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Matthew Goff Jan 2018
Those who preside in heaven
Must have sculpted my heart in supreme elegance
So I could speak for the ****** tribes

Those who follow the wet visions
Follow my vision for us all

A dream of loving clothed in wet garments

The Scorpio seal will soften
The conscience of Virgo victorious

Consensual hearts of Eros!
Lift the gentle *** out of the dark
While into the night, ****** light
Still dripping leaves angelic marks

© Matthew Goff
Matthew Goff Dec 2017
Once ago a time perfect and not only mine but
ours! A love designing sublime rebellion shined!
Days when our kisses held the potential for
avalanches do you recall a faint trembling sign?

The years away from us but that integrity still
inside! A search for those who breathe romantic enterprise!
Nights when smiles meet in agreement toward
best planning the adventure in each other’s eyes!

© Matthew Goff
Matthew Goff Dec 2017
Sunshine girlfriend
Held her hand through the blonde waves of the afternoon
Daytime explosion
The warmth of her clothing
It’s sensual sunlight
Matthew Goff Dec 2017
Butterflies fly through her hair
Carrying letters from the sky
Pretty language let the stars compete
Matthew Goff Dec 2017
O pure Sagittarius in light-blue dressed
Your outfit hugs kindly those delicate *******:
water-flowers the moon sprinkled down on your chest
On a sky-pillow your neck how gently it rests

Cloud of porcelain-white asleep in your perfume
The life you breathe into it a slumberous tune
Disrupts a cluster of stars happily may they resume
a ring of memories alive and with us soon

© Matthew Goff
Matthew Goff Dec 2017
Alone at the beach
Playing with ***** and solutions
A seahorse bites your finger
Questions unanswered
Matthew Goff Dec 2017
She wears a crown of raindrops
Beautiful sad
Rebellion tragedy
Pretty moon shines young moonlight
Desperate dreaming
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