the whole life

Also there is no need for
Such tragedy to ever occur
Can't even meet each other

You know how is it
In our world today:

There is no justice
For those who LOVE

For the Hate World Gives
Those who live get away
Those who LOVE dies....

When the world is
Falling apart outside
Our LOVE stands tall
Within - inside...

Inspired from the movie
"The Hate U Give"

the hate you give little infants
f##k everyone

The little innocent infants of LOVE
Hated for Loving each other
HappyHappyHappy Feb 2017
Oh no, put that down right now.

Yes, that blood -stained knife you're holding.

Yeah you. I'm talking to you.

Put it down and feel guilty about the things you've done.

Smoking? Littering? ******? Stealing? Murdering? Kidnapping?

Is it that hard!

Making this world a better place
the world shall be great! mwahahahhaha~(evil laughter)
King Tutankhamun Sep 2016
Ya oakland lets gather all the black men
And load em up with guns and ammunition spittin'
Nothing but hundred round clips
Plus extra
Open up the scriptures
To crack the pressure
Break textures
Through the necks of fake messiah
Spittin' flows hotter than a california fire
I am hip hops sire
Even made the devil retire
Punishment and sin goes together
Like birds flock together
In stormy weather we can endeavor
Much more than an overcome
Mlk had a dream
But then got murdered son
In cold blood souls stuck in mud
They say im holding a grudge
Naw just a ******* to the judge
Cuz the system gotta problem with the people the color of fudge

yea homes I said it before came through the door
starting war making gore
through the white house as I pour
out a blessing
ease their pain
with the bullets testing
nerves they couldn't dodge or curve
my potency or prodigy which be deadly
gotta proteges
that be my lil babies
gotta teach my sons
how to be a man
hold them nuts
without use of their hands
crazy come as crazy goes
I go for the jugular cut throat quick with the knife as I smote
my own justice
**** the police
and they can quote this yea I wrote this
maybe get a sentence from this
but ill get dismissed
uh got my apes to guerillas getting hella illa
turn bodies ice ice baby like vanilla
born a cap peela
on the for reala
got a pile of dollaz
talking bout scrillaz
uh reach the minds of the minorities
then eradicate the system who holds the authority
as the revolution starts boostin-
let the guns began shooting as souls began to get lootin' uh
Street talk revolutionlife
'thoughtOutLoud Jun 2016
We are living in a mysterious world

Some people would say ...
"You can reach the stars, nothing is impossible."
Some would say ...
"Don't waste your time in reaching the stars, It is impossible."

Some people would say ..
"Dream High, you deserve better"
Some would say ...
"Stop being ambitious, donT dream too much"

Some people would say ...
"It's just a test, don't give up."
Some would say ...
"It is not for you, let it go."

Some people would say ...
"Follow your heart, not your brain. Your brain is rude, it can feel nothing.
Some would say ...
"Follow your brain, not your heart. Your heart is a fool, it knows nothing."

People can give you advice.
But in the end , it's your decision that matters.

*If you will listen to this world,
you'll have no direction because ... *

*We are living in a mysterious world.
For all the person who have been played by LIFE .
'thoughtOutLoud May 2016
Why do these things  happened to me?
Where did I go wrong?

Questions in my life,
where You can only answer .

My family.
My Friends.
The person I love.
My Studies.
My dreams.
My goals.

I did all my best

Where should I put myself?
Do this world have a place for a person like me?


I'm losing hope.
I'm losing everything.
I'm losing my soul.
I'm losing reasons to live.
I'm tried of wearing mask.
I'm tired . I'm tired.

ooooooh !
Hayley Jan 2015
In my snuggie,
Like a mofukin thuggie
Im so sorry. Hahahaha
reggae jesus turns water to spliff
reggae jesus push sheep off cliff
reggae jesus kind of *******
Why he push sheep of cliff, why he never clear bowl

reggae jesus have bomba klanga
reggae jesus picks girl and bangsha
reggae jesus slapadabass
reggae jesus slaps yo face

reggae jesus has done enough
reggae jesus is corrupt
reggae jesus put on trial
people think he shouldn't stay a while
reggae jesus put to death
last request to light a spliff
as he takes his last breath
he smells like kush people take a sniff

later People find a field of kush
reggae jesus made a new bush
reggae jesus misunderstood
twas his upbringing in da hood
Ja feel?

— The End —